kevin holt

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Such a sick feeling after that when in.  All the "should have, would have, and could have" started right away--from the missed free throws to Stu leaving his man to double (who should have rotated over, anyway?).  But what a junk shot he threw up.  Wide open and still shot an absolute rushed brick that some how banked in.  Sickening.  I don't think it is going to matter now, but I am really curious how this team responds at Minnesota.  Wouldn't surprise me if they go in there and get thumped.  But they have fought back all year, so we will see.


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Obviously if we make the free throws, then the game is over.  That isn't debatable.  And I don't believe that I even implied that Stu missed any free throws.  Not sure the point of your opening line.  I didn't even blame him for leaving the shooter.  All I did was point out were the excuses that others were saying, "Should have, Could have..."

But you could also point to the half a dozen times down the court in the second half that we missed a shot and had no one underneath to rebound, or the half a dozen times down at their end that they got 2, 3, or even 4 offensive rebounds for second chance points, or Darius going one against 3 and throwing up a wild shot with 3:00 mins left instead of pulling back and setting up the offense.  Lots of places to point the finger and the shot at the end shouldn't have mattered.  Even still, it was a terrible shot that banked in.


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There is plenty of blame to go around and plenty of plays that could have gone differently.  The free throws just stick out because they are right at the end and are easy to spot.  But we had a chance to be up 6 or 7 points at that time rather than just up 2 if we made plays down the stretch.  Then the missed free throws would have just made us all piss and moan, but wouldn't have cost us the game.


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were so "in" the basket before rolling back out? Just a hair off. I can't remember a game with so many shots "in" that didn't go in. I think games go by without seeing one shot act like that, let alone a game with two; we had a few shots go like that, and anyone of them might of been enough to seal the deal.


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"but I am really curious how this team responds at Minnesota."

It could really go either way. I'm rooting for a game where someone like Stu or Novak comes out of hiding (seriously, what happened to these guys) and has just an absolute "fuck you" performance and goes off for 25.


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 I am really curious how this team responds at Minnesota.  Wouldn't surprise me if they go in there and get thumped.  

The way Minnesota's been playing, that would surprise me.  The Gophers had an equally painful loss last night to Sparty and have been in a freefall.


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I don't know if this team can bounce back from having its heart ripped out like that, especially one as young as ours.  Here's to hoping they surprise in Minnesota.

Blue boy johnson

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it ain't over til it's over. Remember Kobe hitting the shot in game 2 of the finals against the Pistons and supposedly changing momentum in the series? Pistons won the next 3 for a 5 game sweep. All Rasheed could say to reporters questioning him about the Lakers was, "we ain't scared of those cats". That's how I feel about gophers and spartans.


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Fucking hilarious. That picture is exactly what I needed. It put into words what I am feeling. I'm over it now. We have a great team and a great future. This defeat puts a metaphorical carcass in Crisler arena and the next time we play at home, WOLVERINES GONNA EAT. We going to sweep sparty right of their feet. Bring your brooms.


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blaming anyone or anything except:


MISSED FREE THROWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wisconsin banking a 3-pointer in would've been too little too late if Michigan had hit 2, count em, 2 free throws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im so sick of teams that cant hit free throws!

Steve in PA

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This team is being reminded regularly that they aren't quite "there" yet.  They are gaining experience and seeing first hand the difference between themselves and teams that are where they want to be.  A few free throws and missed shots and this team beats OSU, Ill, and Wisc along with Kansas.

With everything happening, remember that many "experts" picked them to finish last or next to last in the B10.  Big things are coming and we all have to through some heartbreak with these kids to get there.