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Tim January 17th, 2010 at 3:05 PM

Per Go Blue Wolverine, Michigan has gained a class of 2011 commitment from MI CB Delonte Hollowell, which should come as no surprise to those who remember he said at the US Army Combine that he was planning on committing to Michigan soon. Informative portion below:



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First things first, Hollowell is one little dude, bigger than Dior Mathis, but comparable in size to Boubacar Cissoko. Somewhere in Detroit, there is a factory producing tiny corners and sending them to Cass Tech. Delonte measured in at 5-8.125 at the Army Combine. There's always the chance he's still growing, as he's 16 or 17 years old, but I wouldn't count on it. The National Underclassmen Combine Blog evaluates him thusly:

PERFORMANCE: Kind of a quiet day, but not in a bad way, in a blowout loss to Detroit Southeastern.
STRENGTHS: Does a good job of turning and running with receivers down the field, and appears to be an aggressive tackler. He is quite strong for a kid his size.
WEAKNESSES: Not as quick as his teammate, Dior Mathis, but few are. But like Mathis, Hollowell will be vulnerable in covering taller receivers. - G.L.

Scouts Inc's Craig Haubert gives a (brief) take on Hollowell following the Army Combine:

A player who caught my eye this fall when I attended one of his games was Delonte Hollowell (Detroit, Mich./Cass Tech). He lacks ideal size, but is a good athlete and once again put forth a good performance.

"Caught my eye" means that Haubert's impression is a good one. It seems that, outside of the height issue, he has good tools to become a productive player.

From his video (which you can see below), I would say he's a little slow in play recognition, but has good physical skills to play in the defensive backfield. It's often a little tough to judge high school DBs, as they're given the responsibility of "Stay back there, and don't ever let anything behind you. Ever." Hollowell is no exception, which may explain his hesitance to come up in run support.

It certainly isn't a physical attitude that's the problem. His highlights show a willingness to lay the wood as frequently as he can. He still has a lot of physical developing to do before he can actually lay big hits, but God bless him for trying now, as small as he is. As with all kids from Detroit's PSL, his technique is not at a college-ready level yet.

He made the Detroit News' All-Metro Second Team as a junior, though the first team only had 3 DBs. He's far from a lock, but his impressive performance at the Army Combine may get him an invite to next year's game.


Michigan had offered Hollowell as far back as August, at which time he had also received a scholarship from Central Michigan, and a State one appeared to be on the way. From Josh Helmholdt:

Besides Michigan and Central Michigan, Hollowell is also receiving recruiting interest from Iowa, Illinois, Michigan State, LSU and UCLA.


Through five games, Hollowell had three interceptions and more than 25 tackles. No word on how he finished the year. Cass Tech finished the season 6-4, including two losses to Detroit Southeastern.


Hollowell ran a laser-timed 4.66 second 40 yard dash at the 2009 Army Combine. For a corner, this gets 0 FAKEs out of 5. Don't worry too much about speed, though, as the testing track in San Antonio is notoriously slow, and that time was as a mere sophomore. Times from this year's combine should be available soon. In track, he ran a 7.65 60-meter dash (to Dior Mathis's 6.95), one of the less impressive times at that meet.


Hollowell appears to be a highlight video producing fiend, an here's what he has uploaded to Youtube at this point:


As mentioned above, Hollowell has some physical development to do, as well as a lot of technique to learn. Unlike Boubacar Cissoko before him, he'll have a chance to sit for a while and learn from the starters ahead of him, due to Michigan's big DB haul in 2010. Hollowell is basically a sure-shot redshirt for his freshman year.

Following the inevitable redshirt, Hollowell will probably play on some special teams for a season, as long as he's bulked up enough to not get handled in punt coverage, and if he's got the skill to do it, he could even be tabbed for return duty a bit. He might get a bit of work on defense in blowouts.

In year 3, he could get rotated into defenses, getting time in nickel packages, and potentially getting significant time as a substitute. Long-term, he'll always be a bit limited by his diminutive stature, and if he is able to nab a role as a starting corner, might get pulled off the field when he would otherwise face the Michael Floyds of the world.


Hollowell is Michigan's second commitment in the class, joining fellow defensive back Greg Brown. Both play corner in high school, though Brown will play free safety as a high school senior, and there's a chance that will be his eventual position in college.

Still, Michigan projects to have a bunch of defensive backs in the class of 2010, so they won't be nearly as necessary in 2011. After getting these first two commits, Expect Michigan to hold off on defensive backs until later in the class, unless they are able to convince some more highly-rated ones (in their eyes, not necessarily the recruiting sites) to join the class.



January 17th, 2010 at 3:17 PM ^

"Somewhere in Detroit, there is a factory producing tiny corners and sending them to Cass Tech" - not a bad use for unused Ford factories!

Now we just need one for ILB's and we're all set.


January 17th, 2010 at 4:27 PM ^

I think the .125 is on his height. They measure pretty close.

I think the guru ratings are off, I don't think anyone has juniors ranked by position yet.


January 17th, 2010 at 9:33 PM ^

I track recruiting quite a bit. In fact I do so daily. I'm noticing a that RR's recruits are small and mostly in the sleeper category. I know that Coach Rod was a walk-on himself. Is he trying to make a point in going after the overlooked players? Is this good for a program like Michigan?

Coach Carr would say we never get who we want. Carr's recruiting were constantly filled with higher ranked players though. Is there logical philosophy that RR has? What is he looking for? I understood Carr, I am trying to understand RR. Someone help me understand, please.


January 17th, 2010 at 9:53 PM ^

if you've been following recruiting as closely as you say you do then you surely followed how lloyd lost 6 of his last 7 to ohio state and had lost at least 3 straight bowls before his last one. he also never entered october still in the national title race save for 2006 in his last years. then in terms of RR, surely you've noticed that he's gone 3-9 and then 5-7, that alone should have him recruiting much worse than he has. considering the circumstances he's actually recruiting quite well.

also, just because he didn't land all 5 stars this class doesn't mean he didn't offer and recruit those guys.


January 26th, 2010 at 4:23 PM ^

Delonte Hollowell is 5'8" and weight 165 and runs a 4.46. This kid has more heart than any kid i have every seen, many u need to go to one of his games and see him play. He gives every play a 100 percent, and thats why college Coachs love him. And stop comparing him with Dior Mathis,and Boubacar Cissoko they all are good and there all different players. And that video is not the real video it just something Delonte put together to see how it was going to look on the computer but the real one is up check it out on youtube under Delonte Hollowell. I LOVE THIS KID. And who every wrote this article is a butt whole, a grown ass man hating on a kid.

Good Luck Delonte and use people like this as a motivation.