First 2013 Bodybag Revealed: Akron

Submitted by Brian on September 13th, 2011 at 3:58 PM


we'll try, but no promises

Michigan's got that return date with UConn in 2013 scheduled so there were never going to be any cool surprises when it came to Michigan's two TBA opponents that year. But they must be scheduled. According to, the first has been revealed: Akron on September 14th.

At the moment Akron Buckeyes are terrible. They lost to the Akron State Golden Bobcats, an instate rival, 42-0 and followed that up by losing to Temple, which is Temple, 41-3. Last year they were 1-11. They've got two years to stop being just unwatchably horrible, but at best they'll be a middling MAC team by then.

You may carry on not really caring about the details of the 2013 schedule.



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Akron is worse than Baby Seal U.  They truly could end up as the worst DI football team in the country this year.  I'd rather see UM play a team from just down the road from Akron -  Mount Union, one of the kings of DIII.  They would put up a better fight than Akron.


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Hey I've been going to Akron games since I learned to walk. Sure they're terrible and that but those were the best times. I remember many years ago when the number 1 ranked Viginia Tech came in with Michael Vick as their QB and Akron gave them a game. Couldn't believe they ever agreed to play at Akron but whatever.


I'll have to score tickets to this and rock both gear.


But yes fear level should be .01.


Sadly I've stopped going to Akron games since they built their new stadium and started charging like a normal division 1 college team. It shows in attendance as well since there's usually only about 5k people there and maybe 100 students.




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They are the Zips.  However, their (physical) mascot is a Kangaroo (Fear the Roo).  I see it on signs, busses, etc. once or twice a week when I am in Akron.  I don't understand it either (nor do I know what the heck a Zip is.)  I think they call the Kangaroo mascot Zippy, but this does not really satisfy me.


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I work with a load of University of Akron (law) grads.  I pray that Hoke arranges for a good ol' ass whooping for this one.  Anything else would be intolerable down here and I would have to get a different job.


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Don't underrate Temple.  There went to a bowl last year and nearly beat PSU.  They return a lot starters from last year’s team including Bernard Pierce, who would be a Heisman hopeful if he played for a more well-known program.


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Sat. 08/31/13
Time TBA
TBA --- ---
Sat. 09/07/13
Time TBA
Fighting IrishNotre Dame   Buy
Sat. 09/14/13
Time TBA
ZipsAkron   Buy
Sat. 09/21/13
Time TBA
Huskiesat Connecticut   Buy
Sat. 09/28/13 Open Date --- ---
Sat. 10/05/13
Time TBA
GophersMinnesota   Buy
Sat. 10/12/13
Time TBA
Nittany Lionsat Penn State   Buy
Sat. 10/19/13
Time TBA
HoosiersIndiana   Buy
Sat. 10/26/13 Open Date --- ---
Sat. 11/02/13
Time TBA
Spartansat Michigan State   Buy
Sat. 11/09/13
Time TBA
CornhuskersNebraska   Buy
Sat. 11/16/13
Time TBA
Wildcatsat Northwestern   Buy
Sat. 11/23/13
Time TBA
Hawkeyesat Iowa   Buy
Sat. 11/30/13
Time TBA
BuckeyesOhio State   Buy
Sat. 12/07/13
Time TBA
Big TenBig Ten Championship   Buy


we flop PSU for Illinois and indiana for purdue, which is more difficult


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Is there still talk of playing that UConn game in some bigger stadium than at UConn?  I recall talk of playing in some NYC area stadium, which for us New Yorkers would be awesome.


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...which is funny because the whole reason UConn dumped a ton of money into football to go D-I was to try and capitalize on the large alumni base in the NYC market and displace Syracuse (really) as the 'default' New York home team for college football.  If Michigan wants a big stadium, I'd bet they could sell a decent number of seats in Foxboro, which is not especially far from Storrs.

matty blue

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...if by 2013 we still need akron to get us ready for anything.

as to your question, yes, i saw western last week.  i also paid to see us play bowling green and delaware state, and those three stinkbombs did absolutely nothing to prepare us for anything.

go ahead and pay whatever you like, just count me out.


September 14th, 2011 at 9:25 PM ^

How about Slippery Rock as the last of the scheduled opponents? We should schedule them once in awhile to fund their athletic department for the next ten years.