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Brian April 29th, 2015 at 11:26 AM


an alternate cover was considered and regretfully rejected [update: now visible!]

I could make this post 1200


pairs, but I figure people who want to see something like that already do. For those who like slightly more variety in their HARBAUGH? HARBAUGH! life, what follows is not quite that.

Hail To The Victors is back, y'all, and we've got a very interesting cover gent. But first:



We're partnering with Vincent Smith's #Eating Project this year. A dollar from every order goes to that effort to start community gardens in needy communities, and ordering this year's shirt…


…bumps that to five for obvious reasons. These reasons.


(As always, you can get the photobomb shirt or a selection of our most popular mgoshirts if you'd prefer.)

You can also donate directly to them on their website.


As per usual, 128 pages jam packed with Michigan content. This year:


FULL TEAM PREVIEW. I preview Michigan's prospects over thirty or so of those pages. They are not all HARBAUGH? HARBAUGH! Some of them also exclaim PEPPERS.


FULL SCHEDULE PREVIEW. Ace and the occasional helper preview the opponent. If this year's Ace is as salty as last year's, we recommend that you do not read the magazine around elk.


DEVIN GARDNER IN REPOSE. 4000 words on the life and times of Michigan's most star-crossed quarterback from me.

THE NEW STAFF. Adam Schnepp on Harbaugh's collection of coaches: NFL guys, coordinators as position coaches, old hands and new. Each guy profiled as football dudes.


THE HYBRID SPACE PLAYER. Seth on Jabrill Peppers, his role, and how it can make Michigan's defense elite against all comers.

MANBALL. What we can expect from the Harbaughffense, by yours truly.

SPREAD PUNTING! The Mathlete on what kind of impact it has had on college football and what Michigan can expect now that John Baxter is in town. I may or may not have thrown a fit until this article was approved by Seth.


YOST VERSUS STAGG. John Kryk on one of the titanic battles of early college football. An excerpt from his terrific book.

1925: THE YEAR OF MUD. Remember the goofy bit from that year's Northwestern game I posted yesterday?

There's way more where that came from.


Craig Ross is on it.

1985seasonJERRY HANLON ON HARBAUGH. Michigan's legendary offensive line coach on dealing with Harbaugh back in the day, from The Guarantee on down.

1985: HARBAUGH? HARBAUGH. The 10-1-1 1985 squad featuring Harbaugh 30 years on. Michigan whooped just about everyone they played, beat Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl, and finished #2 in the country.

ROUNDTABLE. Breakout players, Harbaugh exclamation, quarterback predictions, more Harbaugh exclamations.

Every copy of the magazine comes with a DRM-free electronic copy as well.


Magazines shipped unacceptably late last year. This was because of a bad decision on our part to change a system we had just gotten working correctly in an effort to get distribution. The publisher we signed with was vastly incompetent. They let the finished magazine sit in a secretary's inbox for a month before printing it.

We will not be using them, or anyone. We'll instead be using the printer we had settled on previously. They've done a great job for us and helped us a great deal in the chaos last year.

(Note that signed copies do come later, as we can't ship those direct from the printer.)


The Kickstarter page has been linked about a million times already in this post but it is also here and here and here. Also this.



April 29th, 2015 at 11:34 AM ^

but i have high hopes that this year marks the beginning of a historic era for michigan football, and i think this magazine will really have some historical value for michigan fans in terms of ushering in the harbaugh era.

Ron Utah

April 29th, 2015 at 3:55 PM ^

Not only is this the begininng of something special, it's an opportunity to support this awesome site that provides the best Michigan content on the web FOR FREE.

Paying even just $15 gets you amazing content at a fair price and supports MGoBlog.  This is a win-win.

Seriously people, buy the magazine.  Love the magazine.  Feel good about helping the people who help you get your Michigan addiction every day (or several times a day).



April 29th, 2015 at 12:14 PM ^

We're checking it out; 90% sure they're Gildan Heavy Cotton shirts, unless Underground Printing (who supplies them) has changed up suppliers. My understanding is the American Apparel shirts cost us a LOT more, which would add up quickly when we're doing volume like this. They also don't last as long; part of having an annual shirt that's only for the kickstarter people is that it's supposed to last--you can never re-buy it, and it'll become a vintage shirt by being worn until it's vintage. My Woodson shadow shirt is finally entering this phase of its life cycle.

The American Apparel shirts are the shirts UGP prints the defunct sports team etc. shirts on--I designed the Bandwagon '89 shirt specifically for the American Apparels, but every other shirt we've done has been the Gildan heavy. We've always done the Gildan heavy for HTTV.


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Guys, y’ know…that…that…post doesn't work for me. I gotta have more HARBAUGH!!

Guess what? I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more HARBAUGH!!

h/t Bruce Dickinson


April 29th, 2015 at 12:03 PM ^

Well this will be an interesting bellwether of the fab bases enthusiasm. If I recall correctly the first year (2012 after Hoke's first year), it raises over $50,000. The following year, raised almost $70,000. As for last years's, well, it raises 37,000. I think that had to do with the general malaise surrounding the program. Will be interesting to see what happens this year.

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April 29th, 2015 at 1:07 PM ^

 I have no issue with the shirt  and think it's awesome, but I am surprised to not see any blowback at all on the shirt with the gun and shooting imagery.  Has there been any?   The internet can get offended about anything, I thought for sure this would get something but it appears to have gone thru clean.


April 29th, 2015 at 1:11 PM ^

Or does it look like on the cover photo Harbaugh has maized his teeth a bi?.  Not sure if someone was photoshopping or the photgrapher was tinkering with white balance to make something  else look better, but the teeth look kind of yellow to me.  Or maybe it was just something that day.  I saw one other pciture of him online in the same suit and tie and that looked the same.  Which may be more of a camera issue than something done afterwards.