Denard Robinson is Fast

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Also: water wet.

One Denard Xavier Robinson is not only a quarterback for the University of Michigan football team, but a scary-fast dude who runs track for the Wolverines as well. Today (seriously, less than an hour ago), Denard raced in the 60 meter dash against Ohio State WITH HIS SHOES UNTIED OMG. I'll let the video speak for itself:

He's the be-dreadlocked dude in the 4th lane, winning the race in a time of 6.81 seconds.

The meet was packed, and I'm sure much of the excitement was about Denard's performance this afternoon. Nearly every Michigan football coach and about half the team was in attendance, along with some football recruits, in addition to members of various other Michigan teams (shout out to women's basketball, who stood right near me). Paul also got some pics:

Sorry if some of them are blurry, he's just too fast for any shutter speed.



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...I just wish we could figure out how to convert some of that team unity into family values. I mean its cool that the entire coaching staff and a bunch of the team is showing up to an event just to support one of their players/teammates in an event that won't directly benefit them, but without turning that into a sense of community and family it just seems wasted. Anyone have any ideas?


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have to say I saw MICHIGAN unity today. The fact Denard was in the maize and blue scoring big instead of hanging with his girl...and the fact he was at the meet until the final event was finished (boo OSU...and why the heck does it take more than one of them to spell a four letter word? OHIO...IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE even if you drink from the Olentangy R...)and for the 'TEAM' simply there for the benefit of the 'TEAM'...when the bugeyes began speak and spell chants, the FOOTBALL TEAM countered with a LET'S GO BLUE retort. A part that is being overlooked, these are kids with a lot of pride and a lot of spirit in their University...I still remember John Kolesar comming into our building, getting his sweats and shoes, and then exiting the building never to be seen again. I recall Desmond Howard running the indoor season to hone skills for the combine and then exit stage millionare...and that's not a rip on Desmond, he was a class act, but Denard is out there because he wants to compete for the U of M and his football coaches are a bit more openminded than...BO. Thomas Wilcher who still holds many state records was doghoused after hurting himself running hurdles...keeping in mind the dude was a NATIONAL CHAMPION hurdler and went on to the Olympic trials...I'd say this whole 'FAMILY VALUES' comparisson is a bit deluded...each in his own way, it was awesome to see RR at the meet and recruits AND football players actually contributing...

Bobby Boucher

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I'm not sure if you're kidding or being serious. Since it's hard show your attitude at the time you are writing these threads I'm going assume that you're either:

A. Tired of hearing about D Rob being used at the slot


B. Convinced D Rob has too many moves to be standing on the sidelines for prolonged periods

maybe even

C. Undecided, therefore the argument must go on!!


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In D-Rob I saw a wildcat runner, a slot guy, and a rb. I did not see a qb. He does not look to get other players involved in the offense. There needs to be a way for him to be on the field every down. He is a real threat in a major way. If he stays at qb hopefully a year in the system can improve his passing skills.

Now that we have Devin, and he may be an early enrollee D-Rob can be free to play another role. Some guys have a qb's psychology others have another kind. Imagine the nightmare D-Rob would give opposing D-coordinators. How does a defense contain Roundtree, Gallon, and D-Rob?

This kid could win a Heisman if he is in the right position. Our patience is getting ready to pay off.


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Fast man is fast... but also looks like he's been hitting the weights.

I wonder if it'll affect his speed. What happens if you reduce infinity by 5%?


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The UM record holder in the 60 is Adam Harris, who ran a 6.6 in 2009. For his very first race as a freshman, Denard's time of 6.81 is damn good.

Butch Woolfolk is still the UM record holder in the 200m set way back in 1980, and Thomas Wilcher still holds the record in the 110m high hurdles set in '85.

Troy Woolfolk (along with Adam Harris) is part of the 4x100 relay team with the second fastest time in UM track history from 2008 with Butch's 1980 relay team holding down the third fastest spot in the recordbook. Butch's teammate from the FB team Rodney Feaster was also on his relay team.