Events Of The Weekend: All But Nigel De Jong

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12/11/2010 – Michigan 1, Akron 2 – 17-5-3, season over


Because my one true soccer allegiance is to the USMNT, Friday's game against Akron was familiar. It followed the same script that Nats games against world powers do: show up, try really hard, get a lot of quality defending in emergencies, take advantage of one opportunity to score, spend most of the game trying to get the ball, and eventually lose.

At some point in the second half John Harkes said Akron "looked like a professional team" and the crowd gathered to watch couldn't even muster up a Cam Newton joke. We could only sigh in agreement and wait for the inevitable. If an Akron player had broken someone's foot it would have been the spiritual successor of last year's USA-Holland friendly in every way. Instead it was just 90%.

When the Yanks haven't followed that script it's been because they nicked an early goal, survived an avalanche of pressure thanks in large part to heroic goaltending, and maybe grabbed another on a counter. Michigan got only the first, and go out to superior competition. The Zips won the national title against an undefeated Louisville team and I bet there's some Zip fan out there thinking "how did we only put in three goals this weekend?" The road from MAC fan with MAC perspective to Brazilian is short indeed.

As for Michigan, no one can be disappointed with the run that saw them rip off an undefeated streak that took them to the Big Ten title and the final four after taking a 7-1 beating from this Akron team midseason. Michigan loses only a few players here and there and actually looked better after they took off senior Alex Wood for freshman Fabio Pereira; with the Saads returning and what I'm told are top-notch recruiting classes the last two years forming the bulk of the team this edition of "new Michigan sport to care about" should go better than the baseball team, which is still okay but failed to maintain its Fetter/Putnam/Abraham era national relevance and is now just another good mid-major.

That's for later, though. Right now I know why I got so annoyed with all the "be our kicker" jokes unleashed at Justin Meram throughout the year: he's got a little bit of magic in him, the kind of thing that Denard Robinson brought to the football team and has been frustratingly absent at Yost for a couple seasons. When the ball is at his feet, something awesome is or could or will and has happened.

That should mean something other than "I wonder if that guy can hit a 35-yarder." I hope that in ten years I remember him like I do Mike Comrie, as the guy who cemented a fandom. He opened a door; here's to Saads and Brazilians and Basically Eckstein and Steve Burns walking through it.


Blame-y section. So Akron really, really deserved to win that game but the frustrating part is that since Michigan did an excellent job limiting their opportunities, if not their time on the ball, they only had a few truly quality chances. They put most of them directly into Blais's chest.

With the Meram zinger that game was there for the taking, and the main reason they didn't take it was Blais. Getting beat near post on a shot as far out as Kitchen's equalizer is on the goalie, and while the second goal was a massive marking failure a ball that lands well within the six yard box is one that Blais has to come for. He made a good diving stop on a deflected ball late but when you can plausibly take the heat on both opponent goals you've had a bad day.

Additional impressions. It was hard to get a ton out of the game with the liveblog—I always forget how splitting your attention makes it hard to remember anything—but I thought Opare was a close second to Meram as Michigan's MOTM. He was clearly the smoother of the two central defenders and by the end of the game I had begun to have some confidence he could deal with even the rampaging Akron offense.

I think Michigan's failings largely laid with the other three defenders and Shaw, who were all okay to good defensively but could not cope with the Akron pressure and ended up chucking long balls or just giving the ball away. Michigan's offensive players are not large and against a top-quality opponent they're going to have to play through the midfield, but the linking play was extremely poor. Wood probably had a hand in that since they went away from him and to Pereira, as well.

Torrent. Torrent.

The lady doth. Presented without comment:

Defender Zarek Valentin, who also played for the Bucks, said the Zips' victory should counter the losing image of Northeast Ohio.

"People think about Akron, they think about LeBron James and that whole fiasco," Valentin said. "This provides a good spirit on our campus."

The future. The only starters Michigan loses are the two outside backs, Wood, and Meram. It seems clear they'll go with Pereira to replace Wood. Tennant seemed like JAG to me and Michigan should find someone okay to replace him. Quijano and especially Meram are major losses; Michigan maintaining their current level will be a matter of finding reasonable replacements and having the rest of the team step forward as they enter sophomore and junior years. I'm not up on soccer recruiting enough to know how likely either of those things is—I tried, but I couldn't find much of anything.



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Now that college soccer is becoming a thing, can they get rid of the middle-of-half timeout for orange slices?  I was embarrassed for everyone when I realized what was happening.


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team.  It shows on the field in which Akron outplayed Michigan in terms of shots and possession.  With that being said, it's a disappointing result because both goals are preventable.  I agree that it's on Blais for allowing both goals especially the long range shot.  Regardless, Michigan has made a great run to the semifinal and they should be proud of themselves for making this far.


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Meram might be magic going forward with the ball, but he's sloppy laterally and making passes, and very not useful in his own half.  That said, it's still a big loss, but I think it's more like losing Jonas Mouton than David Harris.


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Meram's main job is to score goals so making passes is not something I want him doing much at all. Besides, I find it hard to criticize a guy who scored a goal and hit the post on another. Hell, another couple inches and he probably scores that ball that was lofted through the box he just missed. He was so close to a hat trick that I would say he is more like Manny Harris than Jonas Mouton. I didn't see him make any critical mistakes in our half.


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Yes, both goals were not played well by Blais, but he had help...

The UM defenders kept retreating instead of stepping up to prevent that first goal.  There was no reason to keep backpeddling and give the man with the ball so much space.  But that shot was just sick.  It was struck hard, top shelf and near post, almost glancing both the post and crossbar as it went it.  The shot came from well out, just right of center (not far wide), so Blais couldn't cheat too far to the near post before the shot. 

On the second goal, Hamoody was marking the goal scorer but inexplicably drifted forward as the ball came in.  He may have assumed (perhaps rightly) that Blais would come out to grab it or punch it away, but he still should have stayed with his man.  And Hamoody was pulled from the game immediately.  Yes, I think Blais was fooled by how far the kick carried into the box and he was late responding to it.

Still, Michigan had a great season and did will against a very talented Akron team.  I watched the finals and think Michigan could have done well against Louisville had they gotten past the Zips.


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Ezekiel Harris will replace one of the outside back positions (Quijano I believe).  He struggled at times but should be more than a solid replacement.  I'm not so sure who will replace the other.  As for Meram, he has a future.  I see him as more of an outside midfielder.  He will definitely be missed though.  Finding legitimate goal scorers are hard, and he definitely knew how to finish.  

The bigger question here is Soony.  He definitely is getting offers to go pro and rumor has it he's strongly considering doing this.  If he's gone there will be a dramatic decline in the team next year.  


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1.  Watching 6 Akron defenders basically say "no, you take the ball" on Meram's goal was amusing. 

2.  The first Akron goal was certainly a mistake by Blais.  Not sure why he doesn't play it safe there.  With that said, it would be extremely unfair to peg the loss on any individual.

3.  Akron's second goal was off a free kick on a call that should not have been made.  That was a clean tackle.


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I looked up recruiting a while ago, and Michigan has three in-state boys, all ranked in the top 22 nationally (all 5*s) coming in next year, including one big young defender who was offered a pro contract his junior year of high school by Mainz05.


December 13th, 2010 at 10:06 PM ^ the U.S. U-20 Men’s National Team camp from Dec 12-19, includingtwo friendlies against Canada on Dec 16 and Dec 18.

Here's the full list of forwards:

FORWARDS (6): Conor Doyle (Derby County FC; McKinney, Texas), Dylan Mares (Louisville; Zionsville, Ind.), Jack McInerney (Philadelphia Union; Alpharetta, Ga.), Adrian Ruelas (Celtic F.C.; Fontana, Calif.), Soony Saad (Michigan; Dearborn, Mich.), Omar Salgado (Unattached; El Paso, Texas)


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Being a Michigan fan who grew up in Akron this was an entertaining game at least. I'm not a soccer fan and the first half (had to go to bed to drive to the Big Chill the next mornng) was somewhat entertaining. When Michigan scored in the first minute I thought "here goes Akron sucking again" but then watching them have the ball all the time I was somewhat impressed. At least from a non scocer fan standpoint I could tell Akron was the better of the two teams as they always looked in control and Michigan looked like they were scrambling.

I ask you this though.


It wasn't until tailgating for the Big Chill that I found out Michigan has only had a soccer team for 11 years! How is that even possible at a University that large and that established?


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First is that soccer at the collegiate level is still relatively new and underdeveloped. Iowa, Minnesota, Purdue and Illinois still don't have teams

And secondly, title IX kept Michigan from adding a team throughout the 90's. I played club soccer on the second team in 95 and 96. Burns led the club to the national championship in 98. The women's soccer team was added to get closer to parity before the men's team and the men had to wait until they added more women sports before they could become varsity.