Football: Link roundup.

Submitted by Brian on May 19th, 2005 at 3:19 PM

The News and Free Press both have stories on the piping... and the rest of the new jerseys, I suppose. I was about to castigate the Free Press for hilariously excluding a picture from their coverage but it turns out they posted it as a PDF so it's not ridiculous, it's merely inconvenient. The Free Press article even references the hue and cry on The Wolverine, though the link they provide is broken.

This is the second article in the last few days to reference Internet message boards. A couple days ago the news ran a story on Carlos Pena actually titled "Fan forums lash out at Pena's slow offensive start." Does this qualify as news? It would be newsworthy if a fan forum was being patient and reasonable about Pena's slow start... or anything really. But if the News wants to report some 15-year-old's "OMG!!! Pena is a looser!" opus I won't complain too much--maybe they'll incorrectly link to me one day!

Former Michigan DB Tom Curtis was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame. Curtis was a key component of the 1969 team that beat #1 OSU and kicked off the Ten Year War. Good on yer, Curtis.

Athlon Sports has a brief blurb up on OSU, who they rank number 12 for 2005. They take the quarterback situation for granted... I think they'll still have major issues with a sputtery offense, the last two games of 2004 nonwithstanding. OSU--the one in Oklahoma--was very bad on defense last year and Michigan's defense was in the midst of its four game season-ending implosion. Tressel has never had an offense that could even be described as "good," and that probably won't change this year. The defense is another story.

Finally, iBlog for Cookies has put up some of the good bits from the Rose Bowl. Obviously they heavily feature one Mr. Steve Breaston and completely ignore the defense. Vijay points out Mike Hart for special commendation on Breaston's 50 yard catch-and-run touchdown and I agree. Just watch the little dude go.