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Gerund fans rejoice, as NC CB Channing Stribling picked up a camp offer and pulled the trigger immediately. Tremendous is first past the post.

Gene, tell us what we've won!


8 in white. Via the News-Record.


Scout Rivals ESPN 24/7
2*, NR CB NR NR 3*, #95 ATH, #40 NC

Kid may as well be wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. Only one site bothered ranking him in the range of BCS-level college prospects and even they throw up their hands at what position he'll play in college. ESPN has no evaluation for him. The only 247 article on his profile is an honorable mention from a camp designed to find under-the-radar prospects. He was under even that radar. Scout hadn't posted an article on him until he showed at Michigan's camp. Rivals wins a prize for being the most up on the kid by posting one short article($) on him in February. You get the idea. This is a classic camp sleeper.

It's pretty obvious why: at 6'2", 165, Stribling is liable to break in half if the wrong gust of wind catches him. He's a CB/WR at Butler and will come to Michigan as the second very tall corner in the class (OH CB Gareon Conley is the other) after getting raves from the seemingly infinite camp observers.

Some of those raves follow. Tuesday recruiting already featured Sam Webb's take on him as a "camp riser($)":

Channing Stribling, CB, Matthews (NC) Butler, 2013  – How this kid is such a relatively obscure prospect while playing for  such a powerhouse program is a mystery.  Standing 6-2 and maybe 165-pounds, this Tar Heel State product is extremely fluid (despite his length), and possesses quickness that belies his size.  Though not a blazer, he has good football speed.  Furthermore, he has really good leaping ability and ball schools.  Some schools might be scared away by his slender frame and lack of elite top end speed. Others, meanwhile, might see pure potential… a youngster that could become more explosive once he adds more muscle to his slender frame.

Matt Pargoff:

Another rising senior to do very well among the defensive backs was Channing Stribling of Matthews (N.C.) Butler. He is more of a long and lanky athlete with excellent height and reach, but he will need to add weight to play at the next level. Nevertheless, he showed excellent athleticism and was able to hang with the best receivers there.

Aaaaand that's it as far as scouting type stuff. As I said, Guy Fawkes.


As befits a who-dat camp find, Stribling had few offers at the time of his commitment. 247 lists NC State but that's dubious; when he talked to Scout($) yesterday he told them he had offers from Ball State and some FCS schools. Here are the schools he felt were at least looking at him:

"I am still waiting on my first offer to arrive but the interest has been strong for a while and I am hoping my first offer comes soon," said Stribling. "I have been talking the most to North Carolina, North Carolina St, Duke, Miami FL, Minnesota and Florida. I have taken visits to both UNC and Duke already and I am looking to see Florida and Miami FL here very soon. I believe more schools will become interested as I attend more camps and give coaches a better chance to evaluate my talents."


He had a productive junior season, catching 37 passes for 636 yards and eight TDs with 37 tackles, six interceptions and 14 PBUs on D.


Listed at a fairly realistic 4.56 at NCSA. One FAKE.




Flimsy indeed in this case. Michigan's latest forays into who-dat camp corners have worked out pretty well, what with Courtney Avery establishing himself a contributor already and Jeremy Clark getting the upgrade from grayshirt to regular shirt. [Ed-S: Even the obvious comparison, James Rogers, did end up becoming a contributor]. Stribling's a risk but in these cases where the coaches have seen the guy up close and personal for three days the "trust the coaches" mantra is more than an annoying rhetorical device. The people with the most in-depth, up-to-date information on Channing Stribling are Michigan's coaches.

So he's got a shot. He'll have to wait for it, obviously, with a redshirt to pack on some pounds all but certain. At his size he could play WR or S if corner doesn't work out; Michigan would very much like him to stick at the position they're projecting him for right now since 6'2" corners are rare commodities.

I also predict I figure out what FINAO stands for by the end of his career.


What rest of the class? Michigan's sitting on 22 commits as of late June and will add two, maybe three more. Stribling likely closes out defensive back recruiting—enjoy Vandy, Leon McQuay.

Michigan is now looking for a strongside defensive end, I guess, and another wide receiver who will hopefully be LaQuon Treadwell. That would take them to 24, a number that would require Michigan to lose four more guys before February. If they lose another they'd be hunting for BPA. They may be doing so already with the slot vaguely ticketed for SDE.


Huntington Wolverine

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the rule was against discussing politics - not unbiased, unfiltered, no spin news channels that would never consider supporting one political party over another? How dare you accuse the noble yet humble investigative journalists of Rupert Murdoch's employ to be aligned with a political cause. I dare say.



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Let's say Brian started a political blog. I imagine "Faux News" would be considered passé for the same reason O$U and DickRod are frowned on here: it's lame and unoriginal, and serious, thoughtful Michigan Men ought to be above such things.


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Is it because my recruiting obsession is relatively new, or does this seem like a really tall class (or couple of classes)... especially at DB?

Per Rivals, there are 7 guys in this class 6'5" or taller, and only 2 guys under 6'... Conley and Deveon Smith are both listed as 5'11".  


June 21st, 2012 at 12:59 PM ^

Yes, we're taller than we were in some of the previous years.  However I'd argue we were taking an abnormally number of short DBs in previous classes.  Consider Cissoko vs Floyd as an example of a lack of height.  

Also, consider this.  While the average NFL CB is 5' 11" and very fast, the lock down guys tend to run 6' plus.  Tillman and Woodson (the two NFC Prow Bowl CBs last year) are both 6' 1".  Carlos Rogers (the NFC reserve is 6').  The AFC sent Revis at 5' 11" and Bailey at 6'.  For honorable mention Asomugha is 6' 2".  McAlister, the Ravens CB who had three pro bowls in the mid 2000s, was 6' 1".  So aside from Revis, there are a lot of recent great guys at 6' plus.  

Painter Smurf

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I sense that Mattison just wants to beat up WR's with big CB's - bring  QB pressure and not let the WR's off the line.  Some of these real tall guys like Conley and Stribling may not quite have the wheels to play CB in the NFL, but college is a different story.  Mattison seems to like JT Floyd and he has below-average quickness for a CB, in my opinion.  As long as these guys are as fast/quick as Floyd, they should have potential at CB.


June 21st, 2012 at 12:30 PM ^

Lewan could easily play himself in the role of "Token Big Ten tackle taken somewhere in the middle of the first round", Fitz Toussaint is probably safe to stay but he could be a second rounder when this year is done; I am convinced that some other draft eligable non-senior on this team is going to explode (I am thinking Gordon or Ryan; could be Schofield or Black).  From that group, I think two leave; with all the fluster cluckat line-backer and the at D-Back, I could easily see one of them moving on to a tier-two program.  So yeah, counting on one other loss to attrition (Draft, playing time, life) isn't the dumbest plan in the world.

the Glove

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I can't be the only one that feels a little bit reluctant on this one. It seems like we decided to take our backup plan on the date instead of going after the prom queen who's still available. I just really feel like we could have got this kid 5 months from now if it was needed. With Fuller I just don't feel like you're out when you have Hoke and Mattison in your corner. Just being the devil's advocate.


June 21st, 2012 at 2:25 PM ^

Finding the "diamond in the rough" before others are aware of the talent is, imhe, one of the best possible ways to recruit. You avoid those who have a prima donna attitude, and who aren't as teachable because they already "know it all." Furthermore, you can't teach speed, and you can't teach height, both of which Channing Stribling possesses. If Brady Hoke and Greg Mattison (and Curt Mallory) want someone after three days of working with them, by all means, they should make an offer and extend it.

Michigan is now moving into the place where their depth is providing a significant advantage. Specifically, with ten (!!!) guys on the roster for cornerback, we have the luxury of extending an offer to someone who is raw and undeveloped but with a very high ceiling. The thought of Stribling playing another year in high school, and then spending a year as a redshirt, is incredible. Instead of being thrown out there as a freshman, Channing has the time to develop properly. I hope Channing succeeds spectacularly. But you know what? If he doesn't, and decides to go elsewhere after a couple years, we have sufficient depth that we're ok, and another spot is opened. Either way, we win.

There is one last reason I think this offer is wise. If we have an "A-" prospect and a "B+" prospect, but the latter prospect is willing to commit now, I think we are far better off with the "B+" guy. This is someone who wants to be here, and the dropoff in ability is small to nil. Most importantly, it lays down that no one is more important than the team. Some have griped that we didn't hold a spot open for Pocic, who went to LSU. Well, some of these guys need to understand that Michigan is not going to wait for them to fish or cut bait. They need to get on the team bus now, because it is pulling out.

You all know the saying "a bird in hand is worth more than two in the bush." Well, a committed Stribling is worth more than a Fuller or McQuay who may or may not be interested in Michigan.


June 21st, 2012 at 3:30 PM ^

And to expand slightly on the "avoiding prima donnas" point, not only do you avoid a prima donna, you get a kid who is ecstatic to be playing at Michigan, who wants to pay the team back for the opportunity, and prove that they are worthy, by training and playing their best ball.

I agree that an eager undiscovered 2-3* with solid all around potential who excels is just as good if not better than the "proven" 5* who underperforms. 

Sten Carlson

June 21st, 2012 at 1:54 PM ^


Although I undertsand your reluctance, and not to sound cliche, but I think we should all trust the vast level of experise that the coaches have -- especially Mattison.  GM knows how to put a player through his paces and evaluate the kid's ceiling -- obviously they think this kid's is high.  I am not saying that the staff is beyond reproach, I am saying that they see something in this kid that made them offer, it is not a desperation offer.  Personally I think they see his physical size, his speed, and his work ethic and they believe that several years he's going to very very good.

Congratulations Spider!  Work hard, do what the coaches ask, and you will be a champion!

Go Blue!


June 21st, 2012 at 2:29 PM ^

Maize n Brew pointed this out in their Hello: post and I repeat it here because it also cannot be stressed enough - be very careful how you spell Channing's full name when you Google him.


June 21st, 2012 at 2:34 PM ^

I don't think this precludes us from taking McQuay, but it probably rules out the McQuay/Bailey combo.

We have a couple CBs in this class now (Lewis and Stribling) who are BCS level WRs as well, or could be. Additionally, either Gant or Clark from last year's class could move to offense if it makes sense. Because of that, I bet the coaches still go after McQuay. Before today, it looked like the coaches would like 2 more receivers, and if McQuay were to commit, those two could be Treadwell and Jourdan Lewis.


June 21st, 2012 at 2:49 PM ^

37 tackles, six interceptions and 14 PBUs on D.

Excellent production from a jr. who plays for a team that is loaded with DI prospects.  This kid may truly be the definition of "sleeper".

It is unfortunate that his first name will always conjure images of that Magic Mike actor... lol JK... good pickup for Michigan.


June 21st, 2012 at 9:49 PM ^

Nice to see the North Carolina pipeline building up again.  Stribling is from the same high school as Jamar Adams and my alma mater as well.  Good to see Hoke rekindling some southern roots.