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At long last, IL OL Chris Bryant has committed to Michigan. Tom talked to Michigan's 17th commitment, and he had this to say:

"It was a tough choice, I put a lot of thought into it. I went through each school, and when I said that name I knew it was the school for me. I'm comfortable there, and I have a good relationship with the coaches. I want to compete and work towards a championship. I'll be down there in June and I'll be ready to play football."

On with the show.




Scout Rivals ESPN
3*, #21 OG 4*, 5.8, #20 OT, #196 Overall 3*, 77, #37 OG

Bryant's position in college is something of a question. He's a huge kid, listed at 6-5 and 330 pounds by his Rivals profile. He has the height to play tackle, but it seems Michigan is looking at him as a guard. He had previously only played guard in high school, but shifted to tackle this year. ESPN evaluates him, and we'll start with the positives:

Flashes good pull / trap ability; can kick out and seal up inside showing the ability to play on his feet in space. We see a player capable of making the necessary run blocks at the next level of play once his techniques improve. His nimble feet and arm length should be assets in pass protection; flashes short set ability however his bend and base need attention; is capable of sliding his feet and playing flat footed in a reduced area; demonstrates the upper body playing strength to control pass rushers however all areas of hand use need refinement. We like the aggressive finishing attitude this guy brings to the game, it's what we like to see from offensive linemen.

Unsurprisingly for a high school kid his size, conditioning is a key to his future improvement:

Has the size for the offensive guard position at the major level of competition however his body mass will need to be redistributed through off season conditioning... Can come off the ball low and hard but more often his initial fit and pad level are high; needs to improve his ability to play low coming off the ball... This player could have problems with active 1st and 2nd level defenders unless his initial quickness and pad level improve.

Initial quickness will be improved with conditioning, and turning his body into that of a high-caliber college offensive lineman. On his Scout profile, Bryant talks about his game:

“I’m big and quick. A lot of college coaches like that I can move. Also, I’m not a sloppy 330, I’m built. I have a real powerful punch too.

“But I’m trying to improve my footwork and my overall technique. I’m just trying to get it all down.”


ESPN would beg to differ with his assessment of his body build. The Scout profile also lists testing numbers of a 395 pound bench and 420 pound squat. That seems ridiculously top-heavy to me, going along with the idea that he needs to redistribute that weight. UMGoBlog's analysts both point out that his athleticism is amazing for his size:

“Unbelievable athletic ability for a man his size. He moves his feet as well as any 300+ pound player you'll find...a mammoth kid who despite his size, is a pretty good athlete.?"

Goes along with everything else we've seen. This Rivals header says he's a standout on both sides of the ball in high school. He was a top performer at Sound Mind, Sound Body camp.


Bryant held a number of BCS-level offers outside of the Michigan one that he ultimately accepted. Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, and Stanford were his flagships. That's no 5-star offer sheet, but nor is it like some of the others we've seen lately, with a couple Big Ten rejects and some Big East and MAC offers. Ohio State came in late, but did not offer.

The offers that Bryant holds confirm the recruiting services' rankings, on the border between a 3-star and a 4-star. His final group consisted of Arizona, Michigan, Illinois, and Pittsburgh.


Bryant is an offensive lineman, and therefore does not have stats.


Scout lists his 40 time at 5.30 seconds, which seems fairly realistic. We do have to take into account that the kid is THREE HUNDRED THIRTY POUNDS, however, and didn't get there via a college-level weight training program. I deem this time worthy of two FAKEs out of five.


Highlights from the Michigan Football Showcase, held in Glick Fieldhouse last winter. He looks surprisingly agile for a guy his size.

Junior highlights on both sides of the trenches:

Chris Bryant Junior "HighLight" Video (Football - OL & DT)
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In case you haven't gotten the vibe quite yet, a year of redshirting to do some work in the gym is all but mandatory. He needs to turn some of his extra pounds into muscle, and also shed some serious poundage as well. I would guess a playing weight around 310 is a good goal.

One thing I worry about is his ability to get weight off, keep weight off, and stay in game shape. We saw Quinton Washington (who Rich Rodriguez's staff pegged as the #1 overall offensive line recruit in the class of 2008) struggle to crack the two-deep in his first couple years after redshirting, and eventually move to defensive tackle. It could take Bryant a little longer than expected to make his way into the lineup.

Michigan's current guards are Patrick Omameh and (probably) Ricky Barnum. Once they graduate, Bryant should be able to work into the starting lineup as a redshirt sophomore. If he can stay in shape through his entire career, All-Big Ten seasons are a definite possibility.


Every recruit for the rest of the class is an independent case, as it's unlikely Michigan will run up against the scholarship limit, and the needs are mostly filled - outside of tight end and defensive tackle. Even at those positions, Michigan will take who they can, and move along should they not land anybody.

OH TE/LB Frank Clark, CO LB Leilon Willingham, MI OL Jake Fisher, TX TE Chris Barnett, MD DT Darian Cooper, MI RB Thomas Rawls, and OH FB Trayion Durham are the main remaining targets.


Bryant is a teammate of 2012 IL OL Jordan Diamond, who likes Michigan early in the process, and 2012 QB Robert Gregory. Having the opportunity to join Bryant in Ann Arbor may help push them to the Maize and Blue.



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It's great to have an announcement like this at the same time that we have a couple big time recruits on campus. The positive news can only bode well for Hoke & Crew as they try to sway some of these kids over


January 28th, 2011 at 9:04 PM ^

Just want to apologize for the premature tweet about the commitment. I hope everyone knows that I've never been about stealing the thunder or ruining a recruit's "moment." 

I knew that Chris was picking Michigan, I just obviously didn't know when. I follow a few people that were at the presser, and one of them tweeted that Chris made it official. I should have double checked like I normally do. I didn't, and then the guy removed his tweet. Some people were mad that I did that, it was an honest mistake.

I would never do that, which is why I try not to say too much when a recruit tells me beforehand where they're going. I feel bad about it, just wanted to say I messed up with the timing there. 


January 28th, 2011 at 10:24 PM ^

... Everybody on this board knows your integrity and the importance of the relationships you have with these kids.  There is no need to apologize to us for the happy trigger finger.  And I'm sure if you let the recruit know that, he will understand as well. 

Thanks for all the effort you put in.


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to save this recruiting year. Bryant is a nice addition and is a mountain of a lineman. Hope he spends his redshirt year building muscle mass  to a trim 310lbs. This young man has a great upside!


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I was at Arlington Martin High School basketball game with Russell Bellomy when Bryant committed.  It's safe to say our new QB commit was excited about the monster of an OL commit.


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Well, it is safe to say that in a year or so, we are going to have a man-beast in the trenches.  Great get.

As a training nut, I would salivate to be able to train this kid - he looks like he could pack on muscle just by looking at a weight room.  His size is sick for a 18 year old kid.  


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T Jordan Diamond is a monster recruit. The old staff offered him, and he's got additional offers from the Badgers, Irish, and Arizona Wildcats, among others. He'll probably be a 4* around Taylor Lewan's hype level. When he came into the combine in the practice field (same one as the Bryant video, you can actually see him after Chris in one of the drills), he said something along the lines of "it was his destiny" to play at Michigan. Since then, we've fallen off a little for him with the CC, but I think we should still be in a pretty good place.

QB Robert Gregory- I think he would have been a great fit for the old spread, as a developmental sort of guy. His stock has steadily risen over the past year or so, but I'm not sold on his ability as a pro-style guy. Also, he said he's lost a lot of interest with Michigan with the CC. He wants to play in a spread.