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Brian December 12th, 2015 at 12:29 PM



Michigan has acquired a commitment from TN WR Nate Johnson. Johnson came out of nowhere, as it was just two days ago that he set up a visit. Johnson is the definition of a late-rising prospect: after decommitting from Purdue in November, he picked up offers from Miami, Tennessee, Penn State, and Michigan.

Johnson's a four star on 247; the other sites have him a three star save Scout, which hasn't ranked him yet. More after the basketball game.



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 Maybe because Corley has a skill set the team kinda lacks? Harris sounded like he was going to be the excellent hands deep threat who could stretch defenses. That's not happened. Corley is that kind of guy. Is Johnson? I think it's a reasonable question.

All WR are not created equal.

Are you a little too sensitive about where Corley is going to go?



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Corley is a better prospect than any WR we have in this class.   Though Mitchell is intriguing, he isn't the natural WR that Corley is.  But I don't want to depress myself, espceialy if Corley goes to State, so I wil refrain from further comparisons or our WRs to Corley.


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Call me Fred Jackson but he looks like our version of OSU's Corey Brown a couple years back.


You know the guy who was uncoverable off the line of scrimmage only to catch the ball in the open field before taking to the house. DO WANT!!!



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He has ball skills.  He catches with his hands, makes diving catches, he can go up and get it. He runs with great vision, brakes tackles, spins out of tackles, and made a couple nice blocks on offense.  He could return punts, or kickoffs. His speed looks legit and that is very welcome on this offense. 

Leaders And Best

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If he were still committed to Purdue, we could have used the "guy in wizard hat selling snake oil" to flip WR prospects line. Hopefully, Nate Johnson makes some plays as memorable as Roy Roundtree.

Templeton Peck…

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Sleeper, as in, I can't believe that it took this long for him to blow up and get on everybody's radar... Which begs the question, can he be a sleeper after be blows up, or does that then disqualify him from sleeper status and move him into "real deal?" And... I've applied too much of my limited brainpower to this particular conundrum.


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*I do not break down film, and I am probably incorrect in everything that follows

Swagger, confidence when he has the ball in his hands
Natrual hands, doesn't seem to fight the ball
Has some good jitter to him. Like his ability to make people miss
Great at adjusting to deep balls
Love his ability to layout for balls, and then secure the ball through his landing.

Route running isn't crisp. But his sluggo is on point.

Speed. Doesn't pop off the tape, seems to outrun everyone, but how fast are his opponents?


Overall I'm pretty excited. He has that swagger element, that I think is a hidden talent that can drive a guy to be great instead of good.


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That is extremely impressive senior highlight tape. Great hands, great speed, does not want to go down, and runs after the catch like a tailback. Bet he'd be a great blocker too


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This kid looks good! I love how he makes plays in his highlight tape. He makes tough catches, blocks well, and he makes athletic moves once he has the ball in his hands. He could be useful on kick returns and/or punt returns. 


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I would assume this means goodbye:

  • Corley
  • Crawford
  • Young
  • McDoom
  • Jones

Can't imagine taking another wr.

I assume he wont be taking is officials to Miami, NW, and Vandy he has scheduled for Jan.