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[Darien Times]

Michigan's landed a commitment from three-star CT OL Andrew Stueber, who recently received a camp offer and is now a lock to succeed Jake "Ruddock" as the internet's most misspelled Michigan football player. Stueber's rankings are of the middling three star variety, but he's got a relatively impressive suite of offers: PSU, Tennessee, Pitt, UNC, Duke, Harvard, and Yale. An informative update is coming right up.


Scout Rivals ESPN 247 247 Comp
3*, #43 OT 3*, #64 OT NR 3*, 86, #740 overall
#79 OT, #3 CT
3*, #785 overall
#80 OT, #4 CT

Generic three star OT ahoy, except ESPN hasn't even put up a profile for him yet. That's probably for the best, since ESPN is an open-minded service that is willing to look at a guy like Ben Mason with fresh eyes—he's a four star to the WWL—but tends to fire and forget evaluations. 247 shot him up several hundred spots a few weeks ago.


Stueber is just emerging from sleeper status and there is correspondingly little actual scouting out there. The Penn State 247 site did discuss his recent effort to slim down:

A year ago, Darien (Conn.) offensive tackle Andrew Stueber tipped the scales at nearly 320 pounds on his 6-foot-6-inch frame. The now three-star prospect decided to try to trim down after his senior season… Stueber hit a low point of 283 pounds this spring. Now back closer to 290 entering the summer he is a different prospect.

“I feel good. I feel at The Opening I did well with my agility and my shuttle and that was something I really wanted to work on,” he said. “My strength is improving, I definitely feel better as a player. I can get off the ball faster and I feel like a better player when I’m faster.”

That's the kind of thing that often happens during a prospect's freshman year of college, not high school. If Stueber continues on the path he's on he could arrive in Ann Arbor around 300 pounds and college-ready. He was impressive enough at Michigan's camp to grab an offer:

"The camp was awesome," Stueber said. "Coach Drevno is experienced, and he knows so much about the offensive line positions, and to bring in a bunch of NFL guys that went to Michigan and played for coach (Jim) Harbaugh and coach Drevno, that was awesome. It was such an incredible learning experience. I definitely picked up as much as I could.

"I was really happy with the way I performed. I won a lot of the competitions and everything. Coach Drevno was pleased with what he saw and everything worked out the way it did."

He drew some notice at the Opening's regional camp in his area:

Darien (Conn.) High offensive tackle Andrew Stueber was another potential big-time guy on the offensive line, took some good reps and has all the tools college coaches covet.

This concludes people talking about Andrew Stueber productively. Woo sleeper Connecticut OL.

One thing I did glean: Stueber is definitely a tackle. He's the kind of guy who is listed at 6'6.5" when people want to get specific, not 6'5.5", and once you get into that range you are a candidate for pass-rush-engulfing left tackle stuff.


As above: PSU, Tennessee, Pitt, UNC, Duke, Harvard, and Yale give you the shape of things. Maryland, BC, Rutgers, and other middling Power 5 schools fill out his offer sheet. My impression is that the PSU offer was committable:

The 6-foot-6, 285-pound Stueber was at Penn State twice this spring - once for a Saturday visit in March and then again for the Blue-White Game in April. The Nittany Lions have identified him as a top candidate to fill the remaining tackle slot in their offensive line class and they hope to get him back to campus again this summer.

Not enough data on the others. FWIW, PSU's new OL coach is former Minnesota OL coach Matt Limegrover. This may assuage worries that PSU being involved with an OL is a kiss of death.


Rivals borked their database so you can no longer search by high school but I assume Michigan's never gotten a kid out of Darien before. Connecticut Wolverines are rarities indeed, although Stueber is joined by LB Ben Mason in this class. 


OL don't have stats.


Stueber does not have one listed.


Junior year:

One on one reps from the Rivals camp he attended:

The guy with the dreads is Luiji Vilain, BTW.


Despite the low ranking, Stueber checks a lot of boxes: great frame, great academics, the discipline to shed weight and build it back up. The camp reps above show a guy with excellent agility who has work to do anchoring against a rush and preventing opponents from getting into his chest with his hands; I'll take the latter if it's paired with the former, because you can teach the latter.

This isn't a camp commit that gets me tweaked because Michigan has four stars on the hook if they'd just show some patience. There's a good reason Stueber has been overlooked by the sites, he's got a bunch of solid offers, and Michigan just saw him in person twice. Also Stueber also has the greatest twitter feed ever right now: it is one tweet announcing his commit. 99/100 on the Never Tweet scale. Thumbs up.


Stueber's the second offensive lineman in a class that will go to five or even six. He's a true tackle—something Michigan needs badly—and will be joined by up to three more depending on how various 6'5"-ish players get classified.



June 25th, 2016 at 5:14 PM ^

Stueber gets my early vote for best under-the-radar recruit in the class. I don't know if he'll develop into a first round pick, but I'm guessing he'll be a pretty good starter down the road.


June 25th, 2016 at 8:54 PM ^

It's the way things go around this time of year. A lot of commitments occur at this point in each cycle because kids are camping, taking visits, etc. But a good number of high-profile guys wait until late fall, January, or February to make announcements. The guys who go to these camps are the underexposed guys who need to earn offers. So these mid-level guys commit now, people get their panties in a bunch, and then we'll pull in some 5-stars/high 4-stars in January and everyone will be happy.

It happened last year (Rashad Weaver, Devin Gil, Josh Metellus, etc.), it's happening this year, and it will happen again in 2017.


June 26th, 2016 at 4:16 PM ^

Mason Cole played LT for two seasons and did well despite being a better fit as an interior lineman. So as long as we have enough OL who can play, I am not all that worried about exactly where they slot in. Nonetheless, we now have Hall and Stueber coming in as OT prospects and things are trending well for Kai-Leon Herbert, an elite tackle. Plus Newsome is only a sophomore and Ulizio is a RS freshman, so whatever we don't get in 2017 we could still get in 2018 without needing to depend on a true freshman or play a guy out of position.


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June 25th, 2016 at 8:52 PM ^

Looks like he's got a ways to go vis-a-vis pass block technique but hell, (1) he's in h.s., and (2) he's in h.s. in Connecticut, so a few years of Drevno will shine him right up. The fact the coaches are standing there at camp watching the kid before offering is all I need to know.

All that being said, I trust the phrase "college ready" exactly not at all ever since we were told by every scout ever that Kyle Kalis was the most college-ready* lineman in his class, some of them saying the most college-ready OL they'd seen in years. But with Harvard and Yale offers on the table, hopefully the mental part will come easier for Stueber than for most.

Seems like a great fit. 

*I realize that in the above post, Brian was really just talking about the kid's size, not overall readiness to jump in and play.


June 26th, 2016 at 5:13 AM ^

Admit it people, it's difficult to get that image out of your minds of him coming down the line, thighs as big as the trunks of the rather large Maples randomly placed within the boundaries of my backyard. Add to that the uniform he was wearing that took us back to the Pack in Super Bowl I and "College Ready" seemed to not be out of place, especially considering his school and the coaching staff there. It was - and in hindsight, now so damn clear - that he took a step back in coaching when he arrived in AA. And last season when he was treated to his first dose of good coaching, he was honored with  recognition as 3rd team All Big.

It's my guess that if Tress hadn't pushed that envelope so close to the edge of the table it had no choice but to fall off, Kyle may have very well met with the success envisioned for him coming out of St. Ed's. After the R.S. freshman year in which he would have received outstanding coaching, he would have merely stepped in, surrounded by a group of fellow h.s. AAs and within two years been recognized among the conference's best. Would not surprise me a bit if the evolution continues and he keeps getting better now that he has some idea of what he is supposed to be doing on every down. 


June 26th, 2016 at 10:27 AM ^

or any of the highly-rated guys that played under the last regime and didn't live up to their recruiting hype (yet). It only makes me sincerely wish for their sakes that they could have had the current coaching from day one. Gardner, especially. I'll go to my grave believing that kid was destined to be an All-American QB and a high NFL pick.


June 26th, 2016 at 1:10 PM ^

Him not being 7'36" inches tall with an 80 foot wingspan doesn't automatically exclude him from the LT discussion. A great proportion of NFL LTs are 6'5"-6'6". Foot speed and agility matter much more for the position than height. He seems to have plenty of both.

turd ferguson

June 26th, 2016 at 2:50 PM ^

This kid checks a ton of the sleeper boxes:

  • From a lightly recruited state
  • Scouted in person by the coaches multiple times, including beating out other top targets for MVP at a Michigan camp
  • Excellent measureables (especially SPARQ rating)
  • Plays position Drevno/Harbaugh have a brilliant record with
  • Plays position tough for recruiting services to project
  • Commitment accepted despite excellent alternatives
  • Changed his body in positive ways
  • Recruitment on upward trajectory

I won't pretend to know how to watch OL highlights, but I'm very happy to have him in the class.


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June 27th, 2016 at 12:22 AM ^

Out of curiosity I checked the roster of a particular NFL team. Of course there were guys on the roster from OSU, Florida, Georgia, and TA&M, but there were also players from these programs:

Duke (3)
Colorado State
Sacramento State (2)
La Tech
Iowa (4)
Memphis (1)
GA Southern
Kansas (2)
San Diego St
Utah St
Tennessee St
Eastern Washington
Oregon St
Holy Cross
Youngstown St
Portland St
Sioux Falls
South Florida


I'd be willing to bet that the number of 4-star or better guys on the above list is pretty small, yet somehow they're good enough to play for the current Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos.



June 28th, 2016 at 1:05 AM ^

I admit I had a bit of  a problem reading the assessment, especially the "I'm not so tweaked as I would be a camp offer," when we had four stars on the hook if we'd just show a little patience. My question would be how in the hell do you know if any of the four stars on the hook have the ceiling this kid has? Answer is you don't and I'd look at it like, "Yeah, every staff missess here and there but this one has been pretty damn good, without introducing any of the toys they have brought to the party and purely playing on those presented them, were able to get a frew four stars to AA level - usually indicative of a high 4 or a 5*. I'd say, "Well obviously the staff thinks, by this time, 730 days from now, we're going to have a big, very strong young man we've worked with for two years now and with his intelligence, chances are he'll produce like a 4* then and if not he'll just keep getting better and should give us two solid years. Almost all do.  Some never do- and they range from 3 to 5 star- play at the level we anticipated, but we are very satisfied with the system we use for evaluation, tending to give a little more leeway to those much brighter than the average young man because they pick up things so much faster, thereby minimizing the time we have to spend with them to teach the same thing to a higher rated but much slower learner. By time all is said and done, the Ivy League ready for admissions player is going to reach point F on a 26 point scale three letters faster than the 4* behemoth whose having a hell of a time maintaining proper pad level. 

And for you doubters - I know there can't be many if you just revisit my first full class as Stanford - 2008 - and you'll see we, Drev and I, have a pretty good handle on this thing. And the great thing is you miss on a highly rated 4, you usually miss. You miss on a 3* and chances are you still get a contributor, and with this young man's body, that contribution might come at any of 5 spots. These types build depth. 

Welcome Big Guy. Go Blue!!!!!