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Submitted by Brian on December 8th, 2004 at 2:53 PM

Video from the Insiders

Nice Long Article from "San Diego Hall of Champions"

Newspaper Profile (scroll down)

Forcier To ASU (whoops)

"Jake II" (google cache)


Useful thread

great pulled quote from that thread:

"I grew up a Michigan fan, but once recruiting comes around, you have to be

prepared to change. You've got to be prepared to go to the place where you fit

the most.... It's disappointing [playing second fiddle to Schoenhoft and

Sanchez] if you want to say that, but I'm not going to frown on it," he said.

"I'm using it as more of a motivational tool, and I'm working out as hard as I

can. I'm more of an unknown, I'm more underrated, and I think that I'm going to

be the dark horse favorite. Whoever gets me, I'm going to work hard and do my

best to win the starting job as soon as I can, and lead that team to success."

That quote was made when Michigan was looking like they weren't going to offer him and were waiting on Schoencroft. This guy sounds like a great, great guy who's going to work his tail off. There are more articles out there detailing HS performances but they're not particularly interesting.

Thoughts: I like this commit a lot. This guy is athletic and throws a nice ball. He's just looking for a chance to show what he can do and isn't worried about immediate playing time. He is the perfect QB recruit for this class. He'll be two years behind Henne with a redshirt and has time to develop as a passer under Loeffler. Has the inside track to start as a RS junior. And as the quote shows, he's a great kid and a team player. QB was a definite need with the possibility of a Richard transfer. Definite thumbs up from mgoblog.