Draftageddon: This is Fine Edition

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We are drafting Big Ten teams because "Top 100 players in the Big Ten" content wouldn't make us hate each other nearly as much.

Previously on Draftageddon:

  1. Rounds 1-2: A Heisman candidate QB and the reigning Thorpe winner go after two members of Michigan's secondary. (M players: Peppers, Lewis, Butt)

  2. Rounds 3-4: An underwhelming first swing through receivers, and lots of linemen. (Chesson, Cole, Wormley, Glasgow)

  3. Rounds 5-6: A Michigan second-teamer goes before Purdue J.J. Watt. (Charlton, Hurst)

  4. Rounds 7-8: Hodor. (Taco, Hurst)

  5. Rounds 9-11: We go on a mini Iowa binge, and Brian takes a true freshman (YTTF).

  6. Rounds 12-14: A grueling three-rounder with safeties, RBs, and MSU legacies flexing. (O'Korn, Braden).

How things stand:


We ran three rounds again last time, which was probably too much. Just trying to get these all out before the season; would you rather very long Draftageddons or multiple Draftageddons per week?


ACE: Round 15, Pick 1: Brandon Bell, linebacker, Penn State



OFFENSE: QB CJ Beathard (IA), RB Saquon Barkley (PSU), WR Jehu Chesson (M), SLOT Curtis Samuel (OSU), TE George Kittle (IA), OT Nick Gates (NE), OG Jacob Bailey (IU), WEAPON Jabrill Peppers (M)

DEFENSE: NT Ryan Glasgow (M), DT Jake Replogle (PU), DE Sam Hubbard (OSU), MLB Josey Jewell (IA), OLB Brandon Bell (PSU), OLB/NICKEL Jabrill Peppers (M), CB Jalen Myrick (MN), S Nate Gerry (NE)

SPECIAL TEAMS: KR Jabrill Peppers (M), PR Jabrill Peppers (M)

Seth, our resident PSU fan, chose Nyeem Wartman-White in the sixth round of this draft. Even when fully healthy, however, he’s not PSU’s best linebacker—that honor goes to Brandon Bell. Here is eight minutes of Bell doing every damn thing you’d want from a linebacker:

Bell is a prototype walkout linebacker, and at 6’1”, 231, he’s strong enough to play on the inside as well—there are several impressive snaps above where he lines up at WILL and makes a play between the tackles. In 11 games, he tallied 67 tackles, 12.5 TFLs, 5.5 sacks, three forced fumbles, and an interception. He did all of this while playing much of the season injured:

That's because the New Jersey native played most of the season injured. A shoulder injury was obvious, and the defensive coordinator said there were lower body issues, as well.

"You look back at the year Brandon Bell had, despite missing a couple of games, playing with two bad wheels, a shoulder that kept popping out; when I go back and watch the cutups from the fall, just really impressed with the way Brandon plays," Pry said.

I’ll happily take Bell over the relatively interchangeable MIKEs who’ve gone off the board in the last couple rounds, especially since there are still a couple quality ILBs left on the board if I want to reconfigure my defense. For now, I’ll take a linebacker trio of Bell-Jewell-Peppers that will murder anything on the outside, provide great coverage, and allow my hypothetical squad to avoid having to substitute much against spread teams.


Seth: I would argue except "Well most Penn State fans think..." is the Alabama of bad ways to begin an argument.

Brian: You'd think Ace would know that after drafting nothing but PSU TEs for skill positions last year.

Ace: I’ve made some regrettable choices. Meanwhile, Wartman-White is in a battle just to get his MIKE spot back. Jason Cabinda is good, but nobody’s touched him yet in a draft heavy on ILBs.

Seth: That battle is the mother of offseason pablum. NWW will play wherever they want him, and Cabinda is more Desmond Morgan than Larry Foote.

Ace: They’re all going to start, but it’s tough to spin “ripped up his knee, is ​_still_​ not fully healthy, might not be the QB of the defense anymore” as anything but a negative. I certainly don’t think he should’ve gone in the 6th round of a draft in which Jermaine Carter lasted until the 14th.

Brian: Yeah i mean how likely is it NWW is better than guys like Jewell and Carter? Possible, but not that likely. And the downside is kind of severe.

Ace: And Bell is a more versatile player than Jewell/Carter/NWW/Bullough. Figured someone would grab him as a spacebacker much earlier. I only waited this long because I already had Peppers.

Seth: When i did the Googling for that guy I had to sift through a Draftageddon's worth of articles from last year where teammates bemoaned his loss. It must have been a weekly feature. Meanwhile the list of guys I can watch live and immediately pick out that they're special is quite short. That meant a lot to me in choosing a linebacker, since draft rankings and all-X lists barely look past number of tackles.

And I was waiting to draft Bell because everybody had an outside linebacker already.

Ace: You say that like the rest of us haven’t watched film, too.

Seth: Live-live. Like you can see it from section 18. This is more explanation than argument. I develop sentimental attachments to players I personally identified

Ace: I rest my case, then.

Seth: There are also the guys I read about then watch tape and see just a guy ​*cough* Hardy Nickerson. (Also *cough* sometimes that guy is Jordan Howard *cough myself*)

Adam: Hey don't try to drag me into your mess. I waited until the 13th round to make my feelingsball-based reach.

Seth: Like I said, I gave up this fight when I realized the credibility of my source killed it before I got to the first predicate.

[After the jump: more self-refuting sentences involving Penn State]

ADAM: Round 15, Pick 2: Marcus Allen, S, Penn State

Offense: Pat Elflein (OC-OSU), Dan Feeney (OG-Indiana), Amara Darboh (WR-Michigan), Justin Jackson (RB-Northwestern), Brandon Reilly (WR-Nebraska), John O'Korn (QB-Michigan), Ben Braden (OG-Michigan)

Defense: Jourdan Lewis (CB-Michigan), Dawuane Smoot (DE-Illinois), Taco Charlton (DE-Michigan), Maurice Hurst (DT-Michigan), Vince Biegel (OLB-Wisconsin), Matthew Harris (CB-Northwestern), Hardy Nickerson Jr. (LB-Illinois), Marcus Allen (S-Penn State)

Penn State fans thought they'd found a mainstay in the secondary for years to come when Allen was thrown into the lineup as a true freshman in 2014 due to injury, starting the last seven games and impressing enough to be named to almost everyone's freshman All-American team. His stat line in 2015 was impressive--81 tackles, 5 TFLS, 2 PBUs, 1 sack, 2 forced fumbles--but Penn State fans bemoaned the mistakes that started to crop up shortly after the season started.

Chief among those was missed tackles, of which PFF tagged him with 14 by season's end. I expect that to be a one-season problem, however. Allen suffered a shoulder injury in the fourth game of the season that forced him out after one series. He missed the next game before returning to the lineup, but the injury never fully healed. From what I've seen he's not a shoulder-first lunger; many of his missed tackles came after trying to wrap up a guy and slipping off, and that should be remedied in 2016. He'll likely be under greater duress with Carl Nassib and Austin Johnson and Anthony Zettel gone, but watch this highlight reel and think about Montae Nicholson getting earnest preseason hype as one of the best safeties in the conference and tell me Allen's not worth drafting.


BiSB: Hair game: strong.

15.2 pasted_image_at_2016_07_01_09_13_360_thumb
Smoothitron: The hair is great, but provides some unique challenges.

15.2 psuhair_360_thumb
Adam: That explains any coverage gaffes. Should have a breakout season if their equipment guys can get him a helmet where part of the facemask isn't in front of his eyes.

Ace: So about that:

If there’s a weakness in the Penn State defense it’s on the back end, with multiple negatively graded defenders in coverage.

SS Marcus Allen has missed 14 tackles on the season and given up multiple big plays over the year while some of the depth players have been spotty at best.

Seth: Yeah that was the article that made me close my Allen tabs. I think their pass D was so highly rated because their pass rush last year was INSANE. When Nassib went out, Rudock did to Penn State's secondary what he did to Indiana's a week earlier.

Ace: My guess is this year will bear that out. QBs just didn’t have any time to throw long last year.

Seth: Yeah. Offenses decided they'd had enough of Zettel so they doubled him and had to live with what you can get before a single-teamed Austin Johnson would make the pocket unlivable. And that was a dream scenario for the guy drawing up the blitzes and stunts.

Ace: Offenses also decided they were better off running. Accounting for sacks: 464 opponent rush attempts, 419 pass attempts last year. Given that front four, their run D was surprisingly meh. Feel like Nassib was a weak spot there.

Seth: That probably contributed to the stunting. Take this FWIW but any time a team had success running against them the PSU bloggers blamed Nyeem's injury.

Ace: /giphy grain of salt

Seth: Though "James Franklin got out-coached" was the take by...James Franklin:

“We’ve been really good against the run for a long time -- We were not today," Franklin told reporters in Evanston. "I think they were doing a bunch of 'look-look' things to the sideline, finding out what we were lined up in defensively, and then checking the play."

Ace: Now that I can take at face value.

Seth: Speaking of safeties who will look good because their front four is ridiculous...


SETH: Round 15, Pick 3: Dymonte Thomas, safety, Meeeeeshigan

01 BLF_5228_thumb[1]

[Bryan Fuller]

Offense: QB J.T. Barrett (OSU), RB Corey Clement (Wis), WR Chris Godwin (PSU), WR Simmie Cobbs (IN), OL Mason Cole (M), OC Sean Welsh (Iowa), OG Billy Price (OSU)

Defense: NT Bryan Mone (M), DT Darius Hamilton (RU), LB Nyeem Wartman-White (PSU), LB Riley Bullough (MSU), S Godwin Igwebuike (NW), S Dymonte Thomas (M), CBs Desmond King and Greg Mabin (Iowa)

Specialists: KR/PR King

Next year is shaping up to be the year we are really mad about Brady Hoke's non-redshirts. That especially goes for Thomas, an all-world athlete who played outside linebacker in high school. In 2014 Thomas still looked so raw that his HTTV '15 writeup pondered a move to receiver. Dymonte defied that by splitting snaps with Hill. Still, the first half of the season was Mouton-esque: spectacular one minute, gyyyah the next.

That in one gif:

Then the light went on. Brian in HTTV '16:

Thomas has incredible range. Late last year he started getting over the top of fade routes near the sideline, something that few safeties can do anywhere, even the NFL. A guy with his range hasn’t been seen in Ann Arbor in a long time.

Paths to becoming a great safety include being really intuitive (Kovacs) or really fast. Thomas is REALLY fast, and the more time he's spent at safety the more that has contributed to his game.

Meanwhile his fundamentals improved so much he shoved Delano Hill out of a job by Halloween, and elicited some Chris Spielman gushing just after Thanksgiving: 

Ezekiel Elliott and JT Barrett in space versus safeties was the foundation of one of the best offenses in college football the last few years, so winning those battles back to back to force OSU to punt from their end zone in a 0-0 game was huge (and subsequently undone when their punter rolled out into contact on the next play).
This year I don't expect Dymonte to keep things as pleasantly boring as Jarrod Wilson did, but hopes are high the somewhat messier trading will return the same dividends before ​an All-American 5th year in 2017​ Thomas ends up drafted in the low rounds or an unsigned free agent. At least we beat Western Michigan.


BRIAN: Tommy Ar…



BRIAN: Tommy Armstrong, QB, Nebraska

Offense: QB Tommy Armstrong (NEB), RB LJ Scott(MSU), TE Jake Butt(M), WR Jordan Westerkamp (NEB), OL Cole Croston(IA), OL Brian Allen(MSU)

Defense: DE Tyquan Lewis(OSU), DE Rashan Gary(M), DT Chris Wormley(M), DT Malik McDowell(MSU). LB Raekwon McMillan (OSU), LB Anthony Walker (NW), LB Jermaine Carter(MD), CB Gareon Conley(OSU), CB Will Likely (MD).



His picks really are magnificent.

Some guy did a 2 1/2-minute video breakdown of that Wisconsin pick as if mechanics were the issue instead of “that was spectacularly dumb.”


BRIAN: Round 16, Pick 1: Kenny Allen, K/P, Michigan


Offense: QB Tommy Armstrong (NEB), RB LJ Scott(MSU), TE Jake Butt(M), WR Jordan Westerkamp (NEB), OL Cole Croston(IA), OL Brian Allen(MSU)

Defense: DE Tyquan Lewis(OSU), DE Rashan Gary(M), DT Chris Wormley(M), DT Malik McDowell(MSU). LB Raekwon McMillan (OSU), LB Anthony Walker (NW), LB Jermaine Carter(MD), CB Gareon Conley(OSU), CB Will Likely (MD).

ST: Kenny Allen(K/P), Likely(PR/KR)

Allen set a Michigan record for field goal accuracy last year and it would have been even a little better but for some oddities that caused misses. Allen didn't have a huge leg—almost all of his attempts were from within 40—but all I want a kicker to do is nail the kicks teams should actually attempt.

Meanwhile Allen is almost certainly going to be Michigan's punter this year. Allen came to Michigan expecting to succeed Will Hagerup, a plan that went awry when Hagerup took an unexpected redshirt year and Michigan imported an Aussie last year. Despite that I've seen him punt a million billion times because Brady Hoke's instinct when forced to open practice was to make it a special teams exhibition, and he gets huge distance. Hagerup, except more consistent, is what I expect. He won't be a deft as Blake O'Neill was at dropping balls inside the five; he'll be more than capable of bombing it long.

But yeah the extra roster spot Allen frees up is the main reason for this pick.


Ace: Annnnnnnnd there’s the annual Brian weird special teams pick.

Brian: I hardly think that pick is "weird". I actually have a punter this year!

Ace: True. “Weird” in this case being that nobody else has even considered a specialist. Compared to past years, not weird at all.

Brian: Also I'd be mostly fine with Armstrong at QB if Mike Riley hadn't misused him like Al Borges in charge of Denard. Armstrong saw his carries drop 33% last year and his YPC​also go down, which is not how that's supposed to work.  Most of the time I watched Nebraska last year I was rolling my eyes at their dumbass offense in the wake of Tim Beck leaving for OSU.

Ace: The Tim Beck move made ​nobody​ happy last year.

Brian: No.

Ace: Armstrong really is decent outside of the 3-4 times per game he does something completely inexplicable. Which I realize is the most backhanded of QB compliments.

Seth: You could make a 10-minute highlight reel of Armstrong rolling out then throwing off his back foot. It takes less than 2 minutes of any Nebraska reel to feel sorry for the guy.

BiSB: We're not saying that taking Tommy Armstrong was the WRONG move at this point. We're just saying that if you find yourself in a position where taking Tommy Armstrong is the right move, you've made some bad life choices to bring you to that point.

Brian: It's a forced pick.

Ace: Brian also has that extra spot now because of the Kenny Allen pick. Speight or Indiana JuCo QB contingency plan? Or… Wes Lunt, I guess?

Brian: Not Wes Lunt.

BiSB: Or Austin Appleby...

Wait, what's that? He left?


imageJust sayin'.

BiSB: Ya know, Chris Laviano threw for 7.3 YPA....

Seth: Tyler O'Connor beat Ohio State. He's going to run the table this year.

Ace: I think I forgot Appleby and Danny Etling were different people. it’s hilarious that both are competing for ​SEC​ starting gigs this year.

BiSB: And Maryland has two guys with significant exper... ***Sentence intercepted at the 37 yard line***

Ace: LSU’s and Florida’s QB situations are not great Bob. This headline


and this lede

Appleby started 11 games the past two seasons, winning two. He ended his career with as many touchdowns as interceptions (19 each).

On the surface, it is not the résumé of a difference-maker at quarterback for Gators.

no, it is not.

Seth: The more depressing thing is his refusal to babysit. What is he doing that's so important he can't watch Kate & Mim-Mim for a few hours?

Brian: Also not under the surface or in orbit

BiSB: If you rely on things like "numbers" and "having watched him play football," you may be tempted to think, "bwahahahahaha."

Ace: That Etling/LSU article is also full of unintentional humor.

Is this spring about getting the incumbent Harris better, or is it about a competition in which Harris has to fight for his job?

It’s an interesting question, considering that Harris isn’t the only current Tigers quarterback who has been through adversity. If he does lose the job, he’ll share the locker room with a couple of players have lost jobs in their past as well.

There’s Danny Etling, the one-time starter at Purdue who lost the starting job in 2014 to Austin Appleby (who, a season later, lost the job to freshman David Blough). Etling sat out last year at LSU after making the move South.

BiSB: So I guess what we're saying is that in the land of Purdue transfers, a three year starter at Nebraska is king.

Ace: I think Brian needs to take David Blough.

Brian: True freshman completed 58% and looked pretty good at times. It wouldn't be INSANE.

Ace: That calls for a BIG TENNNNNNNNN


┳┻| _
┻┳| •.•)  He looked okay

Smoothitron: You guys all laugh at Appleby but there is no doubt in my mind he finishes the year among top QBs in America alphabetically.

Seth: Led the Big Ten in butt dials in 2013-'14.

Ace: As a fellow AA, I feel his pain.

Smoothitron: Blough might not get drafted here, but he is the perfect QB for Purdue as his name is an onomatopoeia for the sound that erupts from someone watching a Purdue game.

BiSB: Actually, that's Luke Falk

(Or possibly Wes Lunt)


SETH: Round 16, Pick 2: Michael Dunn, OL, Maryland


Alexander Jonesi/Testudo Times

Offense: QB J.T. Barrett (OSU), RB Corey Clement (Wis), WR Chris Godwin (PSU), WR Simmie Cobbs (IN), OL Mason Cole (M), OL Michael Dunn (Md), OC Sean Welsh (Iowa), OG Billy Price (OSU)

Defense: NT Bryan Mone (M), DT Darius Hamilton (RU), LB Nyeem Wartman-White (PSU), LB Riley Bullough (MSU), S Godwin Igwebuike (NW), S Dymonte Thomas (M), CBs Desmond King and Greg Mabin (Iowa)

Specialists: KR/PR King

Offensive line depth in the conference is super-thick in the center and thins out dramatically outside. That's how an ungoogleable 6'5 Maryland walk-on might be the best left tackle in the conference this year, if he even plays left tackle this year.

That may sound ridiculous on the surface, but it's the best/only explanation for the weirdest stat line of 2015:


Maryland (yes THAT Maryland) had a rushing offense, despite resorting to cut blocks inside and looking like a total disaster on the right. A lot of the Terps' rushing success came from defensive ends getting carried upfield and opening up big QB scrambles or RB stretches.

Dunn rarely powered guys around, and if he could lock out any rusher he'd be drafted long ago. Brute strength to blocking is like speed to running backs: nice, but way less important than the intuition and quick thinking to find holes, or in this case create them:

The best thing about Dunn’s play is that there are very few highlights of any kind. Maryland’s offensive line regularly got toasted over his first two years as a starter, but Dunn was rarely the guilty party. He doesn’t lay wowing pancake blocks on people, but he doesn’t get easily beaten by Big Ten defensive ends, either.

I watched a game's worth of this against a monster DL:

...and the Glasgowness held up as well as the Bosa-facing side of the line didn't. I also went through the Maryland UFR from last year to find all that pressure coming up the middle. Dunn's one bad play (incidentally Ojemudia's last) was getting shoved by Taco into the QB.

If you're wondering why we're waiting this long to draft left tackles, well, this is what the pool looks like. For my part I don't want to see how ugly it gets from here.


Ace: Tough to separate Dunn from the issues on the rest of the line, but the game log indicates they had a hard ceiling against good teams:


OSU is the outlier and Perry Hills had 170 yards in that one.

Seth: Since I got called out for over-analyzing single plays I decided not to look too carefully at those Perry Hills runs in the vicinity of two of my boss's draft picks.

Ace: Feel like Dunn is just a guy. No NFL draft hype, meh line, not even guaranteed to play LT. It’s an awful year for proven tackles in the conference but I’m surprised he went over Mags.

Seth: If he was more than a highlight-preventer he'd have been drafted in the 4th round. I like him a lot better than Mags. The Glasgow comp is strong here, and I'd take Glasgow over Mags—even at tackle—in a heartbeat. He gave MARYLAND a RUNNING GAME!

Ace: Glasgow got NFL draft hype that came to fruition.

Seth: NFL draft hype doesn't mean much. Mags is getting some too. Even Kalis is CBS's 9th guard (Braden is 21st) and Minnesota's 6'8 turnstile is ahead of Cole Croston. We know better. I'm not calling Dunn a 4th round draft pick, but I see him as an intelligent, B- player when every offensive tackle hereafter is either at best a C or a flier.

Ace: I’ll just say I don’t get the O-line drafting strategy for a couple of teams here.


ADAM: Round 16, Pick 3: Damarius Travis, S, Minnesota


[Christopher Mitchell / Sport Sho]

Offense: Pat Elflein (OC-OSU), Dan Feeney (OG-Indiana), Amara Darboh (WR-Michigan), Justin Jackson (RB-Northwestern), Brandon Reilly (WR-Nebraska), John O'Korn (QB-Michigan), Ben Braden (OG-Michigan)

Defense: Jourdan Lewis (CB-Michigan), Dawuane Smoot (DE-Illinois), Taco Charlton (DE-Michigan), Maurice Hurst (DT-Michigan), Vince Biegel (OLB-Wisconsin), Matthew Harris (CB-Northwestern), Hardy Nickerson Jr. (LB-Illinois), Marcus Allen (S-Penn State), Damarius Travis (S-Minnesota)

Eric Murray and Briean Boddy-Calhoun are both getting ready for their first NFL training camps this month, and Damarius Travis expected he'd be joining his Minnesota classmates even after he tore his hamstring late in the 2015 season opener against TCU. He re-injured the hamstring during his recovery and took a medical redshirt; he may not be in the NFL just yet, but he's had the requisite time to heal to step in and pick up where he left off in 2014 and, for a game, 2015.

Travis had 61 tackles, 3.5 TFLs, 5 PBUs, and 2 INTs in 2014, and he already recorded 10 tackles in less than a complete game in 2015 before his season ended. Those are respectable numbers for a safety, but more important than his numbers is his versatility:

Defensive coordinator Jay Sawvel said Travis was the one defensive player the Gophers couldn’t afford to lose in 2014. That year, Murray and Boddy-Calhoun were named All-Big Ten players, while Travis didn’t receive conference accolades.

(Travis) played nickel; he played safety; he was … our best overall player,” Sawvel said. “Great cover guy, good in the box, but he was also our best special teams player.”

Minnesota used Travis like Michigan used Peppers last season since he was equally adept supporting the run from inside (or outside) the box and manning up a slot receiver. He can also play a deep half, as he frequently bracketed TCU receivers and was able to get over the top without issue. His skill set is so versatile that it goes a long way toward making up for my lack of a spacebacker.


ACE: Round 16, Pick 4: Michael Dieter, center, Wisconsin



OFFENSE: QB CJ Beathard (IA), RB Saquon Barkley (PSU), WR Jehu Chesson (M), SLOT Curtis Samuel (OSU), TE George Kittle (IA), OT Nick Gates (NE), OG Jacob Bailey (IU), C Michael Dieter (UW), WEAPON Jabrill Peppers (M)

DEFENSE: NT Ryan Glasgow (M), DT Jake Replogle (PU), DE Sam Hubbard (OSU), MLB Josey Jewell (IA), OLB Brandon Bell (PSU), OLB/NICKEL Jabrill Peppers (M), CB Jalen Myrick (MN), S Nate Gerry (NE)

SPECIAL TEAMS: KR Jabrill Peppers (M), PR Jabrill Peppers (M)

Wisconsin’s rushing numbers cratered last year due to injuries to Corey Clement and much of the offensive line. The Badgers should bounce back this year, and while Clement should be a big part of that, so will redshirt sophomore center Michael Dieter, one of only two Wisconsin linemen to start every game last year. After beginning the season at left guard, Dieter took over at center when Dan Voltz—a quality center in his own right—went down with an ACL injury.

Voltz has already volunteered to play guard when he returns in the fall because Dieter has taken so well to that center spot. Squint at Wisconsin’s generally ugly offensive line stats and you can see Dieter’s impact: Wisconsin ranked 20th in power success rate and 17th in stuff rate—they converted short-yardage opportunities and didn’t give up many negative plays, which is usually indicative of solid interior line play, and Dieter was the lone constant on the interior of Wisconsin’s line. He’s a future all-conference center with positional flexibility, and he should be improved this year, especially if there’s more continuity on the line surrounding him.


Where things stand:

You may have to click to read these.



NEXT TIME ON DRAFTAGEDDON: Vastly hyped Spartans get RESPEKT…well, from Ace at least.


CRISPed in the DIAG

August 2nd, 2016 at 11:12 AM ^

Like kale, I think Draftaggedon will be good for me. "Try it," I tell myself. "Look! Words and pictures about football players!"  

But also like Kale, I never finish it. No matter how much fallafel or orange slices I add to it.  


August 2nd, 2016 at 11:15 AM ^

Sometimes I think you guys keep this going just to troll all of us. I mean, that's a lot of effort for something that almost nobody reads (and I'm not saying that to be a jerk).


August 2nd, 2016 at 11:34 AM ^

Call me one of Izzo's weird guys, but I actually read these things for the banter in between the picks. It's like the first time I watched a Wes Anderson movie in high school. I knew it was supposed to be funny, but I didn't quite understand how or why. Hoping that like Anderson's films, time allows me to understand the humor of the banter.


August 2nd, 2016 at 12:47 PM ^

If the goal is a sort of B1G preview you may consider a rule change that allows someone to draft a team's QB tandem with the idea that you get whomever plays the most in the first game.  That would allow a discussion of say the relative merits of MSU's combo vs. Armstrong.  I'd say the same about Michigan's relative uncertainty but...

We know who of the 4 loves Michigan the best.  Yeesh, Seth, you should propose trading Mone and a late pick to balance things for Smoot and either Elfein or Biegel.