Guess The Score, Win Stuff: Illinois Comment Count

Seth October 21st, 2016 at 12:45 PM

Doing it a bit differently, thanks to reader Boliver46, who started this thread on the board. Winner gets donations to their favorite charity. LIST YOUR SCORE AND YOUR CHARITY. From Boliver46:

I did this last year vs. Utaugh, so thought I'd bring it back out since I won a shirt for a PERFECT 45-28 Colorado guess this year.


Again, I thought it'd be fun to make predictions regarding tomorrow's final score - and to benefit a good cause along the way!

Closest Guess to the Final Score Tomorrow vs. Illinois, and I will make a $20 Donation to your favorite charity! (No Human Funds, please).

I will use the first rule from the MGoBlog guess the score rules:

1. Readers predict the final score of a designated game by placing a guess in the comments, preferably in the format of [M score][hyphen][Opp score], for example "41-30" or "35-31 Michigan", or "28-24 Go Blue", or "38-0 Harbaugh!" etc.

and add another of my own:

2. Place the name of the charity of your choice in the body