Hail to the Victors 2013: The Story

Submitted by Seth on July 19th, 2013 at 7:33 AM

Attention MGoShoppers: If you have been storing a donkey and/or an over-hyped defensive end in your mailbox, I suggest you move it now:


Available from our store for $20 (after shipping) or free with $15 toward a new DraftStreet account (details below).

This is the official MGoBlog annual season preview and feature book, totally indie for the totally second time. Like other 2013 preview publications, the book with the donkey-hating cover has 128 pages of features and 2013 team preview content in it. It also has a mustache, a middle finger, and we drew all over Urban Meyer's face. This is all before we get to Page 6.

Again, we funded it through Kickstarter, and again you people jumped to support it and our stretch goal of a basketball hockey book as if it could bring Taylor Lewan and Mitch McGary back. I'm not saying they returned for a chance to be the cover athletes of HTTV and HTTV Hoopsahockey; that is just a coincidence.


Get in your time machine and get in on the kickstarter or preorder it. We sent the rush orders yesterday and two pallets of books are as we speak on their way to Ann Arbor. Those who helped us Kickstart it will get it first, followed by the preorders. Plan is to try to get through the high-donor folk first but we've streamlined the process so well this year we're not anticipating the huge long wait again. I have been told this is the wrong way to manage expectations. So expect your stuff to arrive July 31, then be pleasantly surprised or whatever.


It is possible using various methods to exchange currency for it.

Method 1 takes the least amount of currency, especially if you possess great and powerful Sports Knowledge since you can use that to win back what you paid:


Our online fantasy sports partners at DraftStreet bought up a bunch of these and are giving them away if you deposit at least $15 to play their fantasy sports games. Once you deposit you'll get a code to input into our store. Method 1 also has the benefit of being the most beneficial to us since we get paid double per book. You'll also be able to use our code (77HATESDONKEYS) on Draft Street for 30% on top of whatever you put down (so if for $15 you get $19.50 in your Draft Street account and a copy of HTTV sent to you). So to review:

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We're checking the list against DraftStreet's before they go out so make sure the addresses match.

Awesome, right? There are caveats. 1) Limit's one per customer. 2) They're looking for new members so if you've already got an account there (even a free one) you'll be locked out, at least on that email address. Also locked out: Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Vermont, and Montana. Yes we have readers in Montana. More than in Vermont, actually. Hi people from Montana (or guy with 217 computers)! Also: sorry people in Montana, try Method 2.

Method 2 is to order it from the MGoStore. It is $15.00. Shipping will make it about $20 depending on where you live and taxes, for example it's $20.59 to first-class it if you live in Michigan, $20.77 to send it to Wrigley Field, and $19.42 to a guitar store on Bleeker Street in New York, a frozen banana stand in Santa Monica, Calif., the Office of Discreet Extra Benefits in Columbus, Ohio, or the MGoBlog computer bank in Malta, Montana.

Method 3 is to walk into any Underground Printing outlet—including Moe's—in Ann Arbor and purchase it. Working on getting it on other racks. If you'll be around Ann Arbor on August 24, pin that afternoon for the tentative release party at UGP's shop on South U and drinks afterwards at Good Time Charley's.


Like the roster? Yes it has a roster, and it is kind of useful because the positions aren't just groups: Jake Ryan is a SAM, safeties are broken up into SS and FS, though we didn't get into who's a right or left tackle, or a U-back or a boundary versus field corner. The last changes I could make were to get the RBs # changes; most of the freshmen #s weren't in yet. There's a Letter from the Editors by Brian and me where we just kind of call each other and ourselves awesome for various things. Monumental—he of the awesome wallpapers—did the covers and the section breaks again. Wait'll you see what he's working on next.


iowapagePgs. 8-37: Position-by-position rundown of the entire team by Brian. Two extra pages were dedicated to the offensive line this year since that's a big question mark and there weren't enough quarterbacks to fill four pages. We stop for summaries at the end of each unit (offense/defense) and finish with a thing on the incoming recruits. We couldn't resist adding Peppers. Why it's different than other preview magazines: we admit it's 50/50 that Glasgow pushing two expected starters is foreboding.

Pgs. 38-61: Every opponent next year by Ace (most of them), Heiko & me (Notre Dame and MSU), and a guest appearance by Mike Pettigano, the Brian Cook of the PSU blogosphere. Why it's different than other preview magazines: greater appreciation for Shane and LeeAnn Bullough, and we know there's nothing more important to Iowa than a punter named Kornbrath.


Pgs. 64-79: Twisted Blue Steel by Craig Ross and Brian Cook. Brian's two articles are his parting songs to Denard and Kovacs. Ross, because he is Craig Ross, went up to Al Borges and asked him to explain what the hell he was thinking against Ohio State last year. And Al Borges, because he is Al Borges, gave him an answer which, if not precisely a good one, at least kind of explains what happened there (besides the communists infiltrating our fluids of course).


Pgs. 80-99: Technical Dossier by Mathlete (who goes by a human name in the book), Michael Elkon of Braves & Birds, and me again. Coulda just called this the "Trajectory" section this year. Mathlete's is an update on his annual metrics and how good the numbers say Michigan ought to be this season. Elkon looks at the possibility of renewing our subscription to the 10-Year War, why it could happen and why it might not. Mine tries to evaluate what kind of program Michigan will have when all of these recruits have grown up, comparing the Hoke method to how Nick Saban built Michigan State, LSU, and Alabama. Okay fine, it's really just lots of charts and Hoke pointing at things.


Pgs. 100-118: Tales of Old Blue, better known as the annual John Kryk and Greg Dooley (aka MVictors) section. Ironically the old fogies part of the book is the section with two consecutive articles where someone gives the finger. See if you can guess where they might be among:

  • The 40-year anniversary of when Michigan and Denny Franklin got hosed, wherein Kryk goes back to talk to Denny and those still living among the ADs involved in the vote to pick apart what really happened to send OSU to the Rose Bowl.
  • The Ron Kramer Story, minus the parts they were allowed to print in the football programs the day his number was Legendsed.
  • An interview with Bob Bergeron, Michigan's most automatic kicker and subject of that one Sports Illustrated photo with a pizza in the hot tub.
  • Five Myths of the Little Brown Jug. Since I read this I've passed the forkish intersection of Stadium/Packard probably 20 times and still can't look at it the same.


Pgs. 122-127: The Roundtable. Talking points are the X factors, breakout players, confidence quotient, and the new-look Big Ten, with Brian, me, Ace, and Craig Ross.

Pg. 128: Hail to the Hail to the Victors Backers.

We couldn't have had one without the other. The big backers get a page in the book. Because I still don't think that quite covers how thankful we are to our kickstarter supporters, I'm gonna just go ahead and Hail! them some more on the front page. No you don't get a jump; this is the people most responsible for HTTV 2013 existing on a physical plane. May their names be sung to your children's children's children by Muppets:

Jose Alvarez The Houtman Family
Mark Bisard Thanks Krug!
Brooks Brad Jodoin
Christie Brown and Ben Davis Cory & Garrett Kastl
David Callahan Richard Kim
Brian Callahan Andrew Kim
Milton Feldberg The Linn Family
Timothy P Finch Evan Makela
Will Fluharty Edward Mitchell
Bryan Fuller Chad Osburn
Darren Gilbert Malcolm T. Simpson
Dave Glasser Bo Snyder
Zachary Hirsch Dan Valerius
Myron Hnatczuk Bill and Rob Weiner
Pete, Lauren, Ben, and Carly Center Ice
Tom Hoover Takao Yamada

And those who gave uber piles and thus get sentences:


Aaron Bozicevich National Championship Game 2014 - Schnoor gets "INDICUD" tattoo'd on his back in Pasadena, CA. It was the Sugar Bowl, and he said 'drop your panties or get the fuck out'.
Scott Childers Thank you Denard. Go Blue!
Samir Dahman Dahman Law, unabashedly supporting the legal and blogging interests of Wolverines all across enemy territory, and now in Michigan. Check us out at dahmanlaw.com and Go Blue!
Michael Hacker Hacker Bros. BBQ: Live from AAGO since 1998. You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.
Bryan Hunkele From Bryan, Christina, Harper, David, Justin, Kobi, Harjote, Atishay and all Wolverines everywhere: thank you, Denard Robinson.
William Johnson Thank you to my Dad, William W. and my late Mom, Marian for helping me to fulfill a dream to graduate from Michigan. I am also proud of my son and fellow Wolverine, Rob.
Adam Lanseur Thanks to Brian and all of the contributors and users that make MGoBlog a great community. Go Blue!
Justin Mark Jaques, this season is going to be legen .... wait for it.... dary! Happy Birthday my friend
Rahul Yaratha Shout out to my 5th Williams-Michigan brothers and sisters - Go Blue


The title page dedicates the book to the "Dr. Huang and the rest of the Dad-saving doctors and medical staff of the University of Michigan Hospitals. The leaders and the best indeed."

This is because they saved my dad, and not just in the way hospitals usually go about this dad-saving business. Because they diagnose as a team instead of as specialists, rather than giving up on vital organs they managed to figure out some things were only turning off because they were waiting for other parts. Heavenly Bo is getting misty-eyed.




Courtney Fathers of Corkboards, who took the job on the side of both a real job and a side job working for the Red Wings and Griffins while in the midst of their respective playoff runs. If you compare this book and the last one to any that came before it you can begin to appreciate her talent. When you consider she gave up on sleep for a month for us…

Eric Upchurch and Bryan Fuller, who took a bazillion photos and helped me pick out what we needed. You are already familiar with their skills at capturing the moments that are burned into our memories, but we saved some of the really nice ones for the book.

Tres Crow and Becky Long, our volunteer copyeditors.lGB6z2f

Underground Printing and Rishi Narayan for their friendship and partnership and distributorship.

Bob Bergeron, Al Borges, Peg Canham-Keeley, Wayne Duke, Bump Elliott, Dennis Franklin, and Ramzi Nasrallah of Eleven Warriors for agreeing to be interviewed by our authors.

To the University of Michigan Bentley Historical Library for lending us their photos. Also the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library, Ann Arbor Sports Memorabilia, the [Univ. of Alabama student paper] Crimson White, The Akron Buchtelite, James Brosher of the Indiana Daily Student News, UtheBuckeyblog.com (who calls us UMGoBlog.com), Mike Pettigano, Chuck Miller of Central Michigan [University] Life, Darren Cooper of NorthJersey.com, Ace, Heiko, and U.S. Army specialist Tim Hipps, IMCOM Public Affairs.

Bentley (if you're here you've almost certainly bookmarked that already), Cfbstats.com, collegefootballdata.org, NCAA.org, Footballoutsiders.com, sports-reference.com, and MGoBlue.com for sharing data.

And finally, the administrators, staff, coaches, and players of the Michigan Football team, for giving us something worth obsessing over.



July 12th, 2013 at 2:56 PM ^

This may be my history dorkiness, but I really love the "Old Blue" section.  Of course, I will start loathing it the minute it starts covering the AC & Harbaugh years (when I remember going to my first Michigan games).


July 12th, 2013 at 3:02 PM ^

Hasn't the poor donkey been abused enough? Not for just 4 years, mind you, but 5!

I don't care, I am not retiring him until Lewan leaves, at which point I shall become the advocate for replacing that silly number one thing with Number 77.

Oh, and congratulations!

Edit: we probably don't celebrate Bentley enough, nice to see them get a shout-out!


July 12th, 2013 at 3:18 PM ^

Question, will you have copies at stores either this weekend (Art Fair) or at the AAUM event in Chicago? I kickstarted but wouldn't mind grabbing an extra copy or two.

Let the mailbox watch begin

Adam Schnepp

July 12th, 2013 at 4:22 PM ^

Oh good, looks like it's that time of year again where I figure out what time our mail is delivered so I can start reading the minute HTTV gets here. Can. Not. Wait.


July 13th, 2013 at 2:06 AM ^

Has anyone had this sent to APO address before?  I know the wolverine magazine can not be sent overseas.  Now I constantly receive emails in regards to subscribing.  eff off wolverine magazine...mgoblog is better