Death From Above: Akron State

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Akron State 2[1]THE ESSENTIALS

WHAT North Korea DPR at
WHERE Crisler ArenaCenter
Ann Arbor, MI
WHEN 9 PM Eastern, Today
LINE OSU –7 (Kenpom)

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Ohio State is still the Ohio State team Michigan played just over three weeks ago. Hit up the previous preview for preview-like preview action. Also screaming.

In case you allergic to clicking: Jared Sullinger is an NBA lottery pick at center who is a monster at rebounding, shooting, getting to the line, and ORtg in general. It's worth noting that Sullinger's been in a bit of a slump of late. His two-point shooting has slid from 61 to 57 percent in the last few weeks.

Sullinger is surrounded by a bunch of bouncy wing types and 40-minutes-of-hell point guard Aaron Craft. While the bouncy wing types are a little inconsistent, the rebounding and defense they bring makes Ohio State extremely difficult to beat even when they're playing like crap on offense. They possess Kenpom's #1 defense, and their #13 offense isn't exactly terrible.

One thing has changed since Michigan's first matchup with OSU: they now seem somewhat vulnerable to getting pounded inside themselves after getting beat up by Michigan State in their own building. Applicability of this event to tonight's game: 0.0%.


Since squeezing Michigan into a panini press of offensive rebounds and despair… er. Since beating Michigan 64-49 at home in a game that was vaguely competitive until OSU started pulling away several minutes into the second half, OSU has

  1. Beaten Wisconsin on the road in a close-ish game (58-52)
  2. Edged Purdue at home (87-84) in a game where Purdue went nuts from three
  3. Gotten horsewhipped by MSU at home (48-58) and
  4. Churned out a 78-68 win over Minnesota.

That's seen the Buckeyes fall to second in Kenpom. Let's all point and laugh.


Conference four factors:

Factor Offense (Rk) Defense (Rk) Avg
Effective FG%: 51.2 4 45.3 3 49
Turnover %: 18.3 6 21.9 1 20.8
Off. Reb. %: 36.6 2 26.4 1 32.5
FTA/FGA: 39.1 4 28.7 2 36.5

OSU's offense is pretty good at putting the ball in the net and then gets better when they get second chance opportunities you're undoubtedly sick of hearing about. The defense is all-around throttling.

OSU is only a mediocre three-point shooting team (7th at just under 34%) and takes very few as a result. They do give up a relatively high number of threes, something Kenpom is busy asserting is more important than actually being able to defend them. It seems like there's little actual ability in three-point D numbers.


Get insanely hot from three. Purdue's not much good this year and they managed to stick within three of the Buckeyes by hitting a mere 58% of their threes. They might have even won if OSU didn't hit 9 of 16 themselves.

OSU gives up a lot of threes and doesn't have a lot of control over whether they go down or not. Threes also lead to a lot of long rebounds on which Michigan's lack of size is less of an issue on the offensive boards.

Yeah, it's the desperate act of an overmatched team to close your eyes and hope you can make it rain from behind the arc. And? Michigan's not winning this game unless they have a significant advantage in threes made.

Collapse, collapse, collapse. If the choice is between A) Sullinger grinding Michigan's thin post presence down, getting 57% twos off, and getting to the line and B) taking your chances with OSU's outside shooting, it's hardly a choice at all. Michigan will do what they've done all year, which is cheat like bandits against any and all post feeds.

Morgan actually did a good job against Sullinger last time out since he can front with less threat of getting beat over the top. No one else on the roster has much hope of doing anything other than being an annoyance, even if the temporary Smotrycz-Sulllinger matchups didn't go too badly last time.

Box out Lenzelle Smith and the rest of the world. David Merritt took on some of Michigan's defensive rebounding problems in a recent UMHoops post, pointing out Michigan's missed rotations when the above collapsing occurred. Those rotations left Lenzelle Smith (bottom of the picture) staring down the barrel at this:


The results were predictable. I think we've given up on the idea that Michigan's Stu-based lineup isn't going to get pounded on the boards but Michigan has to do better this time out. Hardaway is a big part of this as the second-biggest dude on the floor (and the guy not rotating above). Speaking of…

Win the mercurial shooter shootout. William Buford and Tim Hardaway Jr. have been plagued with inconsistency, except in Hardaway's case this is actually a way to say he's consistently been laying bricks. Hardaway got a little mojo back against Illinois and now finds himself one of just two Michigan players with a reasonable claim to being as athletic as his opponent (Burke is the other). It would help a great deal if Hardaway can score efficiently. He doesn't have to and probably can't go Brandon Paul; Michigan just needs him to hit open shots and finish better at the basket.

Oh, and rebound.


Tajikistan Air Force FC by seven.


UMHoops preview. 11W preview. declares this a must win. For the Big Ten, I guess, yeah. Maize Rage Q&A.



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    We need a huge game from THJ, I think it has to be through his drives though, and leave the 3's to Novak/Douglass/Smotz

Unless Burke and.or Hardaway is blindingly open from 3, I want them driving the ball today