Demar Dorsey And Drew Sharp Comment Count

Brian February 4th, 2010 at 2:46 PM

A little background on Michigan and Demar Dorsey from a reliable source: Dorsey started seriously looking around after Urban Meyer had his momentary retirement and both Charlie Strong, his future defensive coordinator, and Vance Bedford, his primary recruiter and future position coach, left for Louisville. Bedford, of course, had two stints as Michigan's defensive backs coach under Lloyd Carr.

Michigan got involved with Dorsey when Bedford called up Rich Rodriguez and told him to look at the kid; Bedford personally vouched for his character.


In my years writing this thing, the red mist has descended and I've lit up an unsuspecting dullard quite a lot. Here's a tempo-free aerial of various college football blogs measuring crankiness versus verbosity:


As you can see in this highly scientific study, the combination of crankiness and verbosity here is virtually unmatched. If you write something dumb about Michigan sports, chances are I've called you horseface or fitted you for a Darth Vader mask or stated my surprise no one has tazed you, bro. This is either an asset or a detriment to the site, depending on who you are and the topic at hand. I'm not sure which myself.

But one guy I've mostly ignored has been Drew Sharp. Other than one incident where Sharp suggested that the Big Ten had totally caved in their Comcast negotiations because Comcast could switch the channel to a digital sports tier when his own paper was reporting that this was complete bunk, he's only drawn mention in UVs when his book reviews are hilariously negative or he doesn't understand the First Amendment. This is because criticizing Sharp for being an incompetent bomb-thrower is like criticizing Kim Jong-Il for creating a backwards nation of racist dwarves: yeah, you're right, but that's the goal. Drew Sharp is North Korea on paper. What's new?

But a man must draw a line somewhere. Here's my line: when Drew Sharp uses Demar Dorsey as a piece of meat for his own personal gain.

A selection of things Sharp said yesterday while pushing his contention that Michigan shouldn't have signed Dorsey:

MATT SHEPARD: "He was timed with a 4.4—"
SHARP: "Avoiding police."

SHEPARD: "That happened when he was 16 and he was acquitted.
SHARP: "I wonder if that was because he was a high profile recruit. Hmm. I wonder. … OJ got acquitted. Being acquitted doesn't mean you're innocent."

"If this was any other 16 year old facing charges on buglary [ed: of an unoccupied building; dropped], armed robbery, and assault [ed: fictional charge], that kid might be serving probation. He probably thought 'I have to go to trial so I can get this off my record.'"


"I'm done with second chances. I have a hard time believing this kid Dorsey's learned one damn thing through his close calls with the criminal justice system."

SHEPARD: "It's been a couple years… has he gotten into any trouble since?"
SHARP: "Not that we know of! … It's naive for for people to automatically assume that you have to give these guys another chance."

SHEPARD: "Why take a chance?"
SHARP: "It's desperation."

He's also got a column but since it starts "It's not National Signing Day. It's National Sighing Day," I refuse to expose anyone else to its toxic brain-killing funk. It's basically the same premise, except on paper and written by a third grader.

Drew Sharp doesn't know anything about Demar Dorsey except that when you search for his name in a Broward County database it comes up with a traffic violation and two felony charges, one of which was dropped and the other he was acquitted on. He only knows that because someone on the internet did it for him. The amount of research he has done to make these statements is exactly zero.

This is not enough information to make sweeping assertions that Dorsey probably wasn't innocent, doesn't deserve a "second chance"—in this case a first chance, but whateva—, that it's desperation to take a kid Florida*, USC, and Florida State were after, and that you have to be naive to think Dorsey hasn't gotten in trouble since. He defamed the character of a high school kid he's never met, and the point is that it's a "risk" for Rodriguez and Michigan.

A risk of what? A risk Dorsey does something dumb in college and doesn't make it? That's a risk for Dorsey wherever he  goes, and since one of the reasons Dorsey cited for leaving Florida is that being farther from home will help him "concentrate on football" coming to Michigan makes it less likely that happens. And dumb stuff is a risk for Michigan no matter who they sign.

The risk appears to be that Sharp and his fellow hard-hitting journalists will follow up with articles when and if Dorsey messes up. Articles like this:

There's more drama down the road at the other school, but Michigan State doesn't mind the boredom.

Rich Rodriguez dismisses a wannabe drug dealer from Michigan and immediately there are suspicions regarding the tautness of his program -- procedural questions that were once mostly asked of Michigan State head coaches.

Yet on the same day, Mark Dantonio welcomed back a running back freshly released from a four-month jail term for hospitalizing a hockey player during a campus fight last fall. Dantonio placed unspecified restrictions on the player's return, reminiscent of Lloyd Carr's private penal policy at Michigan, and the actions barely raised a public ripple.

Roles are reversing. Perceptions are changing.

How did that work out again?

As I wrote at the time:

I'm not even mad. I'm impressed. Here Sharp acknowledges the double standard—at his own newspaper, in his own column—and uses it to criticize Rodriguez and praise Dantonio. He sits at A, takes a good hard look at B, and then leaps to Q. I hope he donates his brain to science.

So because twits like Sharp will misrepresent hypothetical Dorsey misbehavior it represents a risk that Rodriguez shouldn't take no matter how long Vance Bedford has known the kid—over a year—and how flimsy the sketchy past angle is.

For this he spends two days dragging an innocent—literally—kid's name through the mud. So he can have attention.

Here's the thing: Rich Rodriguez cares about his players. When he left West Virginia, they were the only people in the state to defend him. When the NCAA stuff came down and Rich Rodriguez had his press conference about it, he hit his shakiest, teariest point when he was talking about the effects this had on his players. When you listen to Mike Barwis talk about Pacman Jones, the pain is evident—they just couldn't straighten him out enough. He has a good track record. He was right about Pat Lazear, and his disciplinary record over the past five years is considerably above average. Every time he picks up a guy with a rough past and puts him in college he's trying to make the kid's life better.

And yet he gets painted as a bad guy by people who don't care about anything but themselves. Drew Sharp is a selfish, cynical bastard. He's made a career out of making people angry with his half-assed, research-free opinions. He's a disgrace to journalism. If the Free Press had any scruples whatsoever, rampantly bashing a kid with no evidence, or even an effort to collect any, would be so far beyond the journalistic pale that no combination of weasel words could save him.


As part of the segment, Sharp read an email from a current Michigan student than finished "You are a classless, insignificant human being. I am glad that regional newspapers like the one you work for have become obsolete." In response, Sharp said if the kid read the regional newspapers he'd have a better idea of what's being reported—something Sharp could work on himself—and about how blinkered fans were.

I'll let Sharp condemn himself:

Until you get your heads out of your back pockets and look at everything, don't stand up and pass judgment. Because you make yourself look like an ass.

Indeed. In four years, Demar Dorsey is likely to be in the NFL or graduating from Michigan. Drew Sharp is likely to be unemployed.

*(The story that Florida dropped the kid because of his quote-unquote "checkered legal past" is obviously crap. Dorsey had been a Florida commit for over a year. If Florida dropped him it's because he was wishy-washy about his commit and they didn't want to get ditched by him at the last second when they could go out and get an nearly equal recruit who wouldn't jet.)

A final note on Dave Birkett. The reporter was also part of the stir by repeatedly pounding Rodriguez on the Dorsey "point." He didn't make any criminally insane and cynical assertions afterwards, so there's that. It is a valid question to ask.

Note the plurality, or lack thereof, of "question." Rodriguez provided the nothing answer he was going to, and when the followup met a nothing answer it's clear that's all you're going to get. Not like that's a surprise, anyway. Birkett would not let it go, though, and dragged it out until Rodriguez got slightly steamed and Dave Ablauf had to step in. This did nothing except waste time. You're not Woodward and Bernstein, you're a freaking entertainment reporter. It's disrespectful to the rest of the room and everyone trying to find out information that Rodriguez would actually communicate if asked about to harp on one topic.


The WLA also goes all screedy. MVictors has audio of the Dorsey questioning and a press conference recap. Orson on the kerfuffle:

Not even convicted? Next question, coach--we don't even want to finish this one, since clearly Demar Dorsey has no problems whatsoever and will be a fine addition to the football team. That, Michigan fans, is what it would be like if you were anywhere else in the nation and had a recruit with a couple of nasty juvenile arrests, but the Freep is on the scene for this extremely overblown story like the WITI TV 6 news crew. DURR HURR WHY DOES RICH ROD RECRUIT THUGZ OUTRAGE HURR. Because some of them are fast, can play football, and can be kept out of trouble for four years while they win football games? The Michigan press is the polar opposite of SEC press corps, and we mean that in the good and bad way: not fawning, but also convinced there's a potential Watergate beneath that Gatorade bucket over there.



February 4th, 2010 at 3:13 PM ^

Drew Sharp is a horse faced Darth Vader wannabe that is in desperate need of a good tazing. Someone needs to start a blog dedicated to this Assclown's every move, real or perceived.

Edit: Having now finished the piece, I would put it in my personal top five Mgoposts ever. Really hangs sharp out on a high voltage line, douses him in gasoline, and hands the reader the matches.


February 4th, 2010 at 3:51 PM ^

wasn't the first question, but repeating it twice and then compounding the issue by offering to re-read some proof-texted quote from the Feagin issue. His "just doing my job," retort to TomVH (via twitter) felt quite misplaced, like he had just stepped off the set of some semi-dramatic cop show like "Castle," or the like.

Here's a hint - reporting includes respect. If the man isn't going to answer the question, don't go with the "smartest guy in the room" routine.

Thanks Brian...once again - well said.


February 4th, 2010 at 3:12 PM ^

a disgrace, a complete waste of a "journalist." Seriously, what does it take to get fired - or at least suspended from that rag? This is at a minimum, near-libel. Time to meet at the torch and pitchfork store.


February 4th, 2010 at 3:15 PM ^

The "running from police" comment is really unacceptable, he should be fired for that. What's sad though is it's not really any worse than any number of things he's said over the years....I just wonder how in the world he still has a job?


February 4th, 2010 at 3:16 PM ^

on kids like Doresy, Brian.

That said, I sure do hope he focuses, plays damn good football, gets a degree and stars in the NFL, then later in life runs for public office.


February 4th, 2010 at 3:17 PM ^

I like charts. Charts charts charts.

For those of you still uber steamed and want to go punch that gutless, low life assclown in the face (oh boy, here I go...), definitely click on the WLA link. It really helped put a smile on my face.

Crime Reporter

February 4th, 2010 at 3:41 PM ^

Nice read, Brian.

I am shocked Sharp said those things on the air. He definitely crossed ethical boundaries.

I fully expect the Freep's next step will be to get a hold of those court documents, which are public record here, and continue printing stories and opinion pieces. Meanwhile, State will have several convicts on its roster come fall, without a peep. Nice.


February 4th, 2010 at 3:19 PM ^

after reading this,if i could, i would lead the mgonation in a slow clap that would transition into an eventual chorus singing THE VICTORS in unison. what a great read.

Feat of Clay

February 4th, 2010 at 3:27 PM ^

What I like about Sharp's OJ analogy is that it's just so darn on-the-mark.

OJ & Demar, two peas in a pod: Two football stars, both charged with felonies, both of whom only escaped their obvious "guilty" conviction because they hired high profile, million-dollar "Dream Team" packs of defense lawyers.

Oh, wait.

los barcos

February 4th, 2010 at 3:28 PM ^

sharp clearly crossed the line, and those pictures of him standing in the corner make him look like a pedophile. however, as i believe Don pointed out, this backlash against dorsey could not be unexpected; this is the fuckin' freep for crying out loud. there was a risk involved, obviously taking on a recruit with 2 prior run-ins with the law at a crumudgeonly school like michigan is going to draw attention, especially when the local media has a "jihad" against the coach. we probably should not be acting shocked, disgusted, and TYPE IN CAPS because drew fuckin' sharp of all people acted like a complete asshole.


February 4th, 2010 at 3:35 PM ^

b/c I used to read the freep and get frustrated by his agenda. I'm happy to find out about this latest Sharp BS from mgoblog and from bleacherreport rather than from the freep directly.

People should just stop reading the Free Press until it realizes that we expect actual journalism.


February 4th, 2010 at 3:36 PM ^

Dude, halfway through reading your post I was picturing you (Brian) panning to a variety of cameras, glasses coming on and off for effect, saying (sic) "sir," after every other comment during a much deserved lambasting of Drew Sharp.

You lambast good, sir. I'd like to see a weekly videoblog lambasting a "lambastard" of the week, even if it is just flipping between Sharp and Rosenberg.

spam and beans

February 4th, 2010 at 3:37 PM ^

Drew Sharps articles are always about...Drew Sharp. If you have the stomach to read his articles, it doesn't take long to figure out that it is all about him.
Mr. Dorsey, this has nothing to do with you. Welcome, and good luck.

Judge Smails

February 4th, 2010 at 3:38 PM ^

After reading the M student's e-mail on air yesterday, Sharp then said: "you see, that's why I have zero respect for any fan out there," or words to that effect....The docuhe must literally be dumber than a bag of hammers when his primary sources of income are: (1) a dying newspaper that used to be purchased by such "fans" to get their sports "news," and (2) a daily sports talk radio show on a 2-bit am station that presumably some "fans" (like me) are dumb enough to ocassionally tune in to hear. I almost ran off the road.


February 4th, 2010 at 3:42 PM ^

I wrote a letter to the editor this morning, not expecting an answer or comment, but because it was needed.

My grandfather (now deceased) was a judge in Chicago. He created what became known as Boy's Court. It was for troubled youths from the streets. He was known for his "creative sentencing" which, at the time, was a breakthrough concept (the 70's and 80's). Essentially, it was community service.

When my grandfather died ten years ago, there was a guy at his funeral who had been sentenced by my grandfather some 35 years earlier. At age 17, after three jail terms served, my grandfather sentenced him to community service. He gave him a chance. And the guy turned himself around. He became a community activist, and helped boys like himself because someone had given him a chance. He wept more than anyone else at the funeral because he knew the power of what my grandfather had given him.

So when Drew Sharp asks, why give him a chance, the answer is easy. Because with the right kind of guidance, people who have made bad choices (and in this case, we don't know that Demar Dorsey made any bad choices) can learn to make good ones.

Bill in Birmingham

February 4th, 2010 at 3:45 PM ^

In four years, Drew Sharp is likely to be unemployed at the Free Press.

Unfortunately, he could be employed in other media making a bigger ass of himself. In my part of the world, Paul Finebaum went from being a (albeit infinitely more talented than Sharp) flamethrowing sports columnist to a truly obnoxious buffoon who hates everyone except Nick Saban who he verbally fellates on a daily basis. Or my worst nightmare....once Holtz is eased out to the home, the WWL teams someone like Sharp with May, his jock equivalent.