Exit Davion Rogers

Submitted by Brian on September 17th, 2010 at 3:15 PM

He wasn't on the roster yesterday and now it's official:

Sources close to the U-M football program have confirmed that true freshman Davion Rogers, a linebacker out of Warren, Ohio, is no longer with the program. Rogers, a 6-6, 205-pounder, came to U-M out of Warren G. Harding High School.

No idea why. Rogers reportedly had a Clearinghouse issue earlier this fall so it may be related to that. He wasn't going to play this year since he's skinnier than Roy Roundtree but seemed to have a lot of long-term potential; his departure is another hit to the APR, which seems like it will inevitably drop below 925 now at some point, and another hit to the depth of the defense. Michigan's most recent class has now lost Austin White, Demar Dorsey, Conelius Jones, Antonio Kinard, and Davion Rogers just a month into their freshman years. At some point this has to stop happening, right?

UPDATE: The News confirms and gets someone saying that it was a clearinghouse issue, which means it shouldn't impact Michigan's APR. Tim pointed out that if he was out before the drop/add deadline he wouldn't have counted against the APR anyway. Still, Michigan and Rodriguez have to do a better job of identifying players who will get on campus.



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The only thing I can think is that RR is brutally honest with these guys. Guys are not seeing the field because of seniority, they earn their spot on the field. He has incredible expectations from his team and it appears a large number of them, but not all, are willing to give it their all to reach his expectations.

For those who can not or will not put forth the effort required to play on game day, a transfer is an easy solution. Every one of these guys dream of playing in the NFL. That dream may not be realistic, but it is still a dream. I' never going to hook up with Jessica Biel, but it's still a dream.

If a player realizes that he's never going to even see the playing field on Saturday, some of them see the solution as transferring to another program. Thank God for guys like James Rogers who decide to rise to the occasion and get better.

Go blue!

Maize and Blue…

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He has to rely on the word of the kid's high school counselors.  If the kid has what appears to be a qualifying core GPA given his test score you would go after the kid right?  We have no idea what these clearinghouse issues are so lets not place blame.


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But surely UM has at least one person on its staff checking on these things right?   At some level there has to be communication between the recruiters and the admissions staff?   I realize they can't double check on every single kid but they could at least call someone and ask if there are any red flags on a recruit's classes and test scores and what not.  "Hey the coaching staff really wants this kid can you check his records to see if there might be any problems?" - something along those lines.

I fully understand kids leaving to get playing time elsewhere, and I understand kids leaving due to a coaching change, but I find these sorts of gaffs with recruiting disturbing, especially at a time when the team is hurting for depth (esp. on defense).


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Let's go to the mailbag.

[long pause]

Dear Jim Rome

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That was Awwwwwwwwsome.

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I think players need to realize how lucky they are and stop being such pussies.

[obnoxiously long pause...]

I'm your biggest fan.

[Realllly long pause]

Signed, Jim Rome.


That's awwwwwwwesome.


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How does this come up now?  This kid already got through admissions (which I thought was supposed to be more stringent than the NCAA in its demands) and was practicing with the team (so presumably he had initially passed Clearinghouse muster).  How does this kid get dinged by the Clearinghouse after all that?


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From the Eligibility Center web site:

  • Additional reviews may be required because of questions about amateur or academic credentials.
  • Delays can occur when prospective student-athletes don’t submit all the required information on time.

Could be a technicality, I guess -- missed deadline or something like that.


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I guess the upside is we are moving closer to a full class for 2011, with a much higher excitement level around the program attracting higher quality recruits.


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Havent been through all of the comments yet, so not sure if this has been mentioned. This may be the result of the senior leaders telling these kids to buy-in or get out.
<br>I'm sure the coaching staff have taken on a few recruits they wouldn't necessarily go after once we are winning. Recruiting is an uphill battle for these guys. For whatever reason some of these guys aren't good fits for program.


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then recently, i'd just say a "yup. go figure"

now it's like someone kicked you in the nuts 5 times and you're laying on the ground, and then that guy kicks you in the nuts again and you're like "OK I GET IT" then he lets you lay there again for a moment, maybe let's you beat notre dame in the mean time, and then kicks you one more time.

although, i do have a feeling we'll i'll get a good kick in the nuts a few more times this year


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RR knows that the APR is dangerously low.  I can still see a couple of transfers coming this year or at the end of this year, and while I won't list names for obvious reasons I think we need to take a deeper look into the classroom of the players we are recruiting to get past these issues and build to the future.

Exodus Prime

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Look at it like this, most of the guys who left were 3 star guys.   The 3 star guys who left will be replaced with 4 and 5 star guys next year.  It all has to do with the team winning games.  I am firm believer that this team will win atleast 9 games this year.  So if you consider that we will have a winning team, and a winning team means good recruiting, then im comfortable saying that i think that the guys who left will be replace next year with guys who are higher rated. 


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So how many scholarships do we have available now for 2011? Seems like we have a lot of great athletes looking at us now that we are turning it around.  Before it didnt seem that we would have enough shcolarships to get them all, but with all the departures, we should be able to haul in a nice class. 


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While I believe the lost of Davion Rogers won't affect the APR, I also think that it is becoming more critical to recruit players with better academic upside.

I suspect that in the future, when we at mgoblog crab about Michigan not going after a particular player, academic issues may be involved.

Elno Lewis

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...doesn't want to be there is never a bad thing and always a good thing.


In any group oriented activity the strength of a single or multiple negative people can substantially reduce performance.  Everyone here has been in some group situation where one or two people drag the group down.  It may be a bit painful to lose them because others have to pick up the slack--but since those individuals rarely carry their own weight that slack is often minimal.  The remaining group members usually become more motivated, as well such as. 

and, potato salad on ME!