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Tim May 12th, 2011 at 9:10 AM

On a visit to Ann Arbor for the Michigan spring game a couple weeks ago, MI DE/DT Matt Godin offered his commitment to Brady Hoke. He is the 11th commitment of Michigan's 2012 class. He told Tom the reasons behind that commitment:

Why he chose Michigan: "Because they are in my blood. I used to cry over games and I'm never going to get a better opportunity to come in early and contribute."



Scout Rivals ESPN 24/7 Sports
3*, #39 DE NR DT NR DT 4*, 92, #12 SDE #239 Ovr

So the four premium sites disagree on his position, and unfortunately the two that have rated him agree on where he'll play. That means we have a pretty good idea of where he stands among defensive ends, but as a DT, he's still a mystery. With that in mind, we move on to the measurements: the sites have a consensus at 6-5 (Scout is an outlier, per usual), and somewhere between 253 (combine verified by Rivals) and 265 pounds.

As for the evaluations, Scout asks him about his game:

“I’m quick off the ball and I use my hands well. I get great separation too. I move pretty well and have very good vision. I want to improve my technique and tackle better. I’m also trying to get stronger and more physical.”

Those are pretty standard "I am good at some things, but want to get better at other things"-type comments. Every high school player needs to improve strength, so that's no surprise. His movement skills seem to be his strong point, and Forward Thinking agrees:

Godin is a big man with a bigger motor. The first thing that strikes you is his excellent athleticism for his size. It's rare to see a big man move around like he can. He isn't the most explosive player off the ball, but once he gets out of his stance it doesn't take him long to get into the backfield.

Explosiveness and strength will be his weaknesses at this point. Allen Trieu (HT: Forward Thinking):

On the defensive line, Detroit Catholic Central's Matthew Godin has great size, and is athletic for his frame, he just needs continued technical work and he needs to get stronger. I like his frame, his motor, work ethic and he has agile feet for a big man.

The weaknesses are common to most high school prospects, so as long as he can live up to his potential in a college weight program, they probably won't be a huge deal. He was recently profiled by the Flint Journal:

Coach Tom Mack said Godin exemplifies what a hard-nosed player is all about. “In practice, he demonstrates his abilities very well — playing the game of football, that’s the No. 1 criteria. You have to be able to mix it up,” said Mack. “That’s a quality of a great football player. He does a great job of focusing in on what his assignment is. He exhibits a lot of mental toughness in the game. I think his mental toughness is a key element. “I think he directs himself very well as far as getting the job done.”



Though Wisconsin is the "USC Quarterback" or "Ohio State Safety" of offers for linemen, that's primarily a distinction for the other side of the ball. Still, I'll trust Wisconsin's coaches when it comes to evaluating the big guys. Michigan State joined the Badgers as Godin's other Big Ten offer.

Outside of the Big Ten, Matt had offers from the ACC (Boston College, Duke), the Big East (Cincinnati, Syracuse), and lower-profile teams from the Big 12 and SEC (Missouri and Vanderbilt, respectively). From the ranks of the non-BCS leagues, Buffalo was his only listed offer. If he hadn't made such an early decision, there's no doubt his offer list would have swelled to something a bit more impressive.


Scout has junior numbers:

As a junior, Matt Godin earned All-Catholic League honors after recording 66 tackles, 28 for loss, two sacks and one batted pass.

He's a defensive end in high school, so the low sack numbers are a little troublesome, but there's such a wide range of high school offenses it's tough to cast any blame. Obviously he's able to get into the backfield, as his 28 TFLs demonstrate.


Rivals is the only premium site with a listed 40 time, at 5.03 seconds. His Youtube highlight (embedded below) says 4.98. That's not bad at all for a 260-pound guy who's in between defensive end and defensive tackle. Only two FAKEs out of five.


Youtube highlights:

There's also a sophomore highlight reel, along with a couple other partial videos.


Godin is the sort of kid who is unlikely to make an impact early in his career, before blowing up (or at least becoming a very solid role player) in his final years on campus. As a high school player who notably lacks strength, a year in a college weight program can work wonders. For that reason, I think he's a lock to redshirt as a true freshman, as long as Michigan has enough strongside defensive ends ready to play in 2012.

In his first two years actually on the field, he'll get limited playing time, mostly in blowouts. However, as a junior, he'll work his way into the starting lineup, and perform effectively in the position. As a 5th-year senior, a second-team All-Big Ten honor is possible. Depending on how he develops, he could earn even more impressive honors.

Though I project him as a strongside defensive end here, there's always a chance that college-level strength and conditioning see him put on more muscle mass, and become a 3-tech defensive tackle. As an underdeveloped high schooler, the range of possibilities for his career is wide-spanning. He could be a career role-player, or a future star. I'll trust Greg Mattison's scouting talent on this one, and split the difference.


It seems likely that Godin will at least start his career as a defensive end. If he puts on more weight, he could (finally) be Michigan's first defensive tackle in the class, but all reports have him at least starting his career at defensive end. So, that makes him the third defensive end in the class, and Michigan is probably only looking to take one more - another strongside guy, and even that one only if he's elite (Chris Wormley pls).

Going forward, Michigan's biggest needs are an elite running back, a good wideout, an interior defensive lineman or two, and a couple more on the offensive line - preferably tackles. They could also use a quarterback, but with Shane Morris's commitment to next year's class, they have the luxury of holding out for a top guy.



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Yes, the 4-3 Under is more like a 50 front than a 4-3 Over or a 4-3 Tampa Two.  Godin is essentially a 3-4 DE.  He's supposed to hold up against double-teams at the point of attack, and he's really not expected to get a whole lot of a pass rush.  Any real rush you get from him is going to be gravy.


May 12th, 2011 at 10:05 AM ^

Exactly.  He's got like, 27 months before he'd be called upon to play, factoring in his HS senior year and redshirt freshman seasons.  If he puts on a pound a month he's at 65'" and 280.  By the time he is ready to start, or even be a regular in the rotation, his strength and weight should enable him to play all along the defensive line.

I'm looking at the weights of all of our DTs according to our official roster, and they range from  233(?)-333.


41 Kenny Wilkins DT 6-3 262 RS FR
54 Richard Ash DT 6-3 320


60 Alex Schwab DT 6-0 233


67 Nathan Brink DT 6-5 250 RS SO
68 Mike Martin DT 6-2 299 SR
73 William Campbell DT 6-5 333 JR
76 Quinton Washington DT 6-4 315 RS SO
96 Terry Talbott DT 6-3 248


280 pounds would be the the median of all these weights.


May 12th, 2011 at 10:50 AM ^

Well, you should probably take the walk-ons out of your calculations, because they are very unlikely to see the field.  The other two in the botton half, weight-wise, are two RS freshmen who are still listed at their true freshman weights (Wilkins and Talbott). 

The smallest person on their who will see significant time in the rotation is Martin.  Wilkins and Talbott might see the field, but they'll also be bigger than their weights are listed here.


May 12th, 2011 at 5:33 PM ^

Kinda to be a dick, because I don't like it when people call out other people when the first person was actually correct:

The Median is calculated either by taking the middle value in a set with an odd number of values or taking the mean of the middle two when there is an even number. In this case, there are 8 values, so you average the middle two, 262 and 299. That gives you 280.5, so he was right, or off by a half pound if you wanna be a dick about it, which you said you don't.



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Godin said he was working on Mark Harrell, a kid he apparently camped with or something. It sounded like he was going to work on "Diesel" aka Danny O'Brien. If we can turn Diesel away from Rocky Top, it would be a huge get. I think that's the toughest recruiting battle that the staff faces if they choose to take it on. 

We need some offensive lineman. Can I haz some OL pls?


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So besides Aaron Burbridge is there anyone in the state we want we haven't got a commit from?  Also read somewhere Valenti is saying even Aaron is a silent commit to us now as well.


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but congratulations all the same to Matt on accomplishing his dream!  I look forward to seeing you in the winged helmet, as a DE or DT (but probably a DT).


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SIAP, but does anyone know the status on Jaquay Williams? 


Scout has his interest level in Michigan as "High" but I haven't seen much chatter about him on the board.


Space Coyote

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But everything I've read has the coaching staff seeing him as a SDE.  I think he can be solid there, essentially Van Bergen II, but I think he has more upside as a DT.  This would mean it would take longer for him to hit the field and be a difference maker, but I think once he finally got to the point where his body is ready, he could be really good.

Either way, congrats Matt and welcome.  May you be great at both and dominate at everything!


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At least that's what they called when the schools were in the city rather than the suburbs.  Hoke & group seem to be getting the cream of the crop in the Detroit area.

Let's see that Mojo work in Flint for Dan O'Brien.

Go Blue!


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Any word on whether his teammates gained any more recruiting interest during his silent commitment? I know this was mentioned here as a possible motivation for keeping silent (in addition to wanting to take visits elsewhere).


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Since Morris committed the other day and we're only taking commits in pairs, the obvious conclusion is that Godin is headed for quarterback.

YMRMFSPA John Navarre


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he'll get limited playing time, mostly in blowouts." Love the enthusiasm about laying some blowouts down across the schedule, so these young men can get some game time experience! Great prospect, great commit. Look at how these classes are shaping up, Hoke and Mattison are for real!


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which I already followed as far as game scores, is something I might actually be interested in seeing live this year. We now have commits from James Ross (St. Mary's), Shane Morris (De la Salle) and now Godin (DCC). That's a tough ass football conference.


May 12th, 2011 at 3:46 PM ^

With the change in their weight trAining, an emphases on size, and concentration on technique...

Who do you all see of our current players emerging?