Hello: Davion Rogers

Submitted by Tim on January 17th, 2010 at 1:19 PM

Rivals is reporting that OH DE Davion Rogers, a teammate of DJ Williamson at Warren G. Harding High School, has committed to the Wolverines. Informative update coming later (perhaps tomorrow, what with the basketball game and all).



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While everyone will focus on the Snake Oil and the loling at getting a guy WVA wanted, I'd like to point out a different angle, one that I think is more important.

This is another recruit from the state of Ohio. The state, IMHE, that should be our top midwest priority. What Rodriguez has done to reinvigorate a dormant pipeline from Ohio is one of his bigger accomplishments during his UM tenure.

We didnt get a single recruit out of Ohio in 2007. That, combined with only one or two hits from the previous couple of years before that and you could make a strong case we were the worst team in the Big 10 as far as recruiting Ohio went. It's not a coincidence that we're now the worst team in the Big 10. Those facts are related.

Rodriguez's first three classes have been very Ohio centric. Thats how Michigan championship programs in the past have been crafted. I think we're close to being #2 in Ohio under his recruiting plan. We'll never be #1 in that state, but as long as we're #2-3 over the long haul, we'll be playing for the league's BCS bowl berths.

Oh yeah, welcome aboard Davion. Set your taser to TFL.

The Other Brian

January 17th, 2010 at 1:54 PM ^

Yep. Rodriguez has said all along since he got here he wants the recruiting base to be Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, then Florida, and then expanding to the rest of the country. He's done a great job establishing himself in OH and PA. Still got some work to do in the home state, hopefully starting with the MSU game in 2010.


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Wow, Jamiemac my first thought when I read your post was; wait? we didn't get anyone in Ohio for 2007? No way. I had to look it up on rivals to believe it.

I think that more than anything really describes what happened to the program the last couple years under Carr. Regardless of what our recruiting "rankings" were those last couple years, the strategy seemed to be lacking (no true safeties wha??).

Don't get me wrong, I think Lloyd was a good coach who did a lot of great things for this program, but Lloyd's last few recruiting classes really set back the RR transition.


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Whether or not our current troubles are directly related to poor recruiting out of Ohio is an interesting question to ponder, but regardless I agree it's absolutely critical to be able to recruit in that godforsaken state.

Bobby Boucher

January 17th, 2010 at 2:01 PM ^

Others are saying OLB, which is good because he wouldn't have to put much more weight on. I think it's important at least to recruit someone built for that position. I know the key focus lately has been S/CB but come 2011 I fear that LB will be thinner than DB.


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I really like the recruiting pipelines that we are building. The fact that we are getting a lot out of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida really makes me happy. If we can get some more out of Texas and California we will be set. Welcome Davion Rogers, I think he has some upside as a outside linebacker for sure.


January 18th, 2010 at 12:52 PM ^

warren harding has always been a solid UM school.

head basketball coach played at UM (steve arnold, as well as his brother dave), and has sent mario manningham, prescott burgess and carl diggs over the past several years. only miss was maurice clarrett, and we know how that turned out. (edit: and dan herron, i can remember senator tressel walking the school hallways for both of them)

he has recruit tickets whenever he wants them, first row behind the team (i know, he's given them to me before) to bring kids up.

unfortunately, kids at harding aren't going to be as well coached coming up as in the past...the coaching staff had an 'in', and aren't the most competent coaches in the world. 5 years ago they had one of the best coaches in the state (thom mcdaniels, father/coach of josh the broncos head coach) and were putting out 6-7 D-1 players a year for a bit.

expect very raw athletes in rogers and williamson.