Guess the Score, Win Stuff: Illinois

Submitted by Seth on October 10th, 2012 at 9:49 AM


Welcome bloggers to the newest regular MGoFeature, and the only one that gives you free stuff. Usually it'll be something from the MGoStore; occasionally someone will donate or sponsor a different item. It works like thusly:

  1. Wednesday mornings I put up a winnable prize that consists of a desirable good.
  2. You guess the final scores of this weekend's designated game (football or hoops, depending on the season), and put it in the comments. First person to post a particular score has it.
  3. If you got it right, we contact you. If not, go to (5)
  4. The desirable good arrives at the address you give us.
  5. Non-winners can acquire the same desirable good by trading currency for it.

This Week's Game:

Illinois Fighting Illini of Illinois (We're from Illinois!) vs. the Michigan Wolverines, in a contest of footballs.

This Week's Prize:



The latest in wearable technology from MGoBlog, this shirt may cause a sudden Aneurysm of Leadership. Your friends will remark upon your incredible grit, and late-game three point shooting ability. Options are Six Threes at Breslin Maize, or Big Ten Title Blue.

Notes: If you win and prefer another shirt, that's cool; pick an MGoShirt.


Yes I feel a tiny bit bad about THE_KNOWLEDGE except 1.) I figure you like free stuff more than being a "top friend"; 2.) We've had this in the works for a very long time; and 3.) Being from the future he was well aware of this.

Rules: One entry per user. First user to choose a set of scores wins, determined by the timestamp of your entry (for my ease I prefer if you don't post it as a reply to another person's score--if you do it won't help or hurt you). If nobody gets the score, this week's prize carries over to the following week's. Deadline for entries is 24 hours before the start of the game (since I won't have time to pull them on gamedays). MGoEmployees and Moderators--anyone else with moderator priveleges--are exempt from winning (because you could change your timestamp). If you choose the score that Brian published in the official preview and it actually ends up the final score, well, that would be pretty amazing because Brian picks scores like 29-11 all the time.



October 10th, 2012 at 10:26 AM ^

You're gonna need some tiebreakers, Seth, so here goes:

Michigan turns the ball over 3 times on Illinois' side of the field, and Denard is the only UM player to rush for more than 100 yds.


October 10th, 2012 at 10:26 AM ^

37-13 Michigan. Yep, that is a safety. Not sure if it will be Jake or Desmond, but I would say Jake. I doubt Desmond would be on the field in that situation. Plus Jake has beautiful hair. I also do not think after going up 21-3 at the half Michigan is going to go balls out on offense since they don't want Sparty to see any of the tricks they have planned.


October 10th, 2012 at 10:30 AM ^

Wow.  I don't look on here for 30 minutes and this gets posted with over 150 replies..

Not sure if this score is taken yet..

Michigan 38, Illinois 24




October 10th, 2012 at 10:42 AM ^

"Four score and 7.." Which of course equals 35. I know, "Why not just 5 score?" you ask. Lincoln liked to mix things up as evidenced by his cabinet appointments, the Civil War, demanding to be all-time shuffler during Thursday "euchre" nights, etc.

So, 35 + Abe's hat size (7 5/8") + the number of 4-year terms he completed (1 1/16) = 43.6875, rounded to the nearest whole number = 44 

Michigan 44

The number of times Abe anticipated standing on the moon - 0

Illinois 0

Yep, he bet against his home team. Coincidentally, he also bet against the Union. He took the South and the points and ended up winning anyway.

Crafty that splitter of rails.