On that Ewing Theory... Comment Count

Brian February 2nd, 2005 at 1:36 AM

I noticed below that I got called out a little bit on a previous statement that Michigan would be the beneficiary of the Ewing theory sans Horton. I should clarify that I mean in a couple years, when (presumably) someone like Jerrett Smith takes over the point when Horton graduates. You know, someone with a scholarship. There's certainly no way that Michigan will experience any benefit this year when his replacements are Dani Wohl and Ashtyn Bell.

Horton is shooting at a frigid 0.387 rate and has 54 assists to 43 turnovers... he just hasn't played very well. Sometimes he'll get streaky hot but the reason his shooting percentage is so low is that the guy makes a ton of bad decisions. That doesn't exactly make him unique on the team, but as the titular point guard, it's part of his job description.