The Germinator

Submitted by Brian on December 31st, 2005 at 7:35 PM

We take a break from your regularly scheduled recriminations and bitching...

Um, okay. So I'm watching the Liberty Bowl. Tulsa has a guy named "Germany." He comes on a blitz and hits Pinegar as he throws. This prompts the announcers to say...

They call him "The Germinator."

Obviously I have far too much knowledge about botany, because this causes great galloping guffaws. This is why:

ger·mi·nate (jûr'mə-nāt') pronunciation

v., -nat·ed, -nat·ing, -nates.

To cause to sprout or grow.


  1. To begin to sprout or grow.
  2. To come into existence: An idea germinated in his mind.

Say it with me: "I do not think that word means what you think it means." I suppose it is possible that Germany is a plant biology major and spends his time before the snap screaming "I gonna sprout all up in your ass, mothafucka*" at the quarterback, but it seems unlikely.

However, the real tragedy here is one of omission, not commission. The dude's last name is Germany. Is there a richer field to mine for potentially inappropriate nicknames? They could call him Panzer or Luftwaffe or, I dunno, anything that doesn't reference the Holocaust. He could scream stuff about the offensive backfield being lebensraum he's about to annex for the motherland (muthafucka, natch). Whenever something bad happens that gets him fired up he could scream "this is Versailles, muthafucka!" Instead he's stuck sprouting all up in someone's ass. Alas.

(For those of you who have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, rest assured that the previous paragraph is hilarious.)

Of course, this brings up an interesting point for Michigan fans: if freshman DE Eugene Germany manages to find his way on the field after that stupid cell phone incident, it's our responsibility as fans to come up with something appropriate and History Channel-themed.

*(attempted football player vernacular not racist. I heard Garrett Rivas say this exact same thing before missing a 27 yard field goal.)

Also, a programming note: A multipart season post-mortem--emphasis on the mortem--is on the way starting Monday. Also, if I can stand up without the room going all "Dancing With The Stars" on me, I may liveblog some NYD+1 bowl action.