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Seth June 9th, 2015 at 11:14 AM

Guess what jerks?

This morning the freshmen got their numbers, and started telling people. Lorenz posted those he was able to gather, which was all but the transfers, Ulizio, and Shelton J. (Warning: 247 autoplays videos on their pages so mute first if you don't want blang blang blaring through your speakers).

May your obsessive compulsive videogame rosters be accurate, and your visions of greatness now come a bit more into focus around the chest and back areas. I'll update this as more come in today.

Freshman #s:

# Name P Hgt. Wgt. You may remember this digit from…
10 Zach Gentry QB 6'6" 230 Tom Brady of course, but also Todd Collins, Jeff Cohen, and friend of the blog Kyle Anderson. Da'Mario Jones was wearing this through spring so looks like he'll have a new jersey.
12 Alex Malzone QB 6'2" 205 (Spring) Surprisingly few 12's have remained such through graduation (Grbac and Gardner both wore it for a time). Dreisbach was the last QB to do so.
22 Karan Higdon RB 5'10" 190 Harbaugh era mooseback Gerald White is the only RB I can remember wearing it.
81 Brian Cole WR 6'2" 190 (Spring) Historically a TE # at Mich (I always think of Kattus). Was C'sonte's
9 Grant Perry WR 6'0" 183 Dileo, Diallo, Martavious Odoms, and Mercury Hayes. And of course "The Rece" Butler
8 Tyrone Wheatley Jr. TE 6'6" 245 Wore 9 in HS. Little round number on a big Wheatley body? I'm a fan. (Walk-on Joe Hewlett gave it up)
77 Grant Newsome OL 6'7" 280 Lewan, Long, Pape, Jansen, Jenkins, Trgovac, Tabachino, Guy Curtis, Art Walker...
75 Jon Runyan Jr. OL 6'4" 275 Sr wore 69, Jr wore this in HS. Last great interior OL to wear 75 was Baas. OTs include Schofield, Skrepanak, Yearby, and Bubba Paris.
70 Nolan Ulizio OL 6'5" 293 Wore 70 in HS. Bobby Doherty is the one that springs to mind; Mark Erhardt wore it during Harbaugh years.
? Shelton Johnson SDE 6'5" 225 Waiting on #. Wore 7 in high school; I doubt Poggi gives it up.
4 Reuben Jones WDE 6'4" 225 Less weird when you consider he'll be playing a role not too different from Cam Gordon's. Of course you remember a certain quarterback who wore this.
17 Tyree Kinnel SS 5'11" 197 "Wolf" Dwight Hicks wore it in the '70s, J.O.W. in the early '90s.
6 Keith Washington CB 6'2" 175 You remember Donovan Warren. One back you certainly don't remember wearing this was Harry Kipke when he played for Yost (he wore it one year).
16 Andrew David K 5'8" 170 M used to leave 19 for kickers (Bob Bergeron, Remy Hamilton, Mike Gilette). Andrew's the first 16.

Nothing yet from the transfers but their previous numbers were all available-ish except O'Neill's.

Name Prev # Pos Starts Elig You may remember this digit from...
Jake Rudock 15 QB 25 Grad transfer Garrett Moores would have to move. Grbac obviously, also Loeffler.
John O'Korn 5 QB 16 So (RS) Other than Tate you mean? Johnny Wangs! Walk-on Kenny Sloss will have to give it up.
Wayne Lyons 24 CB 20 Grad transfer Took Blake's spot, took Woodson's NFL # – several safeties (Bobby Abrams, Charles Drake RIP) but I can't think of a CB other than Hollowell.
Blake O'Neill 39 P 12 Grad transfer Finley! Complication: Houma wears this and plays punt coverage in case you forgot this.



June 9th, 2015 at 11:35 AM ^

The new auto play videos on 247 are really annoying. Nice to include highlight tapes on recruit pages but fuck auto play.


June 9th, 2015 at 11:51 AM ^

Jones loses his number to a sure-to-redshirt freshman QB.  Houma loses his to a grad transfer punter.  Should we not be elevating these two on the potential attrition list?






June 9th, 2015 at 12:06 PM ^

Those are not assigned numbers; those are numbers they wore at their previous stops only.

It's pretty common for guys to lose their numbers to incoming players. There's an unstated pecking order no coach would ever admit to even though it's true across probably every college or pro team. Quarterbacks recruited by Texas will always be above wide receivers with CMU/Bowling Green the next best programs to offer.

I have heard nothing that would suggest either Houma nor Jones is transferring or whatever. Regarding Houma we don't even know or necessarily think that'll be the incoming punter's number; he has had injuries in the past but he's not among those who get named among the medicals who keep getting leaked.


June 9th, 2015 at 3:46 PM ^

Side note - Runyan Sr. wore 75 as a senior in high school, so there is a connection. He didn't wear 69 until he got to Ann Arbor.

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June 9th, 2015 at 11:55 PM ^

Wayne Lyons will wear #24.


Nolan Ulizio will wear #70.

No, this is not tweeting recruits. All players that have been assigned jersey numbers are in enrolled. I double checked their enrollment just in case on the umich directory.

Garrett Moores has also changed his Twitter bio to "Michigan QB #16". He previously wore #15 so that obviously means that Rudock is gonna wear #15.

This also means that Jack Wangler more than likely changed out of #16. 


June 9th, 2015 at 10:57 PM ^

Glenn Doughty was a WB from 1969-71.  Bo liked to run a "WB around" with him.

9:  How can you overlook Denny Franklin (1971-74), who scored the tying TD on a keeper that fooled the entire OSU defense in the 1973 10-10 tie.

5:  Gordon Bell, 1973-75.

All of them were first-rate starters for Bo.

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June 10th, 2015 at 12:08 PM ^

#10 was also Steven Threet.  I have an autographed Steven Threet jersey.  It was a gift from an MSU grad friend of mine after the 2008 season.

(pretty good joke, really)