Hail To The Victors 2009 Comment Count

Brian July 6th, 2009 at 12:27 PM

It is out:

httv 2009

A dossier of what's inside:

The usual team preview by yours truly, except swankier with more stats and highlights and pictures of Jamar Adams because the safety situation is so scary that no one actually scheduled to play the position has available photos. Also: special teams!

Opponent previews by a cast of characters. As per usual, we break out the Notre Dame and Ohio State previews and offer them to partisans of those schools. This year it's Vico from Our Honor Defend taking up the Ohio State banner; Brian Stouffer of The House Rock Built returns to preview ND. The rest of the schedule is tackled by Jerry Hinnen from the Joe Cribbs Car Wash, continuing HTTV's burgeoning tradition of forcing some guy from the South to learn all about the Big Ten.

Research and and analysis in spades. The research and wonkery section of this year's book includes:

  • Yours truly on hybrids and spinners and quicks and deathbackers and what it all means. What, exactly, Michigan's defense will be this fall has been a hot topic of conversation. I figured it out, probably. Complete with picture of Greg Robinson and Pete Carroll as chums. Also: diagrams.
  • Chris Brown of Smart Football on what went wrong last year, other than everything. The smartest college football blog in the universe—it's in the title—has been flagged down to explain just what the hell happened last year, other than all those obvious things. More diagrams herein. My favorite: 


  • Matt Hinton on how freshman quarterbacks generally do. In sum: "not well, but significantly better on average that what Michigan threw out there last year." Hinton, of course, runs Dr. Saturday and is awesome.
  • Michael Elkon on demographic shifts, recruiting styles, talent, and Michigan. Elkon's contributed to HTTV every year it's existed; this year's bit is a piece on how Michigan finds itself  behind a talent eight-ball relative to national powers fortunate enough to be situated amongst oodles of talent, and why a coach like Rodriguez is the right fit for a team like Michigan that figures to face those national powers on a regular basis.

Talking with and observing this year's team in detail.

  • Tim Sullivan of Varsity Blue and Tom Van Haaren talk to Tate Forcier, who you may have heard of.
  • Johnny of RBUAS is unearthed and directed to expound on Brandon Graham as star player. I am possibly the one internet-aware Michigan fan for whom Johnny's decreased output over the past year has a silver lining: now folks will have a powerful motivation to buy this book.
  • S. Mastin Jones of Maize 'n' Brew revisits the Barwis meme in year two. There are quotes about vomiting. Of course there are.

Going back in the day. Michigan history features heavily:

  • Greg Dooley of MVictors reminds us all of what a batty year 1909 was. Stuff went down. Let me tell you.
  • Jamie MacMillian revisits Bo's last team, 20 years on. Remember when we had awesome safeties? I don't, I was ten. Jamie does, and catches up with Vada Murray in the course of his remembrance. (MGoReaders will know Jamie as frequent diarist Jamiemac, BTW.)
  • Dan Feldman, formerly of the Daily and now behind Piston Powered, talks to members of the 1984 team about their bounce-back season. We can rebuild it. We have the technology.
  • John U Bacon, who does everything, compares Rodriguez's start to those of Michigan legends past. It's not precisely as good as a few others. (Some of the everything Bacon does includes write Bo's Lasting Lessons, host on WTKA, and produce an epic quantity of articles for publications diverse and sundry.)
  • And I swear I'm not making this up but Craig Ross details how he somehow found himself deputized to take Bo's last or second-to-last autograph to Warren Buffett, of all people. Craig isn't making this up, either: there are pictures. It's an incredible, preposterous story.

It's twelve pages longer than last year's book and zero dollars more expensive. If you do not buy it, you are probably brain damaged. So avoid brain damage: buy the book. If you do not buy the book, people will question the functioning of your mind. Do it for the economy.




July 6th, 2009 at 12:48 PM ^

last year i bought it when you came to NYC and presented at Metro53. will you be doing that again this year? count this as a strong vote for please.


July 6th, 2009 at 12:57 PM ^

Brian -

I would love to buy the book. But I get very edgy about the whole "shipping and handling" scam thing. Ever since They (that They) stopped forcing companies to print their "S&H" costs up front, I feel this has basically become a subversion of capitalist integrity.

It's not the money itself that I mind paying, but I try at all costs to avoid ever buying from someone who does not post their "S&H" costs as part of the initial price shown to the buyer.

Will the book be available from another outlet other than purchasing from Maple Street Press's website?


July 6th, 2009 at 1:02 PM ^

Everyone has their cause. Some people like to keep dolphins out of their tuna. Some people want to protect the flag from desecration. Other folks get picky about the proper use of "its" and "it's." This is my thing.*

*my other thing is cable tv a la carte.