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Adam Schnepp September 7th, 2018 at 12:25 PM

I’m sure Charbonnet added weight via lifting or whatever, but I personally guarantee what’s on the bandana works, too

Earlier this summer, Brian penned a recruiting roundup in which he noted 247 had CA RB commit Zach Charbonnet ranked in their top 50, and Michigan RB commits who end up with a fifth star usually go the way of the very real dog that, should 247 not knock Charbonnet’s ranking down, was definitely gonna get it. The outlook for this very real dog continues to get worse, as 247’s Greg Biggins took in Charbonnet’s Honor Bowl performance last weekend and came away feeling that he was “easily” the best player of the 20 or so high-level prospects on the field.

Charbonnet told Biggins that he worked on getting bigger, stronger, and faster in the offseason, and Biggins reports that it shows; Charbonnet found a way to add 15 pounds and some subsequent power without slowing down:

The 15 pounds is noticeable on Charbonnet as he definitely looks bigger throughout his body. He’s running with better pad level, finishing his runs and running right through defenders… He has a better burst and more short area quickness as well. He has always had good top end speed but there were times when it took him longer to get to it.

Rivals’ Adam Gorney viewed the same game and came away with nearly the same impression: fast, yes, but most impressive is his power and ability to run through contact. In his words, “when he’s on the field he’s there to hit people and hit them hard.” Seems like a good fit for the offense and a nice complement to the style of fellow 2019 RB Eric Gray.

Though there will always be some trepidation over the solidity of a commitment from a California kid who seems to be blowing up, Charbonnet says that UCLA and USC expressed interest in the past but his parents advised him that they felt moving away from home was good for one’s personal growth. With at least Karan Higdon vacating a seat in the running backs’ meeting room, there’s a fair chance Charbonnet could see playing time next season, a chance buoyed by his plan to graduate early and enroll in time for spring practices.

Mazi Smith, Under Armour All-American and Scion of Fred Jackson

Dream Big. Work Hard.@UMichFootball commit Mazi Smith is officially an Under Armour All-American. #UAALLAMERICA

— All-America Game (@AllAmericaGame) September 4, 2018

TMI’s Josh Newkirk caught up with 2019 DT Mazi Smith the day after his selection to the UA All-American game was revealed to talk about what led him to commit to Michigan earlier this summer. Smith, apparently a graduate of the Fred Jackson Academy of Media Relations, didn’t shy away from singling out one person.

"Of course coach Mattison is the greatest coach ever," Smith told The Michigan Insider. "So If I'm just looking at that it's a no brainer.

… "It's ridiculous what he does," Smith said of Mattison. "I've heard so much about coach. They say whatever he gets his hands on turns to gold. But being able to get in there and see it and see him work and  see what he does is pretty special."

I may be new at this, but Smith’s commitment seems as solid as solid gets considering the kind of praise he heaped on a guy who will be his position coach also happened to be his lead recruiter. Smith has been as productive as you’d expect a UA All-American to be; per The Wolverine’s Brandon Brown, he has recorded 11 tackles, one sack, and a number of QB pressures in his first two games.

[After THE JUMP: flips, film, and a whole bunch of texts]

2019 Updates:

CA TE Isaiah Foskey, ranked sixth at his position in the 247 composite, tweeted his top five earlier this week, and you know Michigan made the cut or it would just be in the Etc. section at the bottom.

A Man’s Gift makes room for him and brings him before great men.
Proverbs 18:16

— Isaiah Fos🔑 (@IFoskey) September 5, 2018

Michigan has had Foskey as the top tight end on their board and would have room for him in the class and at the position even with the commitment of 2019 TE Erick All, a player whose athleticism, ball skills, and frame make his 247 composite ranking (no. 426) seem far too low. Foskey spoke with The Wolverine’s Brandon Brown and had some comforting words for those who are concerned about how far Foskey’s hometown is from Ann Arbor.

"First of all, distance for me doesn’t really affect me," he said. "It’s really about the school and how it feels. When I visited Michigan it felt really good up there. Then they told me that they’re one of the top public schools and that’s perfect for me. That’s right down my lane — being great at academics and at football. That’s the best of both worlds.

Foskey plans to take his remaining official visits and then spend some time on his decision, which he will make in time for old school signing day.

Brown also broke down some film from DL Tyrece Woods’ game against Livonia Churchill. Woods, one of the subjects of this week’s FBO, again showed run-game intelligence and strength on the interior. I still think his future is on the interior, but Brown noted that he has speed and athleticism and was able to chase down a few plays from the backside last week. Woods is expected to be on campus for this weekend’s game against Western.

The beauty of pre-Labor Day football is the staggering of gamedays. It allowed The Wolverine’s Brandon Brown to film more than just Woods, as he posted a breakdown of OH WR Quintel Kent’s game against Cass Tech. Kent’s speed is readily apparent, as is his ability to shake defenders with fakes. Pair that film with what 247’s Bill Greene recorded in week one and the skill that stands above Kent’s others, even his probably-not-fake 4.4 speed, is his ability to adjust to the ball. His ranking belies his skills, but probably not for long. Greene:

This is a very polished receiver and he is way better than last year, so his ranking will need to be adjusted upward.

In other 2019 news, Michigan made the top seven for five-star ATH (but probable LB) Quavaris Couch. That’s not a huge surprise; he has been to the BBQ at the Big House in years past. Michigan is also looking to add another top-150 player in GA CB Jalen Perry, a current Georgia commit. Perry told Wolverines Wire’s Evan Petzold that he’s looking to set a visit date soon.

Both of this weekend’s official visitors are currently committed elsewhere: TX WR Jaylen Ellis has been a Baylor pledge for over a year, while FL DE Michael Morris has been committed to FSU for over 2.5 years. Ellis picked up an offer from Michigan in May and has an interesting trifecta of forces pushing him M’s way: his mother (a lifelong Michigan fan), Jonas Mouton, and Ray Jackson. I don’t know, I know as much as you know.

Morris, however, is the more likely candidate to flip this weekend, per Rivals. He is no. 322 in the composite and the 22nd-ranked SDE, and the evidence all points toward flipping being a matter of when, not if: there are five crystal balls in for him, all are from the last couple months, and all are for Michigan.

2020 Updates:

September 1st was the first day that coaches could reach out directly to 2020 recruits, and Jim Harbaugh wasted no time. A number of prospects received texts just after midnight, and Wolverines Wire’s Evan Petzold wrote about as many as he could. Among the group: composite four-star NY ATH Tirek Murphy, three-star MI WR Ian Stewart, and unranked FL CB Jaheem Joseph.

Josh Newkirk talked to MI DE Bryce Mostella, who pulled a Mazi Smith and sang the praises of Greg Mattison. He also says the most important thing in his recruitment is academics, so Michigan seems to have a good shot with him between that and Smith.

Updates from the Distant Future, the Year 2021:

Clarkston is home to two of the top ten players in the nation in the 2021 class, two-way linemen Garrett Dellinger (no. 2) and Rocco Spindler (no. 10). If you’re looking for an extremely early, probably insignificant item of possible significance, there’s one for each prospect in a pair of articles from 247’s Brice Marich: Spindler’s father was coached by Jack Harbaugh, while Dellinger never had a favorite team growing up because his family moved often. Both players have already taken unofficials and plan to visit again this fall, with Spindler adding that he plans to visit for basketball games, too.

Michigan has been the presumed leader for MI RB Donovan Edwards since they offered him (before any other school) in April, and he now finds himself the no. 69 overall prospect in the the recently-released 247 ratings. All four CBs are Michigan; it probably doesn’t hurt that his head coach at West Bloomfield is former Michigan WR Ron Bellamy.


Brice Marich put together a highlight reel from 2020 MI DB Makari Paige’s game against Clarkston. Page, ranked 190 overall in the composite, he currently has a crystal ball 100% in favor of Michigan on four CBs. Andre Seldon, the 2020 corner who was the other focus of this week’s FBO, built on his excellent week one performance with three interceptions against Livonia Churchill.


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September 7th, 2018 at 3:38 PM ^

On the old site, I was able to upvote and downvote. On this new "improved" site, I am not able to do so for some reason. If this was the old site, I would upvote with relish jamesjosephharbaugh's following observation: "Until further notice, I officially don’t believe any hype about any player, and I refuse to read any more crootin updates that aren’t about offensive tackles."   Thank you jamesjosephharbaugh for that. LMAO!                                                                                   

"When a thing is funny, search it carefully for a hidden truth" - George Bernard Shaw

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September 7th, 2018 at 12:58 PM ^

How's our outlook on 'croots vs. positions of need?  Aren't we thin on interior linemen (both sides) and WR in a couple years?  I'm not asking for a detailed rundown; I'm just wondering if I should be feeling giddy or depressed.

This is MGoBlog so I'm contractually forbidden from having a nuanced opinion*.  Gotta be euphoria or a dark pit of despair.

*I'm sure it's in the ToS somewhere.  You just gotta look for it.


September 7th, 2018 at 1:29 PM ^

I like seeing Kent get some much needed credit.  He is way better than his ranking would lead you to believe, and I look forward to him continuing to impress this season.


September 7th, 2018 at 2:35 PM ^

It'll be that way if we keep up with Drevno-style home run swings.  Michigan will always have a recruiting advantage over less storied programs, and you can build a top 20 team with mostly 3-stars and a few playmakers.  Not championship caliber, but enough to stay on the media radar, 8-10 wins and a NYD bowl game.  Michigan has the resources and name recognition to turn a 10-win season into a pile of good recruits in ways an Indiana or such could never hope for.  Do that enough times and eventually you'll get the pieces for a CFP run.

And for the most part that's what Harbaugh's been doing.  We got the playmakers.  The problem is that the "all or nothing" gambles always seem to make us one GLARING problem short, which is invariably worse than Just-a-Guys across the board*.  Today it's OTs.  Last year it was QB.  Before that it was OG.  And on, and on -- this goes back beyond the Harbaugh years.  Not just "blue circles on the FFFF diagram" bad but "can't even consistently execute basic HS-level assignments" bad.  You can compensate for a guy being JAG with scheme (JAGs aren't necessarily liabilities) but you can't do that against any FBS coach worth his salt if you have to hide a player entirely.  There's a huge, huge difference in scheme flexibility between "OK this otherwise serviceable player can't do certain things" versus "we gave this guy one easy job and he couldn't even manage that".
To his credit Harbaugh has been doing his best to do just that, scheme around the holes in the roster, but the recruiting misses have really made his in-season job much tougher than it needed to be.

*And to be fair it's often not the player's fault, because the poor guy in there is literally filling a hole he don't fit.  Runyan is not a crappy tackle; he's a guard doing a tackle's job.  Hoke pretended his best WR was an in-line TE for years.  O'Korn is not a crappy QB; he's. . . OK he's a crappy QB but he tried.

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Thanks Bill Martin for thinking outside the box with the RR hire and causing Michigan football to fall into a pit of losing tradition! We need to start winning these big games or the big recruits will be fleeing!


September 8th, 2018 at 10:40 AM ^

RE: Foskey....OSU and ND are his leaders. I live out here and have a little inside scoop from his classmates. He wants to play D in college and OSU/ND are looking at him as a DE not a TE. He'll say all the right things as he's a good kid, but if we're just pushing TE on him we won't get him.