Young John Beilein

September 30th, 2013 at 2:04 PM ^

I agree with your feelings.  We have plenty of places where we can appropriately complain about the performance of the offensive line.  UFR's,FFFF, and dedicated OL threads that pop up multiple times per week are all appropriate forums for this.  This post is about a kid goofing around, posting a humorous picture in the middle of the bye period.  And if Brian's evaluation is to be believed, Glasgow is one of the last guys to blame for the ineffectiveness of the OL.  This is my rant.  Commence tangents on talking crap about recruits, inappropriate journalism, Breaking Bad spoilers, and such.

Edit:  This is more of a response to some of the comments below which I thought had a meaner tone.  I realize the first comment is a joke.