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Seth November 13th, 2015 at 4:37 PM

We'll get to the important thing but first wow this UFR Visualization tool by grozzy is useful. For example here's how much of an outlier Desmond Morgan's game vs Minnesota was:


Small request: the numbers always get thrown off by how many plays are in a game. I wonder if the visualizer could adjust for that by making it points per charted play.

Okay the important thing:


Yes, MGoReaders, a plurality of you have correct taste in cereal. For the record, the entire MGoStaff voted for Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Not only did they perfectly pull off the miniaturization of Angelo's specialty, but they knew to add just the right amount of cinnamon to make the post-cereal milk-slurp experience the BEST.

Also apparently a minority of you are colorblind and can't tell who won from the above chart because everything looks like blue or green. And a minority of that minority blamed me instead of the OP for that. Hey it ain't my fault you (probably) lack red cones a thing our primate ancestors developed pretty late in the story to be able to spot berries. My grandpa had that; they put him in the lead plane in WWII because tank camouflage didn't work on him.

[Hit THE JUMP to learn what happens if Michigan wins out and you call Keith Jackson]

And if his wife picks up it's a chance to say "Sorry Ms. Jackson; I am for REAL!" People admitted calling Keith Jackson's phone just to hear his voice on the tape. Matty Blue then shared his story:


Man if you could conference the two in…

He-LLO! This is Keith JACKson on the ollll' telephone!

Thlish ish Lou!

Oh my goodness. Lou? Lou who?

Well doggonnit ith Holth! Lou Holth. Thyou callthed me.

Holtz? Well I'll be. We're gonna talk football. Yippppeee!

Keith Jackson aside: He's in the 30 for 30 on the USC dynasty as well as his calls from the game, and every time he spoke I caught myself cherishing it.

PLAYOFFS? /Mora: David had an idea this week for me to do a Jimmystats on Michigan's chances to make the playoffs. I was gonna and then stephenrjking invented that wheel:


If—and that's just a 37% if—Michigan can win out against Indiana, Penn State, and Ohio State, and THEN beat Iowa, that takes care of any B1G competition.

I don't think it's right, but it helps Michigan that the committee's reasoning seems overly skewed on which team is better as opposed to most deserving. If the committee just pretends like the M-MSU game went down like it ought to have based on the relative quality of the football played by either team absent luck, it means we shouldn't be mad about the luck. On the other hand ranking Notre Dame high because they've "overcome injuries" is just the worst. Your team is the one on the field. The result is the scoreboard. We can use other data to be predictive, but the playoff field isn't trying to guess who would win; its job is to tell us who should.

Who's the fastest Wolverine?

They showed this 30-yard-dash clip during the game apparently. Video has now been found:

1st: Chesson. 2nd: Peppers. 3rd: Jourdan Lewis. 4th: Delano Hill. 5th: Keith Washington. I think this was from spring (based on shade of yellow and that the defense and offense were in white/blue) so #23 is Norfleet, not Tyree Kinnel.

On this date in the Haloscan Era. Wagner went on a journey to the nether regions of this site. I'm talking about the days when MGoBlog was UFRs, Charlie Weiss jokes, and making fun of Jason Witlock. You know, way back when you could say things like this about Indiana's secondary:

Ah, Indiana, how I love you. Whereas other members of the Big Ten get uppity and attempt to win games, go to bowls, and even claim championships, you continue to send out crippled ferrets at defensive back.

…and the blog poll was still a thing. Click for when the takes still had residual heat from the violent birth of the blogosphere. Stay for the surprisingly still relevant Ohio jokes.


Drew Henson Highlights by WH

Don't mind if I do:

Yeah I had a Henson jersey when Brady was the quarterback. I do apologize. But Drew was my grade and we thought we'd have like four years of ridiculously good…man, never let me make the mistake of being 19 again.

J.T. Barrett asks the question I bet every athlete asks when he's pulled over. Before you try to throw stones you should know there's plenty of glass around here. But still how did this not work?


I think the difference this time is it wasn't a routine pull-over; Barrett got stopped at a checkpoint, so there are cameras all over as well as what looks like up to 10 other cops.

The cops report that they chuckled when he said Cardale Jones would be coming to pick him up. Thanks to reader Bryan for explaining that:


Etc. Advanced stats check-in. Opponent stock report. Rutgers Best and Worst and ItBS. Your favorite Michigan quarterback (no I'm not negging everyone who doesn't say Denard). We will rebuild. Iowa is the new Star Wars; Iowa fans are like "this looks good but I saw the prequels man." For Chad.

Your Moment of Zen:


Mr. Elbel

November 13th, 2015 at 5:26 PM ^

Unsure as to what on earth did happen with the mgocereal chart. When it was originally posted, it had all the colors. Now you've got me concerned about red cones and crap.


November 13th, 2015 at 6:21 PM ^

I've added the ability for some sort of normalization for number of plays to my list of things to add/fix. I'd really love to normalize each players numbers by playing time, but I need to get individual playing time data per player. I'll look at it in the future.



November 13th, 2015 at 10:10 PM ^

I should probably clean the code a little first, but I will try to share it as a github repo soon (I'm actually really annoyed with myself now that I didn't put this under version tracking to begin with.... sloppy). 

I have a lot of other things on my plate at the moment, but I will try to do that soon because I'd love to see the tool keep improving.

Thanks for the idea!


November 14th, 2015 at 6:30 AM ^

Does it seem to you also that Chesson seems to be loping effortlessly whereas Peppers and everyone else seems full tilt leaning forward grinding effortfully to burn? Just interesting b/c some of those other guys can burn too. Maybe Chesson would stretch his lead in a longer race? Any MGoRunners out there can analyze?

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