San Diego Mick

November 23rd, 2011 at 3:34 AM ^

How come when our players go to the basket and make a bucket and get knocked down that we don't get a call? How come?

How come Duke gets 27 friggin' FT attempts and we get 9? How come?

This crap makes me irate, I hate how Duke gets the calls all the time.

With that being said, we do need to shoot better, Duke sure shot the lights out. We need to make our FT's please, please start making them, at least more of them.


I love Burke, 3 star my ass, that guy is a 5 star stud, he's gonna be way better than Darius. I love the grit of this team and feel like we have something special building w/Beilein. Tough loss, go beat UCLA and Go Blue!!!