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Tim May 12th, 2011 at 9:10 AM

On a visit to Ann Arbor for the Michigan spring game a couple weeks ago, MI DE/DT Matt Godin offered his commitment to Brady Hoke. He is the 11th commitment of Michigan's 2012 class. He told Tom the reasons behind that commitment:

Why he chose Michigan: "Because they are in my blood. I used to cry over games and I'm never going to get a better opportunity to come in early and contribute."



Scout Rivals ESPN 24/7 Sports
3*, #39 DE NR DT NR DT 4*, 92, #12 SDE #239 Ovr

So the four premium sites disagree on his position, and unfortunately the two that have rated him agree on where he'll play. That means we have a pretty good idea of where he stands among defensive ends, but as a DT, he's still a mystery. With that in mind, we move on to the measurements: the sites have a consensus at 6-5 (Scout is an outlier, per usual), and somewhere between 253 (combine verified by Rivals) and 265 pounds.

As for the evaluations, Scout asks him about his game:

“I’m quick off the ball and I use my hands well. I get great separation too. I move pretty well and have very good vision. I want to improve my technique and tackle better. I’m also trying to get stronger and more physical.”

Those are pretty standard "I am good at some things, but want to get better at other things"-type comments. Every high school player needs to improve strength, so that's no surprise. His movement skills seem to be his strong point, and Forward Thinking agrees:

Godin is a big man with a bigger motor. The first thing that strikes you is his excellent athleticism for his size. It's rare to see a big man move around like he can. He isn't the most explosive player off the ball, but once he gets out of his stance it doesn't take him long to get into the backfield.

Explosiveness and strength will be his weaknesses at this point. Allen Trieu (HT: Forward Thinking):

On the defensive line, Detroit Catholic Central's Matthew Godin has great size, and is athletic for his frame, he just needs continued technical work and he needs to get stronger. I like his frame, his motor, work ethic and he has agile feet for a big man.

The weaknesses are common to most high school prospects, so as long as he can live up to his potential in a college weight program, they probably won't be a huge deal. He was recently profiled by the Flint Journal:

Coach Tom Mack said Godin exemplifies what a hard-nosed player is all about. “In practice, he demonstrates his abilities very well — playing the game of football, that’s the No. 1 criteria. You have to be able to mix it up,” said Mack. “That’s a quality of a great football player. He does a great job of focusing in on what his assignment is. He exhibits a lot of mental toughness in the game. I think his mental toughness is a key element. “I think he directs himself very well as far as getting the job done.”



Though Wisconsin is the "USC Quarterback" or "Ohio State Safety" of offers for linemen, that's primarily a distinction for the other side of the ball. Still, I'll trust Wisconsin's coaches when it comes to evaluating the big guys. Michigan State joined the Badgers as Godin's other Big Ten offer.

Outside of the Big Ten, Matt had offers from the ACC (Boston College, Duke), the Big East (Cincinnati, Syracuse), and lower-profile teams from the Big 12 and SEC (Missouri and Vanderbilt, respectively). From the ranks of the non-BCS leagues, Buffalo was his only listed offer. If he hadn't made such an early decision, there's no doubt his offer list would have swelled to something a bit more impressive.


Scout has junior numbers:

As a junior, Matt Godin earned All-Catholic League honors after recording 66 tackles, 28 for loss, two sacks and one batted pass.

He's a defensive end in high school, so the low sack numbers are a little troublesome, but there's such a wide range of high school offenses it's tough to cast any blame. Obviously he's able to get into the backfield, as his 28 TFLs demonstrate.


Rivals is the only premium site with a listed 40 time, at 5.03 seconds. His Youtube highlight (embedded below) says 4.98. That's not bad at all for a 260-pound guy who's in between defensive end and defensive tackle. Only two FAKEs out of five.


Youtube highlights:

There's also a sophomore highlight reel, along with a couple other partial videos.


Godin is the sort of kid who is unlikely to make an impact early in his career, before blowing up (or at least becoming a very solid role player) in his final years on campus. As a high school player who notably lacks strength, a year in a college weight program can work wonders. For that reason, I think he's a lock to redshirt as a true freshman, as long as Michigan has enough strongside defensive ends ready to play in 2012.

In his first two years actually on the field, he'll get limited playing time, mostly in blowouts. However, as a junior, he'll work his way into the starting lineup, and perform effectively in the position. As a 5th-year senior, a second-team All-Big Ten honor is possible. Depending on how he develops, he could earn even more impressive honors.

Though I project him as a strongside defensive end here, there's always a chance that college-level strength and conditioning see him put on more muscle mass, and become a 3-tech defensive tackle. As an underdeveloped high schooler, the range of possibilities for his career is wide-spanning. He could be a career role-player, or a future star. I'll trust Greg Mattison's scouting talent on this one, and split the difference.


It seems likely that Godin will at least start his career as a defensive end. If he puts on more weight, he could (finally) be Michigan's first defensive tackle in the class, but all reports have him at least starting his career at defensive end. So, that makes him the third defensive end in the class, and Michigan is probably only looking to take one more - another strongside guy, and even that one only if he's elite (Chris Wormley pls).

Going forward, Michigan's biggest needs are an elite running back, a good wideout, an interior defensive lineman or two, and a couple more on the offensive line - preferably tackles. They could also use a quarterback, but with Shane Morris's commitment to next year's class, they have the luxury of holding out for a top guy.



May 12th, 2011 at 10:25 AM ^

It's only been 48 days since we landed our first recruit of 2012 - Ben Braden - and the list just keeps getting better and better with the addition of  recruit #11, Matt Godin.

1) OT Ben Braden (Rockford, MI) - 3/24/11

2) OG Caleb Stacey (Cincinnati, OH) - 3/26/11

3) LB Kaleb Ringer (Clayton, OH) - 4/15/2011

4) LB Royce Jenkins-Stone (Detroit, MI) - 4/16/11

5) TE Devin Funchess (Farmington Hills, MI) - 4/22/11

6) TE A.J Williams (Cincinnati, OH) - 4/22/11

7) LB Joe Bolden (Cincinnati, OH) - 4/29/11

8) LB James Ross (Detroit, MI) - 5/2/11

9) DE Mario Ojemudia (Farmington Hills, MI) - 5/8/11

10) DE Pharaoh Brown (Lyndhurst, OH) - 5/8/11

11) DE Matt Godin (Novi, MI) - 5/12/11


And we've already started on 2013:

1) QB Shane Morris ((Warren, Mich./De La Salle) 5/10/11


Good Lord, these guys can recruit!

Go Blue!



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I checked out RCMB for the first time last week and could not believe some of the stuff I saw, absolutley sad and pathetic when compaired to MGoBlog.

I really think its funny when they lock down threads to keep their fans from showing what they really are...jealous delusional morons. I've seen alot of meltdowns here but never a thread locked because it was about MSU....that says alot.


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His mom story-
<br>Mom went to get him a Michigan cake, and cake guy asked why he needed a college cake in May, and said he played a sport, then asked what, "football"....turns out he's a big MSU fan, and starts saying how Hoke won't be there 3 years, and he's read how the family is forcing him to go there... His mom says "Best thing is, you're still going to have to make the cake".
<br> I like her.


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Brian, it looked to me in his highlight reel that he played all defensive tackle in high school.  Does that make his low sack numbers more palatable?

Six Zero

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Welcome to the fold.  This choice will carry blessings with you for the rest of your life, both as a player and an alumni.

We say alot about recruiting classes every year, but there's just something really different about this one... just feels like something really special is being forged.  It feels like all of these kids, especially the defensive players, are just jumping at the chance to pull on that winged helmet.

Well done, coaching staff... and congratulations to Matt and the Godin family.

Hurrah for the yellow and blue!


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throughout his high school career, he hasn't ever consistently lined up at defensive end at the varsity level.This kid needs to dominate next year, and by that I mean not just clogging up space but actually getting in the backfield consistently.


May 12th, 2011 at 9:27 AM ^

Now Matt Godin.


The 2x2 continues - only one's not from Ohio and they play in different  positions.

Anyways I hope Godin works on DoB

Remaining targets - 

TRich - RJS/ James Ross on him

Bubba - Mario/ Devin can work on him


Now I wish me a 2x2 from CO/ CA OL


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...for achieving your lifelong dream of playing football for the University of Michigan. I have to imagine you hope to continue to follow in Mike Martin's footsteps. Clearly, you're well on your way and I'm confident that you know what it will take to become another in the long line of great Michigan defensive linemen.


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i don't think he's going to start as a DE.  by the time he hits the field, I think he's going to be a 3 tech.  he'll be 6-5 and around 285-290, which is just too big for a SDE.  given his film, DT seems like a more natural fit anyway.  also by the time he hits the field, hopefully he'll have been taught to stay lower, and avoid being pat masseyd.  i think he has the potential to be a good penetrating DT.


May 12th, 2011 at 9:54 AM ^

He said that Mattison wants to play him at 290 and at the 5-tech (SDE). Nut if he can get up to 300, perhaps they can slide him inside depending on our depth. Wasn't Fairly like 6'4 and 294 at the NFL combine? He slid because he was smaller than everyone thought.


May 12th, 2011 at 11:22 AM ^

Mattison and Hoke call the 5-tech spot a "defensive tackle" so that might give some insight into how big they want their players at that position to be.  The SAM is almost a DE and they expect the pass rush to come from the weak side linemen and blitzers, so a 290-pound DE/DT isn't out of the question.


May 12th, 2011 at 12:14 PM ^

Since that is the case, it would be nice if we got commits from a few more DTs than so many DEs.  Last year we got 3 DEs and no DTs, this year we have commits from 2 guys who are true DEs and one guy who could go either way.  I'd like to see commits soon from more of the DT DTs.


May 12th, 2011 at 1:29 PM ^

Yep.  The need for DT's is pretty severe.  I think it's being somewhat underestimate 'round these parts, with everyone wanting wide receivers and cornerbacks and such.  I mean, I know everyone realizes we need defensive tackles, but it's probably the #1 position that needs to be addressed.


May 12th, 2011 at 8:37 PM ^

Agreed that the DT and NT positions very much need to be addressed.  In 2012, our rotation is Campbell, Washington, Ash and Talbott.  Obviously this year we will see where these four stand since all of them should at least see the field some this year (maybe not Talbott).  If there is any position where a true freshman will play in 2012, it is at DT. 

As we know, the coaching staff is also addressing the OL situation too.  I'm not trying to be a downer but for the next three years (2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons) the extended depth chart (i.e. the backups) looks very scary, especially 2013.  This obviously isn't a new concept as we have all witnessed the 2010 and 2011 recruiting classes with respect to the OL and the lack of bodies (we can throw in 2009 too, now that Q Washington is a DT). 

2011 Depth Chart (2 Deep in Italics)
LT:  Lewan (RS So); Schofield (RS So)
LG:  Barnum (RS Jr); Pace (RS Fr)
C:    Molk (RS Sr); Khoury (RS Jr); Miller (Fr)
RG: Omameh (RS Jr); Mealer (RS Jr)
RT:  Huyge (RS Sr); Posada (Fr) OR Bryant (Fr)

Assuming no walk-ons are good enough to play, we will have a true freshman (Posada or Bryant) in the 2-deep next year.  This is also assuming that Pace is able to continue his career; I have not read anything negative about Pace's injury situation in a while so I will assume that has resumed his playing career.  If Pace is not able to play, then we will have two true freshmen in the 2-deep since both Posada and Bryant will be in it.  Either way, we will have two freshman in the 2-deep since Pace is redshirt freshman.  Also, Bryant has been pegged as a guard and there is some chatter that Posada is a better fit as a guard as well.  IDK if Posada is a guard or a tackle but I hope one of them can fill in as a backup. 

2012 Depth Chart (2 Deep in Italics)
LT:  Lewan (RS Jr); Posada (RS Fr);
LG:  Barnum (RS Sr); Bryant (RS Fr);
C:    Khoury (RS Sr); Pace (RS So); Miller (RS Fr)
RG: Omameh (RS Sr); Mealer (RS Sr); 2012 Recruit #1 - Stacey? (Fr)
RT:  Schofield (RS Jr); 2012 Recruit #2 - Braden? (Fr)

We have no OTs outside of Lewan and Schofield; this is where not taking any tackles in 2010 really hurts.  Again, the questions about playing Posada at tackle still apply.  Hypothetically, Bryant can be a backup OT (he is 6'5") and we can slide Miller or Pace into G which is obviously less than ideal.  Assuming that Posada and Bryant weren't forced into duty in 2011 thus keeping their redshirts intact, we will have at least 3 freshman in the 2-deep (either (i) 2 RS freshman (Bryant, Posada) and a true freshman (Braden or other recruit) if Bryant is a guard or (ii) 3 RS freshman (Bryant, Posada and Miller) if Bryant is a tackle.  As an optimist, 2012 could be a special year since we return a very veteran starting lineup on the OL (all RS juniors and seniors with starting experience except for Khoury who will be a RS senior).

2013 Depth Chart (2 Deep in Italics)
LT:  Lewan (RS Sr); ???
LG:  Bryant (RS So); ???
C:    Pace (RS Jr); Miller (RS So)
RG: Posada (RS So); Stacey? (RS Fr)
RT:  Schofield (RS Sr); Braden? (RS Fr)

I am pretty confident that the coaching staff will be able to get their 6 OL for the 2012 recruiting class, so those "???" will obviously be filled in with 2012 recruits.  The story, however, is that we will again have freshman in our 2-deep.  This time, the number of freshman is 4.  I have Posada as a guard, but he could also be a backup tackle and we could have the loser of the battle at center (between Pace and Miller) slide over to guard.  Then in the case of an injury, Posada could fill in.

1.  Our starting lineups look pretty good actually with 2012 looking like a year where our line should dominate in the trenches.  The problem is that injuries and players not panning out can obviously ruin this.  Since we did not recruit with high numbers, we absolutely need Barnum, Schofield, Posada, Bryant, Miller/Pace to become at least average B10 linemen (for which I'm cautiously confident), or we need to have the recruits after them be the Long/Lewan types who can play well as redshirt freshman.  I'm not sure how reasonable it is to not have any injuries to the OL over the next three years, and any accuracy of the Pace rumors would obviously exacerbate things.  Likewise there is a lot of pressure on the coaches (not that there isn't normally a lot of pressure on these coaches) to develop and motivate these guys as Posada and Bryant will need to develop into capable starters by their RS sophomore years.
2.  Again to state the obvious, it is absolutely critical that we get at least 5 lineman this year with at least two guards and two tackles.  The previous sentence was actually true for last year's class but that obviously didn't happen due to reasons that I wish to not re-live.  Failure to do this will result in 2014 looking exactly like 2008 (DTs switching to OL and starting games).
3.  I don't think we will see a true spring game until 2014 since that will be the first year that we can fill our two-deep with non-freshman (of course assuming that we get our 5-6 OL recruits this year).


May 12th, 2011 at 9:59 PM ^

This was long enough to be its own post.  You might want to turn it into its own thread for discussion.

But yes, the OL is a serious need.  Christian Pace played a fair amount in the spring game and throughout spring practice, so I guess he seems to be okay.  He didn't stand out, but that's to be expected for a young kid who was injured for a while.

Good post.


May 12th, 2011 at 2:24 PM ^

Is the 4-3 under more similar to a 5-2 than a normal 4-3? Based on everything I've read it seems like it is a 5-2 where the outside DE (or LB) stands up rather than in a 3 point stance and the 5 technique acts more like a DT than DE.

I just keep thinking Godin is a protypical 3-4 DE. I know Mattison is a 4-3 guy but it has to be nice to have players that Michigan can rotate in and change the formation around, instead of just moving everybody to a spot they don't match up well in.