Dear Diary, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and LOVE the BOMB Comment Count

Seth June 14th, 2013 at 10:02 AM


Where on the internet can someone say…

Aren’t we here to have fun? Isn’t it more fun to invest internet cache in a prophecy and see if you’re right? It's a simple social contract: pick a side and to the victors go the spoils while the losers eat crow.

..and then uses their self-granted rhetorical leeway to make completely data-driven conclusions? In the MGoDiaries, this happens. MCalibur made his glorious return to the diaries to back up his man Ron Utah. Together they make some interesting studies for prognosticating Devin Gardner this year and beyond.

M's method is to look at things like completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdown % and interception % on a scale of passer ratings. So like if you take Denard his passer rating was 149, but for a 149 kinda guy he had standard accuracy, an extra half a yard per play, a slightly lower TD% and had way more interceptions.

So now apply that to Devin's five games last year and you get a yards and TD machine who gets his one WTF interception per game down to 0.8 WTF interceptions per game. You know, like a 5-star entering his redshirt junior season.

Also love this line:

sometimes when you suck, you really really suck and your foes all go hyuk ‘cause they hate you

And the Ron Utah thing MCalibur brought up? What that does is look at Borges's last QB at SDSU to extrapolate Gardner's five-game stats into a more throweriffic offense. He winds up with 3600 yards, 33 TDs and 15 INTs on just 28 attempts per game. That's…well that sounds crazy. That's more yards than Navarre or Henne ever threw. That's at least one interception per game. That's a lot of passes over 20 yards. That's…


…a pretty good lead-in to Ron Utah's other diary this week, titled Who is Al Borges Part I? Now that we're transitioning to the Full Borges offense Ron is taking us on a tour of Borgesian offenses past. Round 1 goes through early UCLA. Of note: his run-pass ratio varied between 42% run and 61% run, but he never had less than 60% of his yards come from passing. That's a mark of the run setting up the other. Ron is your diarist of the week.

Talk to the Hand. Brian's linked to it in like four recruiting posts already but if you care about Da'Shawn Hand or anything you should read this first-hand account from a guy who went with Hand on his OSU trip (for The Game) and on his ensuing Michigan trip. Canzior had trouble posting his photos from Dropbox so I've uploaded them here; click on the pics to get a full-size version:



Items of interest:

  • Hand is a great kid
  • Urban was approached by Brandon for the Michigan job in 2011 but it got no further than interest gauged (this we kinda figured)
  • Hand was turned off by the OSU players, not so much the coaches. Not in a "they're dicks" sort of way, but didn't click with them.
  • Hand drove home from that visit with The Victors on repeat in the car.
  • Mattison used the Ray Lewis pitch.
  • Mattison knows Rihanna songs.
  • Michigan's recruiting presentation is very geared toward academics
    [After the jump: another Michigan-Band of Brothers connection, and the Best of the Board]
      Hail and Curahee

    Read the story of the Michigan Man in Band of Brothers, Ed Tipper (this guy:



    I may have mentioned this before but there's another Michigan connection to Easy Company. Warren "Skip" Muck, who died in the Battle of the Bulge and told that story of swimming the Niagara River in the series, did that swim with Fritz Niland, who was the inspiration for Matt Damon's character in Saving Private Ryan. Niland was also in Easy Company until he transferred to the 82nd to be with his brother, who was killed before Fritz arrived there. The Niland brothers were John Beilein's great uncles (his mother is a Niland). The family is filled with basketball coaches.

    Etc. Baseball recruiting and some insight into future scheduling. This year's Women's Football Academy (men's is coming up). Latest non-conf opponent recruiting watch. Clips from the BTN interview with Borges.



    Best of the Board


    Mind. Blown.


    Mind. Blown.

    Chad Henne is handing off to Denard Robinson; your argument is invalid. All things are possible. Cats teach dogs to climb trees. Buckethead is playing bass in Slash's band, and they now live together and throw incredibly lame wine and cheese parties. Jason Kidd and Patrick Roy are head coaches. Brian Cook and Nick Saban are agreeing about things.

    No more mind.

    It is blown.



    Doctor hamlet III no longer lives with us he is out on a farm where any pig should be happy as can be #goblue #NoBadDays

    — Taylor Lewan (@TaylorLewan77) June 7, 2013

    If you figured they don't let offensive linemen keep pigs in Ann Arbor, throw an incredibly lame wine and cheese party for yourself.

    ETC. Not linking but keep an eye on the boards for stuff from the Sound Mind Sound Body camp going on today. Malik McDowell is starting to attract small planetary objects, seemed to be favoring an ankle in recent camp—I'm going to go out on a limb very secure branch and say McDowell ends up being our chance to see what Will Campbell would have been if Soup had better coaching. Butterfield found a bunch of '40s and '50s highlights and (I hate to do this to myself since I'm seeding at this moment) but MGoArchive managed to put WH's archives into a torrent. Watch before T3 Media finds a flimsy legal excuse to remove them from the public realm and spray kitten blood over the originals. Share your stadium stories. Happy Fathers' Day.

    Your Moment of Zen:


    (click to watch)



    June 14th, 2013 at 10:17 AM ^

    Not that chubby QB he once was. I wonder if that is a good or a bad thing.

    Side-Chad Note. Watched the UofM vs. Florida game on BTN last night. Wow what a game. Henne, Super Mario, and Arrington all blew up. It was like watching 3 David Terrell's in one bowl game. Manningham seemed like he got more touches than Percy Harvin. Completely forgot Hart fumbled twice(!) but his reaction after the first one was hilarious. Like he knew it would happen in his last game.


    June 14th, 2013 at 11:52 AM ^

    The thing I noticed watching the Mich / Florida game again last night was all the Bizzaro sub-plots going on in that game...

    - Maddison coaching Florida's defense

    - Boren playing OL for Michigan

    - Cam Newton standing on the Florida sideline...

    My, how things can change in a few years.....


    June 14th, 2013 at 12:24 PM ^

    Mattison and Urban Meyer on the same sideline, working together? WTF! 

    Also, Rich Rod in the booth talking about how he would adjust his offense around Mallet's skill set. I was all like, "Rich Rod, you don't even know man. You don't even know..."


    June 14th, 2013 at 1:36 PM ^

    is a crime.  I mean, I know we like "Funny line, Chart, Chart, Chart, Table, Table, Chart Chart" a lot around here, but really, which one did you think actually gave you more insight into the program?

    Though both are probably out the window in the Liveblog the first time Devin throws a pick.