Football: More draftery

Submitted by Brian on April 13th, 2005 at 3:42 PM

CFN still thinks that Braylon should be #1... mostly. Jeffri Chadiha on CNNSI has a tidbit about Jackson in a story on the "Five People You'll Meet On Draft Day" (weird Albom reference? You make the call). iBlog For Cookies has a Michigan draft-stock summary that I believe to be accurate, though I think that some GM will see Shazor in a good light and grab him somewhere in the second.

And something almost draft related, but not really. An emailer to Peter King asks thusly:

"When it comes to quarterbacks --watching film, working them out, giving them intelligent tests --that's all good. The one question I'd ask is, when your team is down by six with two minutes left in the game, who is going to lead you down the field? What team over the last couple of years has been in that situation and been successful? That's who I would go with.''

Amen. This leads to discussion of Brady vs. Tim Rattay and Spurgeon Wynn, which of course favors Brady. My personal memory of Brady was formed around the Penn State game, the Alabama Orange Bowl, even that Plaxico Burress MSU game we lost but were charging back at the end of. Brady was stone cold killing people in incredible pressure-cooker situations with nary a flutter. That's a quality you don't find in many quarterbacks. The ones you do--Montana, Elway, Brady--well, you remember them. Anyone like that in this draft? No. At least not someone who looks like they're first pick material. Both guys look more like Cade McNown than Brady. BE, maddening though he may be, is the closest thing to a lock this draft has.