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Ace April 28th, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Commit Watch: Milton Close to a Decision

Four-star FL QB Joe Milton is ready to make his decision:

With recent visits to Florida, Georgia, and Michigan in the books, Milton is looking to possibly pull the trigger and commit to a school in order to focus on his spring campaign.

“I am thinking this week one day or like the start of next week,” Milton explained. “I am not trying to put a specific date on it but sometime soon. I just am looking for the right school that fits me.”

According to the four-star passer, his finalists are Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Tennessee. 

At this point, all signs point to Michigan, which has every pick on Milton's crystal ball made in the last month. Florida was the one-time favorite but Milton mentions in the article linked above that their contact with him "sometimes falls off." Georgia, the other school thought to be in seroius contention, just extended an offer to quarterback Tyler Shough, which Steve Lorenz says is indicative of where Milton's recruitment is going. Milton could drop any day now, though in a video interview with Scout's Jacquie Franciulli released today he mentioned he may think on it for a couple more weeks. 

Michigan is still pushing for Shough, as well, and he told Lorenz he's not worried about any potential competition in the class:

"The coaches have talked to me about possibly taking two guys," Shough told Wolverine247 on Wednesday. "I am more than willing to compete for a job anywhere no matter how many guys I am up against."

Sounds like a Harbaugh guy.

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Top Tens of Dubious Relevance

Michigan made the top ten for four-star OH ATH L'Christian Smith, though his recruitment looks like it's going to come down to Kentucky or, if they push for him, Ohio State. The Wolverines were also included in the top ten of four-star TX WR Arjei Henderson, who recently opened his recruitment back up after a brief commitment to Oklahoma. Again, it's unclear how much Michigan is really in the mix here; they've kept their WR board to a select group of targets after the bounty of the 2017 class.

Hoops: Ontario Recruit Has Stauskas Connection

UMHoops' Orion Sang caught up with Michigan's most recent 2018 offer, Ontario wing Ignas Brazdeikis, who turns out to be a close friend of one Nik Stauskas. You can guess Stauskas' reaction to his friend receiving a Michigan offer:

“It’s kinda cool being recruited by a school he went to already, and it seems like a great place for me,” Brazdeikis said. “(Stauskas) tells me it’s such a great place and he loved it. He’s trying to get me there. I told him about (the offer) and he was super pumped up for me, and he was telling me, ‘Oh, you have to go there,’ and all that.”

Brazdeikis also mentioned he really enjoyed his unofficial visit for last year's Mount St. Mary's game. Michigan should be a major player for him.

The Wolverine's Chris Balas talked to four-star OH wing Jerome Hunter, who's had an offer for about a year now and is in very consistent contact with Michigan:

"I talk to them basically every day. I’ve talked to them lot since I’ve been down here,” Hunter said. “They talk to me after games to tell me how I played, how they think I played. I talk to Coach [John] Beilein. He texts me almost every day, and I talk to Coach Washington almost every day.

“Coach Beilein is real cool, real chill … a good coach. I’ve been watching some of his games early in the year. He’s just a real cool dude.”

Hunter won't name any top schools, though when asked about it he mentioned that Purdue has been pushing hard for him lately.

Balas also chatted with four-star PA SG Robby Carmody, who also talked up Purdue, as well as Northwestern, before saying Michigan is among his top schools:

“[Michigan] is one of my favorite schools. I love Coach [John Beilein] and what the program is all about.”

Michigan, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Purdue, Butler, Pitt, Penn State and all slated to get visits, and he said Notre Dame, Michigan, Purdue, Syracuse and Butler were among those recruiting him hardest. Making a final decision will be tough, he added.

Carmody says life after basketball will play a big factor in his decision, so Michigan should hang it until the end.

Meanwhile, the future of Ohio State basketball is looking quite shaky at the moment. Four-star OH wing Darius Bazley decommitted from the Buckeyes this week after being pledged to them since last August, and he was very blunt when describing his reason for doing so to the Columbus Dispatch:

“Ohio State, they didn’t make the NCAA Tournament this year,” Bazley said. “They didn’t even make the NIT, which is unfortunate, but I looked into the recruits they have coming into next year, they didn’t look too good for the future. So I felt like when my class came in, yeah, we would’ve been OK, but good enough to make the tournament? I don’t know. I just felt as if I was to de-commit, actually take my time, figure everything out it would just be a lot better.”

Michigan, incidentally, is one of the school that's contacted Bazley since his decommitment.


Rivals has an article on recruiting dealbreakers—dishonesty, first and foremost—that features a quote from 2018 commit Myles Sims:

“This didn’t happen to me, but it happened to a lot of my friends," said Michigan commit Myles Sims. “Coaches have told them that they want to get a look at them at another position that they have never played. That’s a turn off. That’s kind of an insult. If that happened to me, I would eliminate the school.”

The more frequently cited issues were coaches lying about their recruiting board and their depth chart.

Four-star OH OLB Dallas Gant is set to announce on May 16th, and while Notre Dame made a push, it looks like Ohio State is going to take that recruitment.

Please do this.



April 28th, 2017 at 3:42 PM ^

I'm going to go with admirable -- he largely stuck the facts (OSU didn't even make the NIT, which isn't good at all) and is being honest, for which I gave major credit -- it's refreshing. But I don't think it's that cool to run down fellow recruits, even though he's essentially accurate (their current crop of 2 recruits are in the 125-150 range). He could have left that part out or been a little more general there

Gucci Mane

April 28th, 2017 at 3:34 PM ^

Anyone else find it odd that sims says coaches bringing up another position is a turn off ? It might make sense if you are trying to move a QB, but other than that I don't see how it's a big deal.

panthera leo fututio

April 28th, 2017 at 3:46 PM ^

Offense to defense switches, TE or DE to OT, RB to FB, etc. I could see being legitimately bummed out if you had a real attachment to your prior position, especially if you feel like you were mislead about the shot you were going to get at the position you love.

(This isn't to say that I don't think guys should play where they best utilize their talents & help the team, or that there aren't a bunch of guys who are more than willing to do just that. But I understand where Hicks is coming from.)


April 28th, 2017 at 4:15 PM ^

on playing the same position he plays in high school and probably all his life, I can understand why it's a turn off when a coach tells him we are wanting you to play a different position. Especially if he has never played it, because then the learning curve is even bigger and it means probably a longer time before he sees the field.


April 28th, 2017 at 4:16 PM ^

Well he did say "coaches wanting them to play another position that they have Never played before"   I can see how that might be a turn off or maybe intimidating to them.  But a lot of high school players play multiple positions so i doubt a RB that also plays Safety or LB would get upset if a team said they see them at LB instead of RB.  


April 28th, 2017 at 6:17 PM ^

Honest question, will we ever beat Ohio state in football regularly again? I don't mean ever, or once in awhile, I mean, will we see decades of 5-5, 6-4, or 7-3 again? Because even with Harbaugh, It seems like they out-recruit us at every position. Hell the Buckeyes hardly use the right end position, and they're gonna land the #1 TE in the country. Already have too 2 CB's on defense, #1QB, and I'm sure I'm missing 6 other five stars.

Fucking beat Ohio Jim!!!!! Our 2017 team is going to be super young, but real talented. Please beat them for once. Kids that are teenagers today have no clue that Michigan even beats Ohio state. That's sad lol.


April 29th, 2017 at 4:35 AM ^

How in the $%#€ is pointing out that we played winning football but lost for reasons outside our control "a loser mindset???" You may disagree or simply believe it is not polite to blame a loss on incompetent officiating but in no rational world is this a "loser mindset."

I would argue that thinking you're a loser even if you were the better team and the officiating was criminally incompetent is actually "a loser mindset."

Regardless, his opinion is valid and shouldn't be crapped on just because you disagree or don't like discussing the quality of officiating.


April 29th, 2017 at 3:02 PM ^

And maybe - just maybe we lost because YOU suck!

Listen Michigan "fans" - it's not only the very debatable spot. It's the 2 penalties for a total of 6 yards assessed against osu in an entire game that went OT.

It's the usage of refs previously BARRED from working osu games for obvious bias. "Professionals" so DUMB they actually post & "like" anti-Michigan posts on facebook.

To accept that as a defeat is the loser mentality to me, man! I will NEVER say we lost that game - and yes I will concede we really NEED some wins where we actually have more points at the end!


April 29th, 2017 at 10:12 PM ^

I said we were not defeated. I do not accept it as a defeat. At the end of the game, and now 5 months later, I felt cheated.
NOT defeated.
And as I also said, we REALLY NEED to start having more points than osu on the board at the end of the game, so we can drop this entire topic of if, when, will we ever...


April 30th, 2017 at 2:51 AM ^

get a couple first downs in the fourth quarter, maybe make one more stop, or get this, not allow Curtis Samuel to criss cross the field on 3rd and 16 to make it to that controversial 4th and 1. Here's the thing: There are so many fucking times the home team gets hit or miss calls. It happens. There's not a big conspiracy to fuck over Michigan, sometimes shit happens and you lose a football game. 


April 29th, 2017 at 1:15 AM ^

but just take a deep breath and think for a second. BTW, they do use the TE and use him well. But back to the fairway. Remember Urban has a 4 year head start on Jim and remember who he inherited. Not exactly a bad group to get the new regime started. Whereas he got Braxton, Hyde, Posey, etc., Jim had to go through the discard file to find his first qb and in his second year, with UM having the upper hand in seniority except for that all-important spot - do we win if he secures that snap?- we pretty much controlled the game but couldn't put it away. Giant strides in two years. There's little doubt in my mind we'll see decades where we play them at 5-5, 6-4 in our favor, etc. I want to ask you two questions and I want you to answer them honestly. 

Did you believe Stanford would defeat USC(USC was basically Alabama at the time)when they were about a 45 point underdog? Did you believe they would not only duplicate the feat, but actually put up over half a hundred on a Pete Carroll coached defense? Answer those two honestly and I think you should feel better. 

Even though I'm very bullish on Harbaugh, based on both his history and the talent he's bringing in, remember Urb is among the best there's ever been, but Pete was thought to be at that level during his time at USC. This will make it extremely interesting. There will be years where we'll have the upper hand at most positions, including qb and Lloyd Carr was able to beat Urb and his Heisman winner with similar, although much younger talent. Yes, I think Jim is a muich better coach than Lloyd and although I think Lloyd pulling the surprise offensive plan had a lot to do with our victory, I think MI was just a better team than FL that year and Urb recruited at Florida like he's doing at OSU. In six years, he had two no. 1 ranked classes but it was a no. 2 ranked class, 2006, that is thought to be the best FL class under Meyer. No class, including the last finished outside the top ten. 

However, if UM, PSU, WI, basically other BIG teams continue to improve to the point OSU isn't running the table easily on an annual basis, and actually is being picked off a couple times a year or one team(UM) takes the upper hand, Urb who is thought to have learned his lessons and will never repeat the practices he did at Florida, would probably do just that. How bad was it? 31 arrests in 6 years, a group on the team all members remember as The Circle of Trust, except for Urb who does not remember it at all. Harvin, when running the stairs for punishment, setting down, saying, "This shit ends now," no further punishment. Certain players given walking boots and put on injured list(1 game) after failing piss tests, all members of the entitled circle of trust and all of whom would have automatically faced University disciplinary action if found using drugs. One former player, Kedric Johnson said, "Urb is a great coach but a bad person." Ouch. No grey area there. If you will remember, in a recent poll -two years ago, I believe, done by conference writers, as to dirtiest all-time BIG program, it came down to MSU and OSU. Writers said major violations, some of which were not caught, definitely goes to OSU(in other words, if you're going to cheat, don't fuck around) but based on sheer numbers, had to go to the green in E.L. 

The Givens: Harbaugh's teams will get better. He's only been here two years and even his truncated 2014 class with about 12-14 members had over half contribute immediately, as did the following two classes. In other words, Jim has had to play a large number of recruits immediately. Harbaugh will produce a Leach/Franklin type qb that will dominate the league for two to three years. The Unknown, but suspected: It's my feeling OSU's start under Meyer will prove to be bad for them. The league, as a whole, is experiencing an upward trajectory in terms of talent in both players and coaches. Chryst had the same two year record as Harbaugh until they squared off last season and Durkin has MD pullling in some excellent 4* and even a 5* recruit. This will make the likelihood of Meyer continuing his tremendous start far less realistic, and when recovering addicts find a healthy replacement for the high they were used to, one that actually provides a greater thrill their chances of maintaining sobriety are excellent. When that schedule is interrupted, however, that stress level, usually the triggering mechanism for over indulgence, will become magnified with the addict and his chances for relapse become increasingly greater. Urb will fuck up in the future. 


April 29th, 2017 at 4:36 AM ^

Not to take away too much from Harbaugh's upset of USC, but the 2 coaches only met 3 times in CFB. One of those USC teams was clearly not on par with the standard USC world-beaters expect in that era.


2007 USC

  • Final ranking: #3
  • Final record: 11-2
  • Bowl: Rose Bowl. 49-17 win over #13 Illinois
  • Key wins: #14 Nebraska (49-31), #24 California (24-17), #7 Arizona State (44-24)
  • Losses: Stanford (24-23), and #5 Oregon (24-17)

2008 USC

  • Final ranking: #3
  • Final record: 12-1
  • Bowl: Rose Bowl. 38-24 win over #6 Penn State 
  • Key wins: #5 Ohio State (35-3), #23 Oregon (44-10), #21 California (44-24), and Stanford (45-23)
  • Losses: Oregon State (27-21)

2009 USC

  • Final ranking: #22
  • Final record: 9-4
  • Bowl: Emerald Bowl. 24-13 win over Boston College 
  • Key wins: #8 Ohio State (18-13), #24 California (30-3), #25 Notre Dame (34-27)
  • Losses: Washington (16-13), #10 Oregon (47-20), #25 Stanford (55-21), Arizona (21-17)

The 2007 game was a huge upset, then USC came back the next year to beat Stanford in 2008, and then Stanford got the best of a USC squad that ended up losing to four PAC-10 teams in 2009.


May 2nd, 2017 at 9:19 AM ^

Yep....Osu secures the most talent in the country except maybe Alabama and their is no denying that, at least by star rankings. The only problem I see with them is they are having problems even winning the big ten east. If they don't win it this year, the rumblings coming out of columbus will definitely start to wear on Meyer. Everyone thought they were receiving a gift last year with a entry into the playoffs. Well after a 31-0 shutout it did not turn out the way of the buckeyes. With the obsession the buckeye staff, team and fans have with Michigan the slightest change of momentum could change things drastically in columbus. They are a win at all cost program and in my opinion are just way to full of themselves. They seem so confident on the outside, but always worried about what Michigan is doing. It seems very strange to me that they seemingly get most of the recruits they want, they just can't win the big ten east. If anyone but the buckeyes win the big ten this year it is going to get real fun to watch what happens in buckeye land. Remain calm Wolverine fans as I feel the worm will turn and the pendulum may sway farther then any us believe possible at this time.