Final BlogPoll Ballot... Offiicial

Submitted by Brian on January 9th, 2006 at 2:48 PM
Rank Team Snark
1 Texas Why, yes...
2 Southern Cal ...this is the exact order...
3 Penn State ...these somewhat controversial...
4 Ohio State four teams were in before. Ha.
5 West Virginia Uh... and I had WVU 13th.
6 LSU Please make up your mind about the sucking.
7 Virginia Tech At least next year will be mercifully devoid of Michael Vick and his chili cheese fries.
8 Wisconsin My great hope for the BlogPoll is that a 10-3 Wisconsin team that played a very tough schedule and beat the tar out of a 9-3 Auburn team ends up, you know, in front of Auburn. Then, and only then, can the BlogPoll declare victory.
9 Alabama It's good! Sort of!
10 Georgia Kyle said it best when he bemoaned the fact that we won't be getting rid of this Big East autobid thanks to the Sugar Bowl.
11 Miami Christ almighty.
12 Auburn DNP.
13 Florida Were handed the game by Iowa with a small assist from Conference USA. Still, 9-3, tough schedule, defense that tends to choke small children to death, etc.
14 TCU Stupid SMU game.
15 Notre Dame Fiesta was a few OSU turnovers from being a lot like that game against the other OSU (Oregon version) a few years back. In the end, ND's best result was a loss to USC. They beat one meh team in Michigan but showed that in reality not even a Super Genius like Weis E. Coyote can make his cornerbacks fast. Worse resume than any of the 9-3 teams ahead of them, thus the harsh assessement.
16 UCLA Hard to believe they're 10-2.
17 Louisville Oversight on first draft.
18 Boston College Winning the Depression Bowl a tough trick for many teams.
19 Oklahoma Not so much of a disaster after all.
20 Oregon The Holiday Bowl: shutting up Pac-10 teams that whine about BCS at-large berths since 2004. And thank you for that.
21 Texas Tech Hyyyarrr.
22 Florida State Wide everything!
23 Toledo Sure.
24 Michigan Best 7-5 team ever.
25 Iowa Second best 7-5 team ever.

Games I Saw: BCS bowls, Alamo fiasco, Iowa-UF, AU-UW, bits of VT-UL, and some other random stuff.

Help requested: Anything. There is a vast swath after about #8 where arguments are being heard.

Update: Bumped Oregon down and UCLA up (in front of Oklahoma), Added Louisville at #17, revamped the bottom of the poll to be more internally consistent: if I'm going to overrate Big Ten teams it may as well be the right ones. Thanks to commenter statprof for offering a strong argument in favor of the Cards.