Driving In Cars With Pryor

Submitted by Brian on May 31st, 2011 at 2:32 PM

Dodge Charger R/T:

Dodge Challenger registered to Auto Direct and Aaron "Don't Call Me Lane" Kniffin, who claims to have spoken with OSU's compliance director 50 times:


The local news channel followed Pryor around and reports he's been driving it for two weeks.

GMC Denali:


Not pictured: Terrelle Pryor. Pryor was ticketed in one of these with dealer plates traced back to Auto Direct. Also not pictured: another loaner of unspecified model Pryor was ticketed in.

The Nissan 350z Pryor rolled up to last night's meeting in:


And the Coke Classic shot of a youthful Pryor who has just found out people will let him borrow cars because he's rad:


Ah, simpler times.

I will venture a guess that this is a lot of cars for one person to have in a short period of time and that Terrelle Pryor's taken his last snap at Ohio State.



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I'm still laughing at driving the Nissan to last night's meeting. How dumb can you be? Even if the car's actually his with his own money, he's got to know that it looks really bad for him to be in a new car.

It really can't be said enough. I'm so glad he decided to go to "The University of Ohio State" on signing day of 2008.


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Doug Karcsh compared it to Kwame Kilpatrick showing up to court for his text message scandal and sending texts during the trial.

This guy is such a jackass.  To see him leave disgraced is nice but it doesn't feel half as good as if we got a chance to beat him on the field at least one more time.  If he had the expression on his face that David Boston had when Charles Woodson returned that punt in 97, that would have been gold.


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as I was driving back into Columbus from a wonderful fly fishing trip in northern Michigan, I was listening to a special edition of 97.1 regarding Tressel's resignation and I heard a caller call in completely choked up and on the verge of crying.  I thought "what an awesome this is turning out to be."

But then, last night, I flipped on the local news and saw a reporter outside of the Woody Hayes pracice facility reporting on Pryor's newest car. 

And that my friends, was an awesome day.


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I'd really like to see a google wave chat between joe paterno, rich rod, and tpeezy from 2008. Maybe this was all one big plot to take down OSU...(dun dun DUNNN)


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Why does a 21 year old kid playing college football have a lawyer?

"Pryor's attorney declined comment, citing the need for confidentiality because of the NCAA investigation."



Deep Under Cover

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That intersection has a dedicated turn lane that merges into the street he turned on to (I think you can kind of see the solid line wrapping around the corner). I could be wrong though.


EDIT: I was wrong, here is the intersection on Google Maps. He ran it fo sho


oriental andrew

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That's a previous generation Hyundai Sonata, model years ranging from about 2006-2010.  So a fairly recent model, although looks pretty dated compared to the new Sonatas.  (and now, OT and probably TMI) The previous generation, though, is when critics really started being impressed with Hyundai as an auto manufacturer, as they put out a vehicle that could finally compete with Honda, Toyota, Ford, etc. 


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I can most definitely say this has been the best Memorial Day ever.  On top of celebrating those that have risked their life for our freedom, we also get to kick the sweater vest out the door.  I would be very surprised if there isn't much more fallout from this still to come.  It just keeps getting better and better!


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Keep serving it up.  I may go best with some fava beans and a nice little Chianti.

Perhaps the Boren family could serve the dessert, their favorite little family pie.