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Brian August 6th, 2015 at 3:17 PM


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The worst kept secret in Michigan football is now finally public:

Media Day uncovered another loss that had not yet come to light with redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Chris Fox bringing his playing career to a close.

A native of Parker, Colo., the 6-6, 303 pounds Fox played in one game last season, but was not introduced with the lineman on Thursday despite appearing on the roster.

An athletic department official confirmed that Fox will continue with the program as a student assistant coach. He will be moved to a medical scholarship, which does not count against the 85 scholarship limit set by the NCAA.

Fox was set to be a redshirt sophomore this fall and opens up a 2016 scholarship as a result. Michigan was already at 84 scholarship players give or take a Norfleet, so his departure opens up another slot for a walk-on.



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At the risk of sounding like a dick, I legitimately forgot about Chris Fox. Pretty cool he can still work as a student assistant for the team. Best of luck to him.


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It sucks he won't be able to play, but at least he can still be involved and there are few better things (education wise) than a degree from Michigan. Best of luck to him.


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This is the hard part about having a winning program these days... Hard to not make tough decisions, but I have to say seeing him in a coaching role and countess response today makes me feel Harbaugh is at least driving the hard bargain fairly.


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Really too bad. Got to meet this kid a couple of years ago at a watch party in Denver. Really nice down to earth guy and a great family. Sad to see his playing career is over but wish him the best of luck in the future.

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Chris dated a good friend of mine and he is an incredibly nice man. He got injured again in the spring and the staff finally said enough is enough. He was ruined by the news at first, but he definitely is ready to move on. 3 injuries on the same knee is just too much..

True Blue Grit

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I wish Mr. Fox the best of luck with his future endeavors.  That's too bad that 2 highly rated linemen from that 2013 class (him and Bosch) are no longer on the team.  I know attrition is a fact of life in college football, but still.


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Some Attrition Predictions Estimated 4-6 for Fall Roster Release
Looks like just Fox so far, with the medical hardship. Could get ugly trying to fit in the large 2016 recruiting class.

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