Detroit Sports Media At Its Finest

Submitted by Brian on August 25th, 2005 at 6:59 PM

Terry Foster:

Rumors are circulating that the Pistons might break up their starting five by trading Rasheed Wallace to the Chicago Bulls for center Tyson Chandler and forward Andres Nocioni.

ESPN Message Boards:

I have just found out on that this rumor was made up by a 16 year old kid who regularly posts on there...

His name is Jayborne23...


Looks like Jayborne's rumor has come full circle lol.

Some of us should be getting paid by these journalists for the stuff we come up with...they just re-word posts and then print it as coming from a 'league source' :P


Jayborne23 posted on 8/23/2005 9:53:28 PM
Is Sheed for Chandler and Nocioni a real deal? Cause I sincerely made that s*** up. That hoopsworld article mentioned it. WHAT THE F***?

Terry Foster:

wont happen

I just talked to one of my NBA sources. He said the Sheed-Chandler trade has not been discussed by the two teams. It won't happen. Sorry to get you so excited.

lol, dumbass

Some Team Mexico Fansite:

Ya fue desmentido, aparentemente fue un rumor iniciado por un pibe de 16 años.

Terry Foster:

Did Anyone Die After Latest Pistons Rumor?


Let me see. What harm did writing the rumor cause?
Did someone jump off a building?
Did the Pistons shut down?
Did Rasheed Wallace read the blog and run into hiding?
No. None of this happened. What happened is some of you liked the rumored trade and debated it. And some of you did not.
I hardly think society has been altered.
The good news is this web blog [sic] is getting read. I know it has been quoted in [sic] other web sites, Tigers General Manager Dave Dombrowski is not thrilled with some of the stuff in here and geeks from around the country have used it to peddle female products and medicine to make you more user friendly to your women.
In the future if some of you are too stupid to differentiate between rumor and fact, then just turn the page.
There are some interesting posts on " [sic]

Emphasis mine. I think PistonsTalk said it best:

lol, dumbass.