Devin Gardner Picking Monday

Submitted by Brian on March 11th, 2009 at 3:18 PM

To the chase: three solid sources, one of them Buckeye Planet's unionfutura, indicate that MI QB Devin Gardner has moved up his announcement date to Monday. He plans on attending the Michigan junior day festivities this Friday; you can draw your own conclusions from that. Also, both sources indicate it's looking very, very good for M. BP has already labeled him a Michigan verbal. Party hats are likely.

Gardner would be a big pickup. Today's weird Rivals 100—which does not include Gardner or Ricardo Miller—aside, Gardner is widely regarded as one of two players vying to be the state's top prospect. (Southeastern LB/DE Will Gholston is the other.) Gardner was Michigan's top QB priority this year and has offers on the table from Notre Dame, LSU, Michigan State, and others.

Here's a TomVH interview with Gardner from last year for more detail, and some camp highlights:

The general WOTS is that Gardner needs a lot of fundamentals work but is a big-time athlete. ESPN's (now apparently free) evaluation is two-sided:
He is a fantastic prospect athletically and looks great on the hoof. Is the ideal fit for the spread offense and a short controlled passing game that plays off his threat as a runner. He is a gifted player with his legs and can improvise and create positive plays when things break down. Initial quickness and ability to take off out of the pocket is excellent.
… However, for all his athleticism and arm strength, Gardner's mechanics need a lot of work. Fortunately he is blessed with height because he has a very low release point and is a side-arm passer that cradles the ball and tends to push it in his delivery. … Like Vince Young there is probably only so much you can do with his throwing mechanics, but lots that can be done with his feet to help him become more consistent. He is green, but talented.
The ideal situation is a successful Forcier era followed by two years of a schooled and ready Gardner schooling foes. More when the deed is official.



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Kevin Newsome's recruitment was completely different than Devin Gardner's. Kevin Newsome didn't commit with intentions of staying committed. There were other factors involved.

His Dudeness

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I can read between the lines. Newsome wasn't getting the high flight offers so he "comitted" to Michigan to garner attention from the suitors he was really hoping for. He played us like a fiddle. gardner doesn't need to do that. I understand that. My question is, and I don't want to piss you off and that is not my intention but, what is with the vaguely answering without answering thing? Why not elaborate? What is the deal?


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Only problem (if he commits) is that it will play out one of two ways:

1) T-Force and D-Rob aren't the clear answers, our team sucks, and he stays committed

2) T-Force or D-Rob is the truth, he gets other people in his ear, stars to waiver, and eventually de-commits.

Now I don't mind Option #2, because it means we have a solid QB. Wouldn't want him going to OSU though.


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I agree - this is an option. In fact it makes the most sense for DG, but who relies on sense in this day and age? I think what people around the kid should be telling him (the truth) is for him to work on his mechanics for two years then look to play either his soph (rs) and junior seasons, or junior and senior seasons. I think the NFL would MUCH prefer to take a kid who has had three years to work on his mechanics and spend only two of those years being knocked around.

mad magician

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I'm guessing it's because TomVH is privy to inside info, and he doesn't want to betray anyone's confidence or trust. Also, we've learned in the past year or so that recruiting, and other things (see McGuffie, Sam), can be a fluid situation and you have to be wary of saying anything definitive until news becomes official. I think.


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Wow, that kid is raw. Several throws were off target and seemed like he was really aiming rather than throwing. I can see where ESPN's analysis came from. Can't wait to see his progression, hopefully with us.


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Looks like a great athlete, obviously. His release is the issue, he sets the ball below his chin, then when he throws he moves it into the "cocked" position and finally releases it. You might say this is a "hitch". This should be easily fixed by an experienced coach. Hopefully he'll be a Wolverine.


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This guy is clearly a highly pownable newb. did you see that video? looks like the ducks went south for the winter a little early. Like those little cats say, "I can has accurate quarterback?" but the answer is always "NO". I've taken more accurate shits. Seriously, my shits go straight down the hole at the bottom of the toilet. This guy probably sprays it all over the toilet seat. Loose spirals and Loose Stool, its all the same. I hate guys like that (or girls). speaking of girls, look at his hands. Those are not big ten hands, but RR wouldnt know that. At least RR has locked down Wayne County for the time being, but hey does he know there are 82 other counties that are Dantonio country? This is a good time for a tacopants joke, but I can't think of any.


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Is there a reason Gardner was not even on the Rivals 250 to watch list? I understand evaluations are early and to not be in the top 100 is not a huge deal to me as there is a lot that will change in regards to rankings. The fact he wasn't identified as someone that has the skills to be a high caliber player just strikes me as odd. No?

Crime Reporter

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Just yesterday, Notre Dame's Rivals page had this to say about his recruitment:

Devin Gardner is in no hurry to narrow his list of prospective programs. But Notre Dame has kept in contact with the 6-foot-4, 195-pound dual-threat quarterback and may get a spring visit.

I just hope he doesn't plan on taking visits if he does commit Monday. I don't want to go through that bullshit again this year.


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Stay with me on this whole post before labeling me an idiot. I remember the hype surrounding Tyrell Pryor was that he was very good on his feet but there were a lot of questions with his arm. One year later the predictions about TP were pretty accurate. He was able to make a lot of plays with his feet but his arm was very sub-par at best. No I am not comparing the 2 because they are different people but the hype seems to be about the same. I think that riding the pine for 2 years would probably do him a lot of good. If TP had that opportunity it could have been a lot better for him so let's thank God Boeckman sucked so bad.