Ding, Dong

Submitted by Brian on May 30th, 2011 at 11:23 AM

So I'm doing the Memorial Day thing and as such am almost completely out of pocket. I'm typing on a phone and therefore can't do various things I otherwise would do. Like link. Sorry in advance.

Preliminaries out of the way: wow. Ding, dong. /brucecampbellvoice. Tressel's dead, Ohio State won't have a new coach until November, when the Buckeye season will end no matter their record, and there's an SI story coming out in the next day or so that will apparently explain the sudden shift from "I hope he doesn't fire me" to dead man. In all likelihood that will contain details that put USC level sanctions on the table. In the interregnum in Columbus, shiny friendly not about to get cratered Brady Hoke will be in ur base stealing ur recruits. Full analysis tomorrow when I've got a computer and the SI story. Someone find a good place to get a Dispatch style count up clock in the meantime.



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Seems like all of the stars that were so furiously aligned against us the past three years have   had a massive Galactic Shift.  Willing and ready to ride the wave of Hoke's auric excrective aura.


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There's plenty out there to satisfy our appetites (go read the comments thread on 11 Warriors LOL).  We'll look forward to your insight when you have a full keyboard to work with.

Go Blue!


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I'm loving watching OSU fans spin this as watch out, not they'll get a coach who won't take his foot off when they get a lead.


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So when Boren cited"family values", what exactly was he referring to?  Sucks we won't be able to exact revenge on Tressel, but hopefully the tide turns anyhow and we rack up 7 straight.  Go Blue!


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Pretty good Staples article


"Try for a moment to remove whatever school-colored glasses you might own and consider the following questions:

-- If Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin and Alex Smith had been found guilty of breaking NCAA rules, what would you think of former Utah and Florida coach Urban Meyer?

-- If Ricky Williams, Vince Young and Colt McCoy had all been penalized for running afoul of the NCAA, what would you think of Texas coach Mack Brown?

-- If college sports' governing body had forced LaRon Landry, Rolando McClain and Mark Ingram to miss games for their transgressions, what would you think of former LSU and current Alabama coach Nick Saban?"


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That the two OSU coaches who did the most to establish, continue and enhance the Buckeye brand of Top Ten football depart in such an ignominious fashion.  Woody for belting an opposing player...during the game!  And Tressel the serial turn the other cheek cheater who established no institutional control while his players lined their pockers for......ten years!

So Brent Musberger said that JT was a great guy.  Have you ever noticed that most con artists and pathological liars are very likable?  Of course they are because they say only what they think you want to hear.

Then there is Gordon Gee, selected by Time magazine within the past 12 months as the top university president in the USA, with MSC 3rd.  Really?  Could we have a revote?

Highland Harry

May 30th, 2011 at 2:07 PM ^

When Nixon was forced out of office he stated that he was doing it for the sake of the nation and that  he was innocent of any wrong doing. I would imagine that Tressel will take the same approach, that he is leaving for the sake of  OSU and is totally innocent of any wrong doing.


May 30th, 2011 at 5:54 PM ^

Way too early to be thinking about these things but...  Tressel, as good as his record was against us, was starting to watch the game pass him by. 

Lets hope Meyer, Pelini and Patterson forsee the impending doom the NCAA will soon asert against an unsuspecting OSU and stay way.  I think all three are better coaches than Tressel.  If Dantonio jumps ship for the Buckeyes even better. 

As happy as we are today to watch OSU's pain and embarrasment lets hope it doesn't come back to bite us.


May 30th, 2011 at 12:06 PM ^

There is another Tressel. I wonder if he's going to keep recruiting there or if he's going to go out like Ella Bully Cummings did when Kwame resigned. I'm trying to picture him out there trying to pull in the top recruits and the picture is just too funny right now.

Ty Butterfield

May 30th, 2011 at 12:10 PM ^

I was really surprised to wake up to this news today. I could not shake the feeling that Tressel and OSU would skate by with minimum punishment by the NCAA. So glad I was wrong. Go over to Bucknuts if you want some entertainment. They all still think Tressel is a saint who didn't do anything wrong. Mr. Dunn---Come on down. GO BLUE!