Demetrius Hart Decommits

Submitted by Tim on January 2nd, 2011 at 5:10 PM

He's pushing you away :(

FL RB Demetrius Hart, the consensus top recruit in Michigan's class of 2011, announced today that he has decommitted, and will instead give his pledge to Alabama. This move has been rumored for a few weeks, and has now come to fruition.


This situation sucks, but there are a few things to keep in mind. You can't praise the "OMG SNAKE OILZ!~!~!~!~!~!~!" Rich Rodriguez used to land the likes of Roy Roundtree and Jibreel Black without realizing that sometimes, what goes around comes around.

On the other hand, perhaps the most annoying part is that the school gaining from Michigan's loss is Alabama, where it's likely he'll be kicked off the team in a couple years to make room for the Next Big Thing within a couple years anyway. See - they're already getting started making room for him!

This is unlikely to be the only decommit in this class, even once the coaching situation is settled. For all recruiting classes - but this one especially - it's probably best to wait and see how it all plays out.



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The only thing that bothers me about it at this point is that it's Alabama, since the decommitment was expected. It's irritating to see such a dirty program achieve so much success through their bullshit; meanwhile, we lose every game that matters, and get hammered with sanctions for practicing 20mins over the vague limit.

And then nothing happens to Auburn for buying recruits...

Oh well.


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Been that way since the regular season ended and it's actually not that bad. It's not like I have any control over anything anyway. Going to wait and see what Brandon says and who ends up signing with us and we'll go from there. Not worth giving myself stress over this anymore...


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So yeah, we lost a recruit and that sucks but look at the positives. We still have Justice Hayes, who I believe has better size for Big Ten football. Also, we now have an open scholarship, maybe we can start to re-establish ourselves in the state. MSU hasn't jumped us in any way, but they have gained some ground especially in terms of defensive recruits. At least Dee Hart wasn't a top rated corner or safety, we have some depth at his position, so it's okay.


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i still don't think this one is over until we know who our coach is.  whoever it is will be given a chance to secure his signature.


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It's over for Michigan. He never really wanted to commit here in the first place. Most of these recruits don't want to help rebuild a program. They want to step into a top 10 program and start -- which is probably what most SEC postion coaches are promising most of these kids.

After our CC, it will take another 3 to 4 years to get back to anything remotely resembling prominence. Even if RR stays (highly unlikely), it will take him at least another 2 to 3 years to assemble a squad that finishes toward the top end of the B10. To my mind, a B10 championship with RR at the helm is a pipe dream. Why? Perhaps because his philosophy doesn't work well in the B10. Perhaps he isn't the best recruiter. Perhaps both reasons.

Just the way it is.

I do, however, think Harbaugh will give us a shot at recruits we otherwise wouldn't have a chance at getting. Especially in the short term.

david from wyoming

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It's over for Michigan. He never really wanted to commit here in the first place.

Please stop just making stuff up out of thin air. You do not know this. Dee has never said anything like this. You are just rumor mongering.

They want to step into a top 10 program and start.

And I want a unicorn. Think about this, starting as a true freshman at a top ten program. Yes, I'm sure most coaches of top ten programs tell recruits this, but it never happens. Ever. If Hart goes to Alabama, he is not going to be starting for at least two years.

I could go on here... You're a really good poster Firstbase and I bet you are still worn out after the season and the Gator bowl, but this post is substandard for you.


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Hart was the recruit I was most interested in since last Spring so this kind of sucks.  On the other hand, there are things I know to be facts that help me through all of the BS we are dealing with.

1.  There will be Michigan football games in the fall.

2.  I will tailgate with friends and family.

3.  I will cheer for the team and enjoy myself doing it.

Yes, I want the team to win more games and be more competitive but I'm going to be OK for now as long as 1 through 3 happen.


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He said he would only play in a spread offense. Now he wants to go to Alabama, where not only is there no spreaad offense, but there are quite a few RB's ahead of him. Why not just stay with Michigan where you know you will start right away rather we still have Rich and the spread or someone else?


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Does he play defense?  No?  Then I'm sorry to see him go--Dee sounded like an excellent recruit.  But if that's one more slot freed up for a DB or another position that needs quantity/quality, so be it.  It's not like RR hasn't filled our roster with undersized slot ninja WR/RBs anyway.  Happy trails to Dee, and best of luck to whoever our coach is as he works to rebuild this shambles of a defense.

david from wyoming

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I understand the defense is bad, but at some point we need to play the corners/safeties we have the roster and let them develop. We have a really solid group of YOUNG defensive backs and more true freshmen recruited for those positions aren't going to make the defense better in the short term.


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That's true, but we were also dangerously thin at the DB positions this year, and we can't afford to have that happen, plus it's possible to improve the quality there, if not now, then down the line.

DB isn't the only issue though--we have to make up for the major whiffs in recruiting the last couple years thanks to guys like Will Campbell.

Anyway, my point is that we're losing an excellent recruit, but one that plays a position or two that RR was obsessed with, to the detriment of the rest of his recruiting classes.  Seriously, how many WRs do we need every year?  A better RB like Dee would be good too, but we already have one now in Hayes.  We've got depth and even some quality there, but defense is another story.

david from wyoming

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I don't want to start an internet slap fight. I just wanted to make the point that our depth at the corner and safety possition isn't really that bad. DL is going to be thin in a few years, but I guess I'm overall not worried about defensive depth currently. Trying to spin losing Hart as a good thing if we take another defensive player is over-reaching and sounds like silly the "we never wanted him anyway" reaction.


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I understand, why is what I was rationally arguing your point.  I'm not spinning this as a "we didn't want him anyway", I'm saying that if we had to lose a commit, I'm glad it's at a position where we had no current need (and ostensibly no need for in the next couple years either), especially in light of picking up Hayes.  To be honest I've been getting sick of RR signing guys that weren't big enough to be effective in the Big 10 (something he's proven he doesn't get).  I wish Dee was sticking with us, but I would really be disappointed if we missed out on another D recruit instead.


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Not really arguing with you here, but, I'm so sick of hearing about how guys are "not big enough to be effective in the Big 10" but them being on teams that find ways to kick the Big 10's ass in bowl games.


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I'd argue that the only bowl game RR took us to wasn't a good sample size, but I think it's been proven that the teams he puts together match up fine with our OOC opponents, but terribly in the conference itself.  Three years of abysmal conference play seem to support that, which the (obviously OOC) bowl game generally just came down to RR and GERG getting outcoached as usual (lack of preparation, continued defensive regression, etc.).  It sure is fun watching our tiny RBs run into DL walls while Hopkins languishes on the sidelines, for example.


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I hear ya.  I guess my point was that the argument of "the spread won't work in the Big 10" is BS.  I would argue that Mississippi State would ROLL through the Big 10 schedule.  They play exactly how I wish Michigan would.  Big, fast and strong.  Michigan just plays fast.

My larger point is that if Dee is good enough to play at 'Bama, he's good enough to play at UM. Dismissing him as a player "not big enough for the Big 10" doesn't make sense to me.

Whatevs - he's not coming to UM.  I hate recruiting.


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My argument isn't "The spread doesn't work in the Big 10", hell, it works everywhere, but it sure seems like as a team we're too undersized to handle the Big 10, and the results prove that, as do guys like V. Smith gaining a yard per carry and going down, or our front seven, besides guys like Martin.  One way or another, RR remains clueless about how to win in the Big 10 and that's the main reason he needs to go.


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Well, if you are talking about bodies, then yes we have Shaw, Smith, Toussaint, Cox and Hopkins. If you are talking about an impact running back who can stay healthy and compliment Denard a la Lamichael James or Steve Slaton, then you are way off. Dee Hart would have made this the best offense in the country next year. Without him, I think we are still top ten but still too dependent on the qb.