Friday Night Lights 2009: 9-29

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If you can help out finding articles on any of the commits, e-mail me, and I'll try to include your contribution. This week, I made it to two games, and they're listed at the top. If you want up-to-the-minute updates of the games I attend, follow me on Twitter @varsityblue. Michigan received a commitment from Will Hagerup over the weekend, and I'll try to catch up with his season in the next edition of FNL.

MI QB Devin Gardner


Last week: Inkster defeats Highland Park 27-22. Gardner passed 9/16 for 129 yards with 2 TDs and 2 interceptions. He also ran 11 times for 74 yards and 2 more scores. MGoBlog was there, so check the photo gallery and video.

This week: Inkster (2-2) @ Bay City Central.

Devin Gardner 2009
Passing Rushing
Game Result Comp Att Yds TD Int % Yds/Att Rush Yds TD Avg
Pioneer L 32-35 10 14 97 1 0 71.43 6.93 16 113 1 7.06
East Kentwood L 33-52 19 30 389 3 1 63.33 12.97 10 102 2 10.20
St. Edward W 14-7
Highland Park W 27-22 9 16 127 2 2 56.25 7.94 11 74 2 6.73
Totals (2-2) 38 60 613 6 3 63.33 10.22 37 289 5 7.81

MI RB Austin White

Last week: Pregame fluff. Stevenson defeats Northville 31-0. White ran 22 times for 164 yards and 2 touchdowns. Again, we were there, so enjoy the video of (most of) his performance.

This week: Stevenson (3-2) @ Novi.

Austin White 2009
Rushing Receiving
Game Result Rush Yds TD Avg Rec Yds TD Avg
Franklin L 7-21 14 64 1 4.57 - - - -
Howell L 14-28 16 119 2 12.44 4 59 0 14.75
Salem W 34-7 2
South Lyon W 37-0 8 173 3 21.63 0 0 0 -
Northville W 31-0 22 164 2 7.45 0 0 0 -
Totals (3-2) 50+ 520 10 10.40 4 59 0 14.75

NEW COMMIT WI P Will Hagerup

Last week: Whitefish Bay defeats Port Washington 21-0.
This week: Whitefish Bay (4-1) v. Grafton

MI WR Ricardo Miller

Last week: Pioneer loses to Temperance Bedford 21-28. No stats were available, so if somebody could help out, it would be much appreciated.

This week: Pioneer (4-1) @ Monroe.

Ricardo Miller 2009
Game Result Rec Yds TD Avg
Inkster W 35-32 3 70 0 23.33
Dexter W 45-0 2 100 2 50.00
Saline W 36-17 3 48 1 16.00
Arthur Hill W 58-20 1 20 0 20.00
Bedford L 21-28
Totals (2-0) 9 238 3 26.44

TX RB Stephen Hopkins

Last week: Marcus beats Lee 17-7. Hopkins ran 22 times for 118 yards and 1 touchdown.

This week: Marcus (3-1) has a bye week.

Stephen Hopkins 2009
Game Result Rush Yds TD Avg
Grapevine W 62-28 13 87 2 6.69
Plano West W 35-25 28 128 3 4.57
Katy L 24-34 13 38 1 2.92
Tyler Lee W 17-7 22 118 1 5.36
Totals (4-0) 76 371 7 4.88

TX RB Tony Drake

Last week: Pregame fluff. Skyline pounds Lake Highlands 42-27. Drake had 19 rushes for 226 yards and 2 touchdowns, to go along with 1 reception for 6 yards.

This week: Skyline (4-0) v. Molina.

Tony Drake 2009
Rushing Receiving
Game Result Rush Yds TD Avg Rec Yds TD Avg
Kimball W 51-2 8 69 1 8.63 0 0 0 -
Bowie W 35-27 13 92 1 7.08 2 14 0 7.00
Plano East W 45-19 15 167 1 11.13 0 0 0 -
Lake Highlands W 42-27 19 226 2 11.89 1 6 0 6.00
Totals (3-0) 55 554 5 10.07 3 20 0 6.67

LA Slot WR Drew Dileo

Last week: Parkview Baptist takes down Port Allen 32-7. Dileo went off in this game:

Dileo, a Michigan commitment who caught three passes for 92 yards, broke a tackle for his second TD pass of the game...

Dileo also led the Eagles in rushing with 65 yards on 11 carries

That's an impressive 2 touchdowns and 150ish total yards of offense. Pelican Preps brings highlights:

This week: Parkview Baptist (4-0) v. Dutchtown.

OH WR Jerald Robinson

Last week: Pregame fluff. Canton South falls to Minerva 20-27.
This week: Canton South (1-3) @ Northwest.

MI WR Jeremy Jackson

Last week: Huron defeats Dearborn 30-29.
This week: Huron (2-3) v. Saline.

OH WR DJ Williamson

Last week: Harding defeats Euclid 35-7.
This week: Harding (3-1-1) v. Bishop Tonnes.

OH OL Christian Pace

Last week: Avon Lake beats North Olmsted 22-7.
This week: Avon Lake (1-3) v. Midpark.

OH DT Terry Talbott

Last week: Wayne falls to Troy 12-14. The Warriors were without their offensive catalyst, Braxton Miller.
This week: Wayne (3-2) v. Northmont.

PA DE Ken Wilkins

Last week: Trinity beats Elizabeth Forward 21-7.
This week: Trinity (1-3) @ Chartiers Valley.

PA DE Jordan Paskorz

Last week: Hampton defeats Pine-Richland 27-21.
This week: Hampton (2-2) v. Indiana.

OH LB Antonio Kinard

Last week: Liberty falls to Salem 9-15. Kinard had a pretty successful game:

Nick Mattocks hooked up on a 27-yard touchdown pass to tight end Antonio Kinard with 6:15 left in the fourth quarter to put the Leopards up 9-7...

...Kinard had three catches for 48 yards.

This week: Liberty (3-2) @ Champion.

FL S Marvin Robinson

Last week: Lake Region loses Haines City 6-34.
This week: Lake Region (0-4) has a bye week.

OH CB Courtney Averyaveryclearfork.jpg

Last week: Lexington loses to Clear Fork 21-45. Avery missed the second half after re-aggravating the ankle injury he sustained last week. Photo of of Avery's re-injury by Jason Molyet of the News Journal.
This week: Lexington (2-2) v. Madison Comprehensive.

OH CB Terrence Talbott

Last week: Wayne falls to Troy 12-14. The Warriors were without their offensive catalyst, Braxton Miller.
This week: Wayne (3-2) v. Northmont.

2011 OH CB Greg Brownbrown.jpg

Last week: Ross beats Bloomfield Hills (MI) Lahser 22-14. No stats on Brown, but Doug Hise of the News-Messenger took a pretty nice picture of him (seen at left). When the Fremont Ross Football site updates their cumulative statistics, I should be able to determine what Ross did against Lahser.
This week: Ross (4-1) v. Findlay.

Greg Brown 2009
Receiving Rushing
Game Result Rec Yds TD Avg Rush Yds TD Avg
Start W 24-7 3 39 0 3.67
Whitmer L 25-29 3 72 1 20.53
Columbian W 49-35 3 98 2 32.67
Benedictine W 28-21 (OT) 6 99 1 16.50
Lahser W 22-14
Totals (3-2) 15 308 4 20.53 10 62 0 6.20

SC QB Conelius Jones

Last week: Spartanburg had a bye week.
This week: Gaffney @ Spartanburg (2-3).

Conelius Jones 2009
Passing Rushing
Game Result Comp Att Yds TD Int % Yds/Att Rush Yds TD Avg
Dorman L 7-20 7 24 42 0 0 29.17 1.75
Union W 35-0 6 7 91 1 0 85.71 13.00 9 63 4 7.00
Northwestern W 20-10 125 1 0 45 1
Sumter L 21-24 17 27 187 1 1 62.96 6.93 23 53 1 2.30
Greenwood L 9-21 1
Totals (1-1) 30 58 320+ 0 0 51.72 5.52 32 116+ 7 3.63



September 29th, 2009 at 6:42 PM ^

I was at the game watching my brother in law (as stated above) play. Pioneer hardly even looked at Miller throughout the game. They only threw at him 3 times. The one he didn't catch was a hail mary at the end of the game which was batted down by a Bedford player. Pioneer was seriously out coached in that game. Miller should touch the ball 5 times as much. As my wife, my cousin and myself were walking out of the stadium, the pioneer players were crossing in front of us. Ricardo had his helmet off and was clearly not in a good mood. Someone else standing there said something along the lines of "Can't wait to see you in the maize and blue" to which Miller responded "You and me both". I'm sure he's not happy about getting so few touches.


September 29th, 2009 at 4:59 PM ^

Few things.
Dileo must be #3. He was tearing things up in that little highlight clippage.

I'm from Michigan (originally) just north of Toledo. East of Temperance, south of Monroe. South of Erie for that matter. East of Erie for what it's worth.
So I'm somewhat familiar with Bedford, even though I went to private HS in Toledo.

I've never heard it referred to as Temperance Bedford. I know it's Bedford Township and the school is in Temperance.... But it's still odd. I'd never heard it called anything but Bedford.

My real reason for posting as follows.....
What are the AA schools doing playing Bedford and Monroe? Monroe's 25-30 miles south. And a little east. And Bedford's right at the state line. Almost. It's got to be around 40-45 miles. Are there that few HS's in the region that teams really travel that much? Or is it that these are the elite teams that travel a bit more to play schools outside their league?


September 29th, 2009 at 6:36 PM ^

Bedford, Monroe and the Ann Arbor schools are in the same league. My brother in law plays for Bedford. Bedford is always referred to as Temperance Bedford because of the other Bedford HS on the west side of the state. The same reason my high school is referred to as Erie Mason because of Mason HS in the city of Mason. Where are you from in Michigan if you were southeast of Erie? I was born and raised in Erie and there are no cities or towns southeast of Erie. There is only Morin Point and Lost Peninsula which are both part of Erie Township.

Sgt. Wolverine

September 30th, 2009 at 2:14 AM ^

Bedford was in an Ohio conference for nearly 40 years, but while the area is practically Ohio (when I've been there for football games, I've see more OSU shirts there than M shirts), it made practical sense for the school's sports to be in a Michigan conference. To that end, Bedford joined the SEC back in 2000. Most of the SEC schools were in the Ann Arbor area, but the conference has grown south, most recently with the addition of Monroe this year.

The conference divisions are based on school size, but there are almost enough southern schools to make an SEC South (Tecumseh, Adrian, Bedford, Monroe). If Bedford and Monroe high schools weren't significantly larger than Tecumseh and Adrian, it could almost work.

I recently talked to Chelsea's athletic director about the distance between Chelsea and Monroe, and he agreed it's a bit of a drive (the trip was just over an hour when I drove there for a football game a few weeks ago), but he also noted that we've been spoiled: a lot of schools in other areas have had to drive that much (or more) for conference games for a while.


September 29th, 2009 at 9:45 PM ^

I really think RR might have landed a gem in Tony Drake. He's playing against good competition and still piling up big yards. He's very elusive and seems to just blow by people when he sees daylight. Can't wait to see him play in the Big House.

so bored at work

September 30th, 2009 at 10:38 AM ^

Once again, great job, thanks for doing this.

One minor quibble're killing me with the "21-28" scores!

Sorry, hate to be that guy. As I said, really appreciate all the info every week.