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Submitted by Seth on April 10th, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Via WD, every snap of Jake Rudock vs. Michigan. It is quite unimpressive, though I remind you it was debilitatingly cold and windy for the 2013 Crimes Against Manpanda Redux game, and he was a sophomore. There were three long plays in there. The first Kevonte Martin-Manley was WIIIIIDE open and Rudock's pass floated in (against the wind) slowly and inaccurately so KMM had to step immediately out of bounds. The second his receiver made a great play while double covered. The third was the one Avery and C.Gordon botched extraordinarily. The last throw on there was his best.

UPDATE: There's also an every pass vs Wisconsin.

To answer the guy in the thread, yes that is the game that inspired our most depressing shirt ever. My original shirt idea in the discussion that became that shirt was "Fuck it man, let's go bowling".

Transfers are Only Rare in Peace Time. As I partially experienced when they tried to tell me regular courses at La Sorbonne weren't French enough to count as foreign language*, transferring credits to Michigan is a bitch.

Transfer to Michigan for Victory! We're for winning the war too!

Local community colleges like WCC or OCC have transferred often enough that they've smoothed this over, but random Division I schools are at best a crap shoot, and JCs for guys Saban couldn't get through Alabama admissions are right out.

For that reason more than its coaches' tastes (Rodriguez and Hoke both recruited plenty of JuCos before coming here), Michigan has taken extraordinarily few transfers over the years.

With five (Isaac, Lyons, O'Korn, Rudock, O'Neill) projected to be at Michigan this fall, Wolverine Devotee tracked down every transfer he could.

The short transfer list underscores the difficulty with admissions. In the last 30 years the only Michigan transfers not from like academic institutions (Stanford, USC, Georgia Tech, SDSU and Notre Dame), were freshmen from decent Ohio schools (Goodwin and Nienberg), one guy who was at Michigan previously (Evans), one guy from a local academic CC that sends a lot of students to Ann Arbor, and Russell Shaw, who is the lone exception to every conversation ever had about Michigan JCs and transfers.

It also has a bulge in the mid-1940s, when Michigan went all-in on active duty programs. Most notably the university created an intensive Japanese language school that took over East Quad, and was the wartime home of the national JAG program, which we housed in the Law Quad. Michigan gamely used these and the regular training school to siphon talent away from rivals in every sport. That's how we got Crazy Legs Hirsch out of Wisconsin, and Howard Yerges and J.T. White from Ohio State. Iowa Pre-Flight became a quasi-Big Ten team in the era by convincing stars from the region to enlist in the Air Corps.

Via the board there might be two more grad transfers en route before fall. Why is Michigan taking so many guys now (other than new coaches in non-Michigan places always bring in guys they recruited elsewhere to fill gaps?) Well one is grad transfers are a relatively recent phenomenon and are more like a normal admissions process for those schools.

For the rest, my best guess is during The Happening, Michigan had asked Harbaugh what ducks they need to be in what order, and one of his requests was admissions won't jerk him around. This happened at Stanford; in fact the school refusing to accept January enrollments cost him both RGIII and 2015 Heisman candidate Taysom Hill. This is just a wild theory, but "You could eff up our shot at Harbaugh" is probably one of the only football arguments you could ever make to admissions that they'd care about.

There is at least one transfer whom WD missed: 1997 co-captain Eric Mayes, who went to Xavier then transferred to Michigan and walked on, according to a certain co-worker of mine who's probably not ecstatic about me just pointing you to his old blogspot.

* (We acknowledge you read Voltaire in the original, but you weren't doing it to learn French!)

[Jump for Cazzie and a surprising stop in Brady Hoke's Offensive Vision Quest]

Stay in School: There's More Money?

Late breaking diary from freejs on whether staying in school to get into the first round is a better option than taking the early money.

No, Caris, it only looks like money. [Fuller]

Conventional wisdom says an extra year on an NBA contract before you're too old is money in the bank. Well is it?

I studied draft years 2003-2013, and as the tables and charts show above and below** (props to our own LSAClassOf2000 for turning my sleep addled tables into these graphical displays), there is a distinct difference between length of the careers that start in the first round and those that start in the 2nd.

…and then Charts that say nope. The question is did he show all first rounders vs second rounders? Because one and done dudes are going to have long and lucrative careers by being good at basketball, a talent that also gets them drafted in the first round. To discover this you'd have to plot guys who left with eligibility and went later in the draft versus guys of similar ability who played another year of college (and went anywhere). There is no general answer, but it does seem from early results that the end-of-first-round types Michigan tends to produce from guys Michigan can usually recruit are better off staying until they're sure they're in the first round, because that first round contract makes you harder to get rid of.

What about the guy who built the place?

A reader I remember sending to Bolivia for screaming "Denard is gonna be amazing!" too vehemently before the 2010 spring game posed this question:

Choose one player, past or present, to add to men's basketball team next season?

If "anybody" you're in a Bill Russell/Wilt Chamberlain argument so let's assume he meant Michigan player. Lots of people said we need a five then answered Webber, even though Juwan was the center of those teams. Really if you answered anything except Cazzie you are wrong and need to not be so young and uneducated about your Michigan basketball history from long before I was born.

Before it became the Center that Martin Rebuilt and Brandon Took All the Credit For, Crisler Arena was known as "The House that Cazzie Built."

I know we need a center most, but imagine what Beilein would do with a 6'5 Jordanesque two. It's no contest.

Also retroactive over-half-a-decade later apology to white_pony_rocks for his trip to banned land. YOU WERE RIGHT. TELL YOUR SISTER… YOU WERE RIIIIIIIIIIGHT!


So run the ball DOWN the field? /scribbles. Brady Hoke's Tour d'Offense that took him to Tennessee and TCU last week had him pop up in the last place you'd expect him.

After Oregon's players and coaches emerged from their closed practice came a surprising face: Former Michigan head coach Brady Hoke.

You mean Oregon State. Hi Gary, sorry we never got to…

Sorry about that beer, Matty. I'm off to discover what "blocking someone" is. [Upchurch]

Hoke has been in Eugene for a couple days, continuing a tour around the country.

Huh. Eugene is definitely Oregon. Maybe it's about how they're adapting nose tackles to multiple fronts…

Hoke looked to be joking with head coach Mark Helfrich and offensive coordinator Scott Frost.

Helfrich: Hey remember when you had DENARD ROBINSON and you put him under center?

Hoke: Yeah hahahah.

Frost: What about that time you started Shane Morris over Devin Gardner because in four years you never considered Gardner's legs more than a sideshow?

Hoke: Heh heh yeah guys. Ha ha. Pretty funny right? That was pretty funny. [takes out notebook] So would you say it was funny because…?

I wish him luck.

What's a 5-star Wing? Diary from TaiStreetsMyHero attempted to answer the "Caris or Jaylen Brown?" question posed to the board with something besides the obvious "dude I'd feel so happy to have either!" As we do when 5-stars drop in football, he created a comparison of similar blue chips.

He found high variability centered far below what LeVert is now. If you figure Brown's a one-and-done, the smart bet is Caris. Again, I'd be so happy…

I did not expect the last two words of this headline.

OT - Dog Shot in HEAD with crossbow

…will survive.

Etc. I finally created a glossary for all the MGoJargon and added it to the "About" bar; discussion thread is here. If Harbaugh was allowed to open his mouth and say whatever's on his mind…oh right he does. Favorite Carr game (mine: 1997 Penn State). Godfather II poster is a work in progress, misses point of Godfather II I think. Instant replay is flawed because humans operate it badly.

Your Moment of Zen

Buntin came to Michigan because it offered the quickest route to playing time. Ollie Darden came because Buntin gave Strack's program credibility. And Cazzie agreed to come here over offers from everybody in large part because Darden and Buntin.



April 10th, 2015 at 3:41 PM ^

I don't think that I can embed, but MGoVideo has every Rudock pass against Wisconsin:

He suggests skipping to 4:45 to see what he can do when he's given the green light to attack.

What I noticed is that he makes very good decisions, and is calm even when there is an unblocked Wisconsin defender bearing down on him. He throws an accurate ball then takes the hit.


April 10th, 2015 at 4:01 PM ^

Obviously the answer to the "former player you want on the team next year is any all-time great of the past like Webber, Howard, Rice, Cazzie, Rudy T, etc.  But the player I bet always wishes he got to play for Beilein is Laval Blanchard.  The idea of having a PF who can shoot threes, rebound, and defend multiple positions makes me drool compared to the giant "?" that is branded on the team next year.  I like the idea of Robinson, Chatman, Wagner, and Dawkins filling that spot and one of them having a break out year......but Blanchard would be awesome.  


April 10th, 2015 at 5:04 PM ^


You registered most of my Hoke trigger words. I am offended. You are on notice. Seriously though, I had anticipated Coach Hoke might work his way up to Dean of a Midwest regional school through the customary football channels. Oregon is a great place to live, so perhaps Coach Hoke and Mrs. Hoke envisage lifestyle. (I mean, you cannot even pump your own gas there they are so wonderful.) Keep us posted as to Hoke-en-ings please. 

rob f

April 10th, 2015 at 10:49 PM ^

that was Ray Lane narrating that piece on Cazzie and company. Lane's very distinctive style makes him easy to recognize.

Is Lane still around? I don't live anywhere near metro Detroit and haven't heard anything about him for a couple years.

Anyway, great video. Although I initially thought Mitch or Tarpley (but someone beat me to the punch in that thread) and proceeded to nominate Gary Grant, Cazzie is the best ever and makes the most sense.


April 11th, 2015 at 7:55 AM ^

As I said in the original thread, I'd take Cazzie 2nd after Webber. People forget how special Webber was. He averaged a double-double in the league over a fourteen year career, fergodsakes (well, 9.8 rpg, but close enough). Yes, Beilein does great things with shooters. But he would do great things with Webber, too, just as he did with McGary (in the brief time available). And there's no doubt that Webber fills more of a position of need next year.

steve sharik

April 11th, 2015 at 6:38 PM ^

But it's not as cut and dry as Seth would have you believe. First, it's "the house that Cazzie built" mostly because he was the first elite player here, not the best. Second, to suggest that people who didn't say "Cazzie" are either young, ignorant, or both, is arrogant and that attitude is more wrong and immoral than not choosing Cazzie.


April 11th, 2015 at 7:04 PM ^

(and thanks for the link)

but the focus of this part of my project is not really salary, but, instead, longevity. 

Because I'm not looking for super stars - I'm looking at ham and eggers and saying, wow, I did not realize how much ham and eggers can make stringing a few years together in the NBA. 

Longevity is where it's at for non-stars. 

And as to the longevity, my analysis is also lottery-controlled. I show that the non-lottery 1st round outlasts the 2nd significantly and this is also in comparison to the top half of the 2nd round, if that's your fancy (you got the general gist about sticking around entirely correct). 

Back to salary, in the anecdotal part of my diary, I do show how a bunch of not particularly descript 2nd round seniors came into the league prepared to play and made almost 400 million dollars. In the NBA, there's great money in, if not mediocrity, something far from stardom. 


April 12th, 2015 at 3:09 AM ^

of UM football back before the 20's when Michigan used to hired and pay players that weren't students just so they could win games, having 25-30 year old grown men playing against 18-19 yr old kids. That was before there was a NFL of course. I'm not sure it's really a hood look for any program to field a team with 4-5 players that all graduated from some other university. Looks like hired help to me. It seems to be contrary to the sprit of allowing grad transfers, which is not so big name programs can lure them all in by the dozen to plug holes. It's a bad look indeed, it screams lack of integrity to the idea of college athletics being uncorrupt.


April 12th, 2015 at 5:38 AM ^

If Hoke wouldn't of forced square pegs into round holes he would've easily had 4-6 more wins. I feel for the guy who wanted what we all wanted : to return Michigan to its rightful place in college football. Unfortunately for Brady things did not work out, I wish the guy nothing but the best, unless he's coaching against Michigan.


April 12th, 2015 at 1:47 PM ^

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April 13th, 2015 at 4:34 AM ^

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April 14th, 2015 at 7:01 AM ^

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Zak Lord

April 14th, 2015 at 11:42 AM ^

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