Football: #$*&!

Submitted by Brian on August 24th, 2005 at 7:53 PM

This still fits in the "rumor" category, but four different sources have indicated that tackle Jake Long is seriously hurt. It's supposed to be an ankle. Estimates on the time missed range from four weeks to six weeks to the entire year. The parameters are still up for debate but I think it's extremely doubtful that it's not true. The extent of the injury is probably still unknown.

Redshirt junior Mike Kolodziej is now thrust into the spotlight. Kolodziej actually beat Long out at right tackle last year and started the first couple games before Long took over and started ripping opponent's arms out of their sockets and beating them to death with the now-useless appendage. So he's probably going to be all right. He played large sections of the Rose Bowl and did fine. However, there's now a huge and ridiculous gap back to the third tackle, who would appear to be, uh, I have no idea. Ruben Riley, who was a tackle until he found himself starting at guard midway through last year, would probably slide back outside and whoever lost the LG job would find himself in the starting lineup.

In summary, goddammit.