Driving In Cars With Pryor

Submitted by Brian on May 31st, 2011 at 2:32 PM

Dodge Charger R/T:

Dodge Challenger registered to Auto Direct and Aaron "Don't Call Me Lane" Kniffin, who claims to have spoken with OSU's compliance director 50 times:


The local news channel followed Pryor around and reports he's been driving it for two weeks.

GMC Denali:


Not pictured: Terrelle Pryor. Pryor was ticketed in one of these with dealer plates traced back to Auto Direct. Also not pictured: another loaner of unspecified model Pryor was ticketed in.

The Nissan 350z Pryor rolled up to last night's meeting in:


And the Coke Classic shot of a youthful Pryor who has just found out people will let him borrow cars because he's rad:


Ah, simpler times.

I will venture a guess that this is a lot of cars for one person to have in a short period of time and that Terrelle Pryor's taken his last snap at Ohio State.



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There is fire. I'm willing to bet, that the car swapping incident with past and present players will show something else than just car swapping. Think they need to pull records from 2002 - now.


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Pryor's from Jeannette, PA (Wikipedia) which is 5-6 miles away from my hometown.

Jeannette, PA (city-data.com)

Looks good. I feel the GMC and the Nissan really complement the fading paint and gray skies.


Edit: fixed giant picture size. Rookie mistake.


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The thing I love is that TP is lucky enough to be reminded about the empire that he helped bring down every time he looks at those never-going-away tattoos… hopefully just a little sting every time he glances at them…

The good news is that he'll also always have that college degree that no one can take away from him.


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When you look back at the benefactors, the cars, the drugs, the $$$, it's almost as if Columbus were Miami circa 1980s.... But the part that's missing are the rings, the domination, the championships.

Tressel threw every possible enticement at these young men but still couldn't receruit the talent to dominate... Because deep down very, very few top players want to be a Buckeye. 




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I think OSU fans now acknowledge that their favorite football program is about to be demolished.  A few months back I remember USC fans still struggling to save face and saying off stuff like "nothing to worry about, it's all good!"

6 months later, silence.  Nothing but silence. Of course, everyone is officially an LA Lakers fan just to make the pain go away. Except it didn't.

I'm not sure there's much to sooth the pain in Ohio right now. 

Buckeyes? Definitely not. 

Reds? Nope. 

Cavs? Bwahahaha.

Indians? Seriously dude.




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All of these vehicles pictured above are total gas hogs. How in the world is he paying for gas? Are the dealerships flipping the bill for the fuel as well? All those cars are sports/performance vehicles that aren't intended to be driven with a light foot.


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Wanted to post the picture on a buddys page of the new Nissan..

When attempting to save the image, it's titled "pryor-fucktard" Ahahahah


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As a long time MICHIGAN fan (over 50years as a season ticket holder) it disturbs me to see everyone jumping on the "They cheated bandwagon".  I believe Michigan is the best because of their accomplishments not because of the misdeeds of others.  True fans will support their team regardless of their record but will be just as concern as their opponents by any misdeeds.  I would like to see more about Michigan's accomplishments across all sports than this "let's kick them as much as we can well they are down."  The facts and misdeeds will all come out but lets see more focus on the positives about MICHIGAN than the negatives about the hairless, worthless nuts.   I know many buckeye fans and alumni that are very disturbed by this whole incident with Spielman and Herbstreit just being two of the more famous ones.  

I want Michigan to beat the worthless nuts every time out but I want to do it because Michigan is great not that osu is lousy.  GO BLUE!



June 1st, 2011 at 7:32 AM ^

If we were talking about a team that played on a level field and by the same set of rules as we did. Evidently, that's not the case. That team, and particularly the vast majority of its fan base, had no trouble gloating over Michigan's misfortunes for the previous three years, including our troubles with the NCAA.

Sure, one could argue that those three years - for better or worse - were our own doing and I won't debate that. But the Hall of Mirrors established by That School in Ohio is in the process of crashing down, and deservedly so. Where were those "disturbed" fans and alumni when Maurice Clarett was singing like a canary? Where were they when Troy Smith's Golden Handshakes came to light? Did they speak up about the Terrelle Pryor Driving School?

Sorry, I don't feel at all sorry for them. And I'm not about to scold fellow Michigan fans for rejoicing in epic schadenfreude.