Dear Diary Thanks Fielding Yost for That One Comment Count

Seth September 16th, 2011 at 11:05 AM


Note: You can always find the most recent diaries here. Long DD thanks to ludicrous amount of great user content. [Ed: Seriously. User generated content FTW.]

Last week I used this space to make light of the Under the Lights hype, figuring an 8:00 start would be the only real difference between this and any other ho hum game at Michigan Stadium against a ho hum opponent. Well ho, hum.

I should have remembered whose house we were lighting. Today I'm looking up at Fielding H. Yost in football's Valhalla and saying "Thank you, Fielding Yost! Thank you Fielding Yost for that one!" In 'the hole that Yost dug, Crisler paid for, Canham carpeted, and Schembechler filled,' Denard finally hooked up with Roy Roundtree to cap a night that will be heard until another 132 years of Michigan football is played.

Sometimes a UFR and a Picture Page will tell you all you need to know about a certain play. This week even those of us from the School of Gary Gray Can't Cover ought to take a cue from diarists like Michael Scarn and 2e8f7723f4a6ae3b53bf2733ecfd86ad-getty-124665861appreciate how unbelievably great it is to be a Michigan Wolverine:

That’s how last night is for me.  I need to do write about it and hope that I can do it 100th of the justice it deserves, so that maybe one day I can look back and remember just the amount and consistency of the emotions I felt.

So felt pretty much everybody, since pretty much everybody wrote a diary. Michael's is titled "Trying to Take a Picture of Big Foot" and used the tag EEEEEEEEEEEEE. Another tag rediscovered this week: HOLY @#$%, by Foote Fetish in New Friends. Even our resident oddsmaker jamiemac got home and just needed to exhale about letting good times roll.

Lordfoul has been haunted for years by the number 72, or more specifically the absence of it. While the rest of us sweated out the last two noisy drives, LF knew that Smith's score at 72 seconds signified the W was secure. MAgoBLUE watched the game in a Boston sports bar fresh from saying goodbye to the person who introduced him to sports fandom. It's stories like these that remind Enjoy Life and the rest of us to feel sorry for folks who don't care about sports.

Posts With More EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

This is the evidence jhackney gave for how he knew ND was bound to lose:

His gonzo take is gonzo (read: awesome) but what's this about not being able to see the first couple of plays for the end of Georgia-S.Carolina—did anyone else have trouble finding the start on ESPN3 (ESPNews)?

BlueSeoul (+200 pts.) took us on a rollercoaster of a game wrap with time stamps. YOU MUST READ THIS because it is like a complete game journal except with % chance of winning (in head) give every few minutes. Promise you'll click the link and I'll let you relive the last part (language NSFW):

0:30 5%

Riddick TD. FUCK! Fuckity Fuck, fuck fuck fuck, FUUUUUCK!

0:23 1%

Incomplete. We spent 7 seconds for zero yards.

0:08 45%

Gallon WIDE OPEN!!! HOLY SHIT! WE CAN KICK A FG TO TIE! Oh shit.  Not a field goal....


0:06 30%



0:04 99%


0:03 50%

Fuck, they're reviewing it

0:02 99%

It's good.

THE_KNOWLEDGE goes here.

(More analysis, aesthetics, best of the board, and Diarist of the Week after the jump.)

slide_1_offenseLets' get that Diarist of the Week out of the way since it should be obvious: the twice-bumped dnak438 picture paged two key plays from our defense from Saturday night: Kovacs's pick, and ND's final score (including screen cap at right) that wasn't the final score.

If that's a Woodsonesque performance from dnak, here's an Ingram effort (ie would have won DotW in a lighter week) by one of my favorite posters, mejunglechop, who took issue with Brian's (and later my) assertion that the offense is losing something by going all MANBALL-ish, arguing the "lucky" breaks are the same made by the same players last year because "lucky" actually means "good at scoring touchdowns." We're all arguing with small sample sizes anyway.

Erik_in_Dayton watched the defense in slow motion again. It was great to have on Wednesday morning but kind of trumped by UFR later in the day. Courage to this man. Also, somebody set him up on Windows Live so he can post pics. Mr. Yost went all Midseason DetNews and gave out grades for the Offense and Defense. Spoiler: Denard got a C-/B+. Chris Danger Logic Danger of Danger and Logic makes picture pages move.

Best of the Board



Bumped to diaries, go16blue had a close encounter of the Scary Face* variety at what was once Yost's (other) house. Highlights include the ol' bear giving 30 people at a Jewish Federation event lessons in football fundamentals; stories of Bo and Carr's old staff, and why he started Dreisbach for that one epic comeback people under 30 don't remember. There's one story about Bo and Lloyd going on a recruiting trip and they meet this kid whose attitude—oh here:

He talked about one kid, a QB from Chicago, who the assistants were very exited about ("This was a kid who could really have stepped in and made an impact on the team"). Him and Bo went to his house on a visit, and the kid kept ordering his mom around like a maid. After only 5 minutes, Bo said "Well, Lloyd, its time for us to go." Lloyd was absolutely shocked that Bo would want to end the visit that early, but Bo had already gotten up so he went with him. Once they left, Bo asked him how they could expect the kid to respect them as coaches if he didn't even respect his own mother.

You're damn right there's more.


Mr. Yost reported some insider dope on the sub packages among the defensive Front 7. Michigan has three for Normal, Running Downs, and Passing Downs. I reorg:

Position Base Run Pass
NT Martin Martin Martin
DT (3-tech) Campbell Campbell RVB
SDE (5-tech) RVB RVB Black
WDE (rush) Roh/Black Heininger Ryan
WLB Hawthorne C.Gordon/Hawthorne Hawthorne/Jones
MLB Demens Demens Demens/Jones
SLB C.Gordon/Ryan Ryan Gordon


Remember the South Park episode about Crack Baby Basketball that tore open the hypocritical, exploitive system of "amateur" college sports, and you were waiting for the follow-up article that said all that srsly? The Atlantic's Taylor Branch finally wrote it. It was posted on the board by denverblue and bumped to a diary thanks to the lengthy, strong discussion by the board.


Rly. Good work by superstringer who finds the Big Ten is now a strong second in every category of averaged collegiate rankings to the ACC, except our bottom five are still the best (WTG MSU and friends). I can't help but think Michigan getting Nebraska booted from AAU is having an effect.



That's Steve Everitt (thx markusr2007). Scroll down to find YtownBlue's brother's exchange with him outside the stadium:

Out by the team buses. Their convo went like this...

Brother- You're Steve Everitt
Everitt- F'n right
Brother- you played center here and at Cleveland
Everitt- f*** yeah man
Brother- can i get a picture?
Everitt- f'n right you can
Brother- go blue
Everitt- f'n right go blue


This is really a diary by ST3 posted on the board where he goes through the box score and picks out interested stats.


Magnus is one of the most respected guys on MGo and has a mighty good M blog of his own, yet does some of his best work deep in someone else's threads. Here's a mediocre example of that I stumbled up where he and Section 1 list and discuss burned redshirts.


Not really a poll but at 140 posts and counting, it's MSU by bicep.


* My friend's nickname for him which stuck over many many years. Comes from when he gave refs the jowl treatment. NOT pejorative unless you hate M coaches yelling at refs.

This Week in Weekly Features

Tackling Technique with maizedandconfused. Spoiler: Mattison's a better D.C. than GERG.

WKU_Big_RedConference Power Rakings by bwgrudt1484. Spoiler: The Big Ten is worse than the ACC, but that's 'cause none of them have played Duke yet.

Upset Watch by Maize_in_spartyland. Spoiler: Hoke is 25-14-2 against the spread.

Ugly Game of the Week by much-better-at-aesthetics-this-year stubob. Spoiler: this guy's involved ------------------->

Pick Six Analysis by Jeff. Spoiler: I'm gonna win and y'all r gunna have 2 jus' buy yr t-shirts from me BWAHAHAHA.

Turnover Analysis by Enjoy Life. Spoiler: Notre Dame's turnovers probably cost them the game.

Omigod I'm down to like just 20 more tabs!


    Time to play "Does it Look Better than MSU's Pro Combat Uniforms?"

    Contestant the First:  Denard Robinson Updated Action Figure with Special Night Action, by monuMental.


    Judges say: YES!


    Contestant the Second: The uniforms we were all bitching about last year, by MGoVillain.


    Judges say: YES!


    Contestant the Third: Post-game commemorative t-shirt design you can BUY NOW, by Six Zero.


    Judges say: BUY NOW!


    Contestant the Fourth: Pre-game Baby in Black concept that the Athletic Dept. turned down so they could foist the overly texty design at right on everyone, by Six Zero.

    night-blogwide2 ad1134

    Judges say: RRAAAAAWWWWRR!!!


    Contestants the Fifth: Wallpaper designs for EMU, by cjm.


    Judges say… Judges say… JUDGES!!!!



    [yawn] It's Eastern. I'm not making my computer all excited for Eastern unless you put Hart in it.


    Contestant the HEY THEY GOT THE BIRD POOP OFF: Something just like MSU but on Ohio State instead, by Nike Pro Combat.

    Judges say: It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine.


    Six Zero

    September 16th, 2011 at 11:41 AM ^

    It should be noted that the 'We Own the Night" concept was never turned down by the athletic department.  It never even got that far because the answer was already set in stone.

    In fact, I can say that even before its pending submission, several modifications had already been made, most notably a good clean haircut-- from my pen tool, not from Ann Arbor's best.

    Thanks for the shout-out... Now let's all root against Mike Hart for the first time in our lives this weekend!


    September 16th, 2011 at 11:48 AM ^

    I haven't bought any of the UTL stuff, because it's overpriced and/or ugly, and the best I've seen is the Corso prediction being right shirt...because it has the score. But this is all kinds of more awesome. But being in town, paying the $$$ shipping seems like a waste.  Or is it online order only?


    September 16th, 2011 at 12:09 PM ^

    But you have to talk to them. $8.48 for s&h in the same town is criminal. It's already a $20 shirt (before tax), so it's already mostly profit. I could have shipped ME to the factory UPS for $8.48. This is a special occassion, but it's really why I've stopped buying stuff from UGP.  They've gone from plucky upstart mass producing the tees you used to get on a street corner to the Zingerman's of shirt production.


    September 16th, 2011 at 12:13 PM ^

    So I decided to stick my head into Underground and M-Den, just to see if they had anything to commemorate the big game...because it was a special day, and had the usual overpriced shirts, that did just not imprss me.  But they had a new maize one that said "CORSO YOU MADE THE RIGHT CALL" (reffering to his prediction) and a pretty good cartoon likeness of his face, and the score (with Michigan/ND on it, since they can...I remember it even had the tiny TM stamp)..and maybe something else. It was in the M-Den on Main, but I'm guessing they all have them. I liked the post game WE WON aspect to it...I just couldn't see wearing Corso's face all that often. But I'm sure if I was still a student, I'd have it. It'd be a hoot trying to get on camera next time ESPN does a game. (Which unfortunately aren't the next two).


    September 16th, 2011 at 12:07 PM ^

    At the risk of being political (aaahhh!):  Didn't we as a country decide sometime after 9-11 not to associate football with war too much b/c, like, war is where people die and stuff?  In addition to the uniforms being atrocious, the use of the word "combat" is really stupid...Okay, down off of my soapbox. 


    September 16th, 2011 at 12:30 PM ^

    And yet it's by proxy.  With the very rare exception, no one dies or loses a limb (though I suppose we could talk about the long-term effects of concussions)...I don't mean to make too big a deal out of this.  I just think labeling something as a "combat" jersey when we have soldiers in multiple places in the world facing live fire is buffoonish - nothing more or less.     


    September 16th, 2011 at 3:45 PM ^

    What is this? You disagree with me by civilly offering a fair counterpoint? THEM'S FIGHTIN WORDS RAAAWWR INTERNET RAAAWR

    Re: the combat jerseys I agree it's buffoonish. More accurately it's jingoist. It's the difference between saying baseball can be used as a metaphor to discern important attributes about Americans, or a team dressing in NIKE PRO STARS & STRIPES uniforms for a playoff game so that their shoe company partner can get more exposure.


    September 16th, 2011 at 1:17 PM ^

    While I don't doubt Fielding helped out, I have to think that Fritz chipped in as well. We're not quite sure where that "one" seat is but I'm sure he was in it and enjoying the show. Thanks Gentlemen.


    September 16th, 2011 at 2:44 PM ^

    I don't want this week to end.  I still have a UTL buzz.  

    Tomorrow at this time the bubble will pop and we'll be back to "Down in Front!" and bitching about Denard under Center.  The magical UTL game will fade from here and now to a memory in the archives along with Wangler-to-Carter.   




    September 16th, 2011 at 3:46 PM ^

    You're going to have to let go of that breath eventually. Don't worry -- there'll be another breath to take afterwards, just like there will always be another michigan game to be played.


    September 16th, 2011 at 4:24 PM ^

    I could not watch the opening minutes of the game because bright house cable sucks some mean cohonies. ESPNNEWS is on digital cable and I refuse to spend more than a dead Craig James hooker for a mannequin job. Espn3 wasn't working because bright house cable put their lowest performing methadone outreach patient volunteer workers on staff for technological duties.