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Gerund fans rejoice, as NC CB Channing Stribling picked up a camp offer and pulled the trigger immediately. Tremendous is first past the post.

Gene, tell us what we've won!


8 in white. Via the News-Record.


Scout Rivals ESPN 24/7
2*, NR CB NR NR 3*, #95 ATH, #40 NC

Kid may as well be wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. Only one site bothered ranking him in the range of BCS-level college prospects and even they throw up their hands at what position he'll play in college. ESPN has no evaluation for him. The only 247 article on his profile is an honorable mention from a camp designed to find under-the-radar prospects. He was under even that radar. Scout hadn't posted an article on him until he showed at Michigan's camp. Rivals wins a prize for being the most up on the kid by posting one short article($) on him in February. You get the idea. This is a classic camp sleeper.

It's pretty obvious why: at 6'2", 165, Stribling is liable to break in half if the wrong gust of wind catches him. He's a CB/WR at Butler and will come to Michigan as the second very tall corner in the class (OH CB Gareon Conley is the other) after getting raves from the seemingly infinite camp observers.

Some of those raves follow. Tuesday recruiting already featured Sam Webb's take on him as a "camp riser($)":

Channing Stribling, CB, Matthews (NC) Butler, 2013  – How this kid is such a relatively obscure prospect while playing for  such a powerhouse program is a mystery.  Standing 6-2 and maybe 165-pounds, this Tar Heel State product is extremely fluid (despite his length), and possesses quickness that belies his size.  Though not a blazer, he has good football speed.  Furthermore, he has really good leaping ability and ball schools.  Some schools might be scared away by his slender frame and lack of elite top end speed. Others, meanwhile, might see pure potential… a youngster that could become more explosive once he adds more muscle to his slender frame.

Matt Pargoff:

Another rising senior to do very well among the defensive backs was Channing Stribling of Matthews (N.C.) Butler. He is more of a long and lanky athlete with excellent height and reach, but he will need to add weight to play at the next level. Nevertheless, he showed excellent athleticism and was able to hang with the best receivers there.

Aaaaand that's it as far as scouting type stuff. As I said, Guy Fawkes.


As befits a who-dat camp find, Stribling had few offers at the time of his commitment. 247 lists NC State but that's dubious; when he talked to Scout($) yesterday he told them he had offers from Ball State and some FCS schools. Here are the schools he felt were at least looking at him:

"I am still waiting on my first offer to arrive but the interest has been strong for a while and I am hoping my first offer comes soon," said Stribling. "I have been talking the most to North Carolina, North Carolina St, Duke, Miami FL, Minnesota and Florida. I have taken visits to both UNC and Duke already and I am looking to see Florida and Miami FL here very soon. I believe more schools will become interested as I attend more camps and give coaches a better chance to evaluate my talents."


He had a productive junior season, catching 37 passes for 636 yards and eight TDs with 37 tackles, six interceptions and 14 PBUs on D.


Listed at a fairly realistic 4.56 at NCSA. One FAKE.




Flimsy indeed in this case. Michigan's latest forays into who-dat camp corners have worked out pretty well, what with Courtney Avery establishing himself a contributor already and Jeremy Clark getting the upgrade from grayshirt to regular shirt. [Ed-S: Even the obvious comparison, James Rogers, did end up becoming a contributor]. Stribling's a risk but in these cases where the coaches have seen the guy up close and personal for three days the "trust the coaches" mantra is more than an annoying rhetorical device. The people with the most in-depth, up-to-date information on Channing Stribling are Michigan's coaches.

So he's got a shot. He'll have to wait for it, obviously, with a redshirt to pack on some pounds all but certain. At his size he could play WR or S if corner doesn't work out; Michigan would very much like him to stick at the position they're projecting him for right now since 6'2" corners are rare commodities.

I also predict I figure out what FINAO stands for by the end of his career.


What rest of the class? Michigan's sitting on 22 commits as of late June and will add two, maybe three more. Stribling likely closes out defensive back recruiting—enjoy Vandy, Leon McQuay.

Michigan is now looking for a strongside defensive end, I guess, and another wide receiver who will hopefully be LaQuon Treadwell. That would take them to 24, a number that would require Michigan to lose four more guys before February. If they lose another they'd be hunting for BPA. They may be doing so already with the slot vaguely ticketed for SDE.



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I kinda love this mentality of taking the guys who express the most interest on the spot rather than waiting for the highest rated player to decide while he's expressing uncertainty at the thought of Michigan.


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Absolutely love these types of storylines to recruits.  Gives hope to all the kids that  aren't on the radar's of the services and also somewhat challenges the services to dig a bit deeper.

Also appreciate the Guy Fawkes reference.  Well played.

Mr. Yost

June 21st, 2012 at 10:42 AM ^

For those looking too deep into the 4 players that have to be gone to add more...don't forget that Taylor Lewan (please God, no) and Fizgerald Toussaint (please God, no) could very well leave after this year to the NFL.


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How does this kid compare to LeMay? Watching his highlight reel, he spends time at WR, CB, and punt returner. He may not be the fastest kid on the field, but he's clear got good hands and good cut ability, otherwise I couldn't see him being the punt returner over LeMay.

j.o.s.e maizenblue

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He was considered one of the top DB in NC last year. I live in Raleigh and have a good friend whose the uncle of another highly rated DB/WR who plays for Leesville High School (Raleigh) and have heard his name come up before... he has a decent build and has great awareness, so im sure the staff see someone whose coachable and could be used in a variety of positions... As happy as I'am to see him get an offer from us, I just think it's odd that for as bad as the ACC schools are in football he would've received more than 1 offer... either way Go Blue!


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Kid has played defense for less than a year and CB for less than that.  Sounds like the under-the-radar, sr. year stud many around these parts have said we would probably end up with.

link? link


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I recommend hitting the link. 

HokeMM: This class has limited spots, what did the coaches tell you as far as what they liked when they offered?

Channing: Well Coach Mattison gave me the nickname "spider" because of my length. They really liked that I worked hard, my length, and my speed. They said I played with a chip on my shoulder and that they liked my work ethic.

Sam Webb's recruiting podcast today confirmed reasons for under-the-radarness.  Listed as an athlete, playing more wide receiver and newness to cornerdom.  Added (or should I make that "adding") that in the camp the coaches can see his coachability, as well as personal qualities and that fluidity of hips that's so in demand.


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Best part of the interview

"I went up to Coach Hoke's office and he offered me a scholarship. He said they think I have a special game and to be honest I don't really remember what he said after that because I couldn't believe what was going on". 


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Coaches are kickin' it Old School, Llloyd-style.

This is how Michigan used to do recruiting.  Get kids into camp, evaluate them in person for 3 days, then give out offers to the best ones.  Worked out really well.

If we move camp to March, we could start doing this again. 


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Lloyd would get a significant number of his recruits every year from camp, as would Moller.  I'm too lazy to look thru my old "The Wolverine" magazines from the '90s to tell you specifically who, but there were a bunch.  

Camp was in the summer, as it is now.  The March thing was a joke, because now by the time we get to summer, Hoke is done recruiting.  The only way to pick up a bunch or recruits from camp, ala Llloyd, would be to move camp to early March.


June 21st, 2012 at 8:01 PM ^

Hoke could have moved up the camp date but he chose not to. So perhaps the strategy is to sweep as many of the nationaly visible recruits as fit the program and then use the camp to find sleepers that the services missed.

Many here seem concerned that the coaches took someone under the radar "early". My read is that Channing showed the coaches something special that they decided was more valuble than some highly rated guy by the services and decided to scoop him up before the services discovered him.

Mr. Stribling I look forward to you demonstrating that the coaches recognized an exceptional talent a couple of years from now if not sooner. Welcome to Michigan the home of champions. 


June 21st, 2012 at 8:53 PM ^

Absolutely - early is when you need to get in on the under the radar guys.  Look at Courtney Avery - we offered him and he committed before almost any big school.  Later on, Florida started taking a long look at him, and the only reason they didn't offer (according to reports) was that he was firm in his M commitment and wouldn't visit. 

Had we waited to offer Avery until later, he probably would have visited Florida, and I'm sure at least a few other major programs would have offered.  Not saying we wouldn't have still gotten him, but it would have been less likely.  Same story with Jeremy Clark, and possibly the same thing with Stribling.  If we passed on offering Stribling this week, and instead offered him in November when it looked like he was a back-up plan, and he already have 5 or 6 other BCS offers, we might not have gotten him.


June 21st, 2012 at 12:36 PM ^

That is a very good question. It pains me to have to tell you this, however you are not ready for the answer.

Furthermore, it would be completely irresponsible for me to disclose said information on a public forum such as this. Can anyone be certain of who may be reading this very article? Who are they? What will they do with the data? What are the consequences?

I see you are my Mgopoint superior by a factor of more than ten. This impresses me, and I make that statement without a shred of irony. We are beginning to establish trust. This is good; it is the first step in a long journey.

Over time, you will come to learn things that you may wish you had never known. When the time is right, the answers will reveal themselves.

Until then, do you have any insight on how these four players might drop off the roster?


June 21st, 2012 at 3:28 PM ^

Perhaps I am not yet ready to know the secrets behind your curtain, but I will be sure to look for your MGoContributions to the board in the hopes of learning more.

Alas, with regards to your question of 'The Four", I am afraid you are not quite ready for that information... patience will reveal all - have faith, Go Blue!



June 21st, 2012 at 12:58 PM ^

People generally don't like to name names in these typs of cases, but often a few recruits don't make it to the fall semester.  Sometimes a player is homesick and doesn't stick it out, or they don't like where they stand with the team after fall camp, or they just don't qualify/can't pass the NCAA clearinghouse.  Look at last year, Kellen Jones, Chris Barnett and Posada who never made it to the season.  And you also have Brown who has left the team.   So that's 4 players from the 2011 class who aren't around when the 2012 class steps foot on campus.  Also, you have the possiblilty of players going pro early such as Lewan and Fitz.   Plus you always have the possibility of losing a few commits between now and February, as with Stacey and Standifer.

Seeing the numbers now, I wouldn't be surprised if the coaches went for 25 with this class and lost 1 of the current commits.


June 21st, 2012 at 1:08 PM ^

One of the consequences of having depth is that people end up on the bottom of the depth chart.  Some people don't like being on the bottom of the depth chart and opt to relocate.  A little movement after fall camp is to be expected.  Can't really name names until we see up ends up where (and normally we figured out Player X is on the bottom of the depth chart about the time the coaches announce they approved his transfer).  

Players read the board, so I consider it impolite to speculate that Player X is headed for exile to a MAC school.

Mr. Yost

June 21st, 2012 at 1:50 PM ^

First off I'll start by saying, I hope NO ONE leaves. Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS. I especially think that will be true for the guys in this new "Hoke Era."

Also know it's not politically correct to speculate.

Lastly, I'm sure I'll get negged for doing so...but I guarantee I'm not the only person who thought "hmmmm???" when they read that. So if you're a player or a friend/family member of a player, my apologies in advance...prove me wrong.

With that said.

1. Fitzgerald Toussaint  --- I think he has a more than solid year and leaves to help out his family (particularly his daughter). He'll be a late 2nd/early 3rd rounder in my opinion, but it'll be enough for him to forego his senior year.

2. Rico Miller or Jordan Paskorz --- Both are redshirt sophomores...both are approaching some what of a "do or die year." Both have not one, but TWO freshman who could come in and play over them (Darboh/Chesson...Williams/Funchess).

3. Kenny Wilkins --- I just don't see why he hasn't seen the field even as a "specialty" type player. It's now or never for him. Chris Bryant could also be here if all of these

4. Antonio Poole or Kaleb Ringer --- Weird. I know. But I think James Ross passes Poole. And Ringer could be frustrated that he's been with the team so long and either has to redshirt or he doesn't get reps at MLB. Meanwhile, Bolden will.

5. Tamani Carter or Josh Furman --- Only so much PT to go around, both young but both have been somewhat in the dog house for off the field stuff.

Again, I want to see all of these guys graduate from UofM and contribute on and off the field. But if you ask who I thought of when I read the comment about losing 4, these were the names that came up.




June 21st, 2012 at 5:31 PM ^

This was actually the point of my original question. I am not the least bit worried that Hoke would get into SECish shenanigans (false grayshirting, etc.,) but what is the risk that we don't have the right amount of natural attrition by February, and what are the consequences if this turns ou t to be the case?