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Submitted by Brian on September 18th, 2008 at 7:24 PM

Arizona DE Craig Roh has committed to Michigan. Informative update coming.



Scout Rivals ESPN
4*, #67, #8 DE 4*, #188, #8 WDE 82, #87, #6 DE

Roh's guru ratings are, on average, slightly better than Anthony LaLota, who committed last week. Roh will be a weakside compliment to Lalota, who's already around 260 and will probably play at at least 270. Roh's around 225, more of an edge rusher. ESPN bot Tom Luginbill:

"He is a prospect who plays smart and displays good recognition skills and instincts for the game and puts himself into positions to be successful on the field. He can quickly get off the ball and be violent with his hands. He has good speed and can pressure the quarterback. He is also a well-rounded prospect who also excels in the classroom with a 4.3 GPA."

ESPN's scouting report($) is weirdly reserved for a guy who is in their top 100 and will play in their All Star game this winter:

Roh is a productive and sound player. As he physically develops he has the tools to be a good and accountable defensive player at the college level. He may not always be the most athletic kid lined up, but he knows how to play the game and get himself in situations to be successful.

WTF? That reads more like the scouting report for a guy they give a three-star-equivalent rating. They mention the need to "add bulk," FWIW.

And your weekly dose of eeeeeeee Barwis:

"He's out-of-this-world good," Roh said of Michigan's new conditioning guru. "He was the most impressive strength and conditioning coach I've seen. He's very outside the box. They don't just do ordinary lifting, and that really impressed me."


Roh's final five was impressive: Michigan, USC, UCLA, Nebraska, and Arizona State. Other suitors were numerous: 40+ offers including Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Miami, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, LSU, Texas, and the entire Pac10.


99 tackles and 15.5 sacks as a junior, garnering all-state recognition.


Roh's listed 40 is 4.72, which actually seems feasible given his stature.


Highlights from last year:


And there's also some free AMP video of Roh and a number of others doing one-on-one DE/OL drills at USC's camp, and an interview he did with Scout.


Well, the kid is a top 100 recruit with offers from just about everyone. That's good. The add-bulk thing might dictate a redshirt, but only if Brandon Graham sticks around for his senior year. Without that luxury we'll probably see Roh on the field as a slight but explosive pass-rushing DE that tantalizes with the occasional big play.

Think Tim Jamison, who flew up recruiting boards his senior year to be rated even slightly above where Roh is currently hanging out. It'll be interesting to see his development under Barwis as opposed to Gittleson; hopefully his big strong muscles are the things getting developed instead of his spare tire.


Michigan's severe need at defensive end has been met in under a week by two high-rated players with offers from a who's who of college football programs. Huzzah! Assuming Michigan re-acquires the commitment of five-star DT Will Campbell, Michigan will have a full defensive line of four-star-plus prospects. Score.

The only potential downer: Lalota, who just started playing last year, and Roh, who needs to add weight, might need a year or two before they're ready to go. With Michigan's tendency to rotate defensive ends and the lack of options in front of him they might not have that luxury.

As far the rest of the class goes: Michigan's still in the running for a variety of other guys, including a top-50 type in SC DE Sam Montgomery, and may take a third. The next guy on commitment watch is Cass Tech safety Thomas Gordon; past that Michigan needs a couple more guys in the secondary and another OL or two.

Etc.: Varsity Blue also has a Roh recap; Chaparral has an impressive official site for a high school; more photos.



September 18th, 2008 at 7:41 PM ^

Well that's 2 in a week so if big Will comes through we'll be on track for a great haul on the line this year.  I feel good about it if what he has been saying recently is true.  Just hope he's not "blown away" by USC or LSU...

West Texas Blue

September 18th, 2008 at 9:53 PM ^

That's my hope in that B. Graham stays another year, allowing Roh to redshirt and bulk up.  Dammit to hell the shitting DE and OL recruiting the last 2 years of the Carr era.  I'm not sure we can pull another DE; I'd expect a few more commits: Campbell, Gordon, and either a S or OL.  All going to depend on attrition and unrenewed fifths.


September 18th, 2008 at 10:33 PM ^

Brandon Graham, if he has any sense, should stay for his senior year. Unless something drastic happens the remainder of the year, he's nowhere near ready to play at the next level. Very inconsistent in my opinion.


September 19th, 2008 at 9:18 AM ^

Someone must have gotten thru to RR and convinced him he is coaching in the Big Ten and NEEDS DEs (was it Miles?)!

Now, all's we need to do is convince RR that he's really coaching in the SEC (just for a week or so!) so's we can get rid of these 3 stars and take some real Michigan Men!


k bizzle

September 19th, 2008 at 9:37 AM ^

Just looking at the film the thing I noticed was his motor just kept running and wouldn't stop until he got to the ball. Love that he picked UM over USC as well.