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Brian February 18th, 2016 at 1:31 PM

0004 Flanagan vs Osceola 12

This was a bit of a worst-kept secret but it is now official:

Per a source, Pembroke Pines, Fla./Flanagan coach Devin Bush Sr. has been hired as a Defensive Analyst for the Michigan football staff.

Bush built Flanagan from not much into a state champ in Florida's largest division; he was a star at FSU and a first round pick before an eight-year NFL career as a safety. He is likely to slot into the role that Chris Partridge vacated after his promotion.

Notably this is not the defensive backs job recently vacated by Greg Jackson. Sam Webb has heard that former Wisconsin S and Michigan grad assistant Aubrey Pleasant, now a QC coach with the Redskins, might be in line for that job.

Michigan still has an analyst spot open after Erik Campbell got a position coach job at UConn.



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1. Awesome

2. Can someone with more info than myself remind the board what these analysts do? We never heard much about them before Harbaugh. Since they can't recruit and can't work directly with the players my guess is that they serve almost as Assistants TO the assistant coaches - help break down game film, logistics prep, etc. Is that the gist?


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Tho I am not really surprised, It blows my mind that UM fans and Alums are trying to rationalize what is clearly one of the most overt ethical fails of any college coach ever in the history of the game. Why not just make a announcement that UM will wtite your Mom and Dad a check if you are willing to dispose of your integrity and come play for the Wolverines. Harbaugh has Zero integrity, this guy is the Tom Cruz of college football. He has just removed himself forever from being in the class of the Sabans and Meyer's of the world.
This is the slimmest, most corrupt pathetic tactic I have ever seen. And the media agrees. So go on UM fans, let's hear your excuse making for this shameful step away from what once was a honest, proud program. Good thing Bo is dead, cause seeing all he has built at UM be tore down by a narcissistic wantabee second class human being like Crazy Jim would surely kill him. Shame on all of you.…

I guess Jim will sell his soul to not feel like this again, but in the end, he will, again.
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Not so long ago folks were criticizing Meyer for recruiting kids that had made a verbal to another school. Now we have a Big10 coach dragging the integrity of the conference to a level lower than the worst of the worst. Man this is pathetic. Thanks Jim, for embarrassing the entire conference all because you can't compete being honest.

Space Coyote

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That would be an additional coach. JeepinBen is essentially correct. They self-scout by helping to break down film (both of games and practice), they help scout future opponents, they help plan practices and such, they help in camps, they can talk to recruits when on campus and I believe can have as much communication via phone as coaches (just can't do in-home visits), they can talk to players on campus to some degree (not sure what they are exactly allowed to do in film room).


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He can definitely recruit, he just can't recruit in home. He'll be a big part of the recruiting process in communicating with FL coaches (and others), identifying and evaluating recruits' film and recruiting while kids are on campus visiting. Those are all huge parts of recruiting. He just can't sit in a kid's living room. Which is fine, we have lots of other guys good at that (Harbaugh, Mattison, Partridge, Wheatley).


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This isn't really an answer but more like some additional information... Alabama has 7 "Football Analyst" along with two GA's and an intern. I am sure depending on teh person and the school the roles are vast. 

Dean Altobelli, Football Analyst 348-3600  
Keary Colbert, Football Analyst 348-3600  
Brendan Farrell, Football Analyst 348-3600  
Wes Neighbors, Football Analyst 348-3600  
William Vlachos, Football Analyst 348-3600  
Charlie Weis, Jr., Football Analyst 348-3600  
Garrett Cox, Football Analyst 348-3600  
Doug Belk, Graduate Assistant 348-3600  
Alex Mortensen, Graduate Assistant 348-3600  
JT Summerford, Athletics Intern 348-3600



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I am aware he was the OC for the Pats, and if he wants to lay claim to being a qb coach, then so be it. It is very difficult to teach any position, regardless of offense or defense, if you've never played the game. You can read all you want about the requirements for each position and assignments of same based on alignment and personnel packages of the opposition. But to be an EFFECTIVE position coach, it seems to me you would have to have played it for no other reason that what to expect and when faced with the unexpected or make a mistake, necessary steps to mitigate, to highest degree possible,oppositions's potential gains by not playing a certain player or package correctly, likewise quickest possible recovery after mental or physical error.

Jinkin Mongol

February 19th, 2016 at 12:06 AM ^

The University jobs website just posted a position titled: Football Operations and Analytics Coordinator.  Maybe this is the same job but maybe not since they had a more bland position titled Football Analyst posted a few weeks back.  Either way, the previously posted position was pretty similar to the current posting that can be found right here and if this is another position we have a heads up on it.

Below is the actual job description.  And since I am a fan of the Ann Arbor Observor I put in a few fake job requirement for people to look for.  Spot the fake requirements and I will send you a prize. 

Job Summary

Perform analytical research services for the coaching staff and aid the Director of Football Operations with task management and organization in regards to all aspects.


1. Perform data analysis for identification of play calling tendencies and strengths and weaknesses of our team and our opponents

2. Creation of and provision over research in regards to specific teams, conferences, styles, and College Football as a whole, that lead to insightful measures and reports

3. Weekly video scouting of top opponent players through an in-house created Player Evaluation System

4. Creation of Michigan post-game summary statistics and advanced measures of success

5. Weekly management of coach-produced player grades and helmet stickers

6. Produce and analyze offensive concept breakdowns

7. Create visualizations of the field of play with different information displayed, such as drive charts and exact depths and widths of passes against different coverages, blitzes, etc.

8. Creation and management of Strength & Conditioning advanced tracking measures and graphs for progress reports and analysis by S&C Staff

9. Produce aimed recruiting research and analysis of opponents and ourselves to help influence recruits

10. Creation of weekly referee foul summaries and bullshit meter

11. Assist the Director of Football Operations and Associate Director of Football Operations with organization, planning, management, and execution of tasks for upcoming projects, events, trips, etc.

12. Assist in management and integration of Teamworks as a way of creating ideal communication to players and staff regarding responsibilities, scheduling, and other necessary information

13. Update and manage player accountability reports and help execute necessary repercussions

14. Database management of player academics to help ensure the success of individual players and the maintenance of team G.P.A. threshold

15. Management or Team Blue Interns and their assistance to the team, but not like the Ole Miss or Clemson "interns". 

16. Help plan and execute camps, clinics, conferences, and various forms of enthusiam

17. Help research, plan, and execute the creation of the new Sports Performance Facility


1. Help ensure execution of pre-game responsibilities of players, staff and guests

2. In-game analysis for coaches in the booth

3.  Occasionally, and on short notice, remove headset wires, puffy jackets, or smaller framed walk-ons out of head coaches path. 

Required Qualifications*

Bachelor's Degree

Prior Internship Experience 

Salt and pepper dreads.

Additional Information

Salary commensurate with experience.

Background Screening

The University of Michigan conducts background checks on all job candidates upon acceptance of a contingent offer and may use a third party administrator to conduct background checks. Must be able to drink 1 U.S. gallon of whole milk in under 10 minutes, no vomiting.  Background checks will be performed in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  OSU degree a disqualification. 

Application Deadline

Job openings are posted for a minimum of seven calendar days. This job may be removed from posting boards and filled anytime after the minimum posting period has ended.




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is brining in good coaches to be analysts.  Gives them a chance to help in all aspects of coaching, while also learning, then when we loose a top coach, we have someone familiar with the system ready to step in and fill the void.


February 18th, 2016 at 2:11 PM ^

Great news, glad to get coaching talent on the staff and then allow them to grow into new roles.  Keeps a great farm system going and builds connections.  I like this move a great deal.


February 18th, 2016 at 3:07 PM ^

In case anyone is curious (as I was) about high school teams using NFL logos, there's a good reddit thread about it here. TL;DR: Techincally they should be getting written consent, but they probbaly aren't and the NFL probably doesn't care.