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Start March.

Bah di-dah di-dah, bah di-dah di-dah, bah di-dah di-dah dah!

Bah di-dah di-dah, bah di-dah di-dah, dah-dah dah-dah-dah-dah [sax]


muppets-cast-240-bvhepub:It's time to play the music. It's time to light the lights. It's time to get things started on the Muppet Show tonight!


Michiganman14: It's time to unleash Stauskas.

B-Nut-GoBlue: It's time to seed B1G right.

muppets-cast-240-bvhepub:It's time for photoshopping and Tom Crean memes tonight!


LSAClassof2000: How did we ever come here? I guess we hit hit field goals!

Jonvalk: Imagine life with Horford, if Morgan chose to go?


: [buh-dum dum dum-dee-dum-dee-dum dum dum]


Bah di-dah di-dah, bah di-dah di-dah, bah di-dah di-dah dah!

L'Carpetron Dookmariot: It's time lacrosse got started.

MGoBlueline: When will hockey get started?


:It's time to get things started on the most sensational, invitational,  eliminational, kenpomational…this is what we call the Muppet Show!


[Jump: a board full of grouchy old hecklers]

muppets-kermit: Yaaayyyyyyy!

Best of the Board



Waldorf: Hey, what do you call a Vonleh when he's not getting buckets?

Crean: I don't know, what?

Waldorf: A Hollow-well! Oooohhohohoho!

Did I link this already above? I did didn't I? Again.


ThadMattasgoblin asked where the band ought to travel now that the traditional odd-year Notre Dame trip comes off the table and MSU away games are now the same year as Ohio State away games. ND was a perfect trip: early in the season, nice fans who like to make a show of appreciating old timey pageantry, etc.

The MSU one last year (a preview of the Queen show they later performed in Ann Arbor) put me off from ever wanting to waste a band trip on East Lansing again. Granted it was freezing and rainy and everyone was in a crappy mood, and the Spartan Stadium sound guys did them zero favors by screwing up the guitar level, but the big problem was the MSU fans booed them out.

It's bound to happen there and elsewhere, and can be avoided by not sending the band to highly hate-charged rivalry games in November (except Ohio State, where the mutual respect thing still holds). Good: Florida, Penn State, Nebraska, Northwestern, Indiana. Places to avoid: Rutgers, Illinois, Maryland, MSU.


Rodriguesqe* had a thought to put together a roster of B's best at Michigan. I think it's impossible to make an all-Beilein anything without including Pittsnogle. One man's opinion:

Pos 1st Team 2nd Team
PG Trey Burke Darius Morris
Wing Nik Stauskas Mike Gansey
Wing Zak Novak Manny Harris
PF Kevin Pittsnogle DeShawn Sims
C Mitch McGary Darrell Barley

Flip McGary and Pittsnogle around if you like—I thought putting him at the 4 gets his shooting back into play. I put Manny on the 2nd team because he's a ball hog and the rest of that team is set up well to distribute to him, plus I love what Novak brings to a lineup of Burke-Stauskas-Pittsnogle-McGary. Darrell Barley is a legend at Canisius. Gansey was the other impossibly efficient guy from Beilein's best West Virginia teams. Joe Alexander and De'Shawn Butler earn honorable mention from those squads.

* (This guy's profile said he joined 12/29/2013. A RichRod handle from last December?)

ETC. All MGoPets are Norfleet. This is right:


Your Moment of Zen:

Dakich is Michigan's very own Muppet.



March 14th, 2014 at 11:57 AM ^

While I respect your thoughts on not sending the band somewhere they may get booed off the field, it is hard to say that and the OSU comment in the same paragraph.  The OSU environment got slightly better when former instructors from the MMB went to OSU, but having been there with the MMB three times I can say that it is borderline unsafe.  I still want them there and at as many games as possible, but don't assume that OSU's respect for old-timey traditions means that the MMB gets treated as anything other than lousy.  I have many, many colorful stories from my three trips there and don't have any interest in ever going back. 


March 14th, 2014 at 2:26 PM ^

That was WAY too close of a game. Great pick 'n roll by Stauskas and Morgan, and thank the baby jesus (not teenage jesus) that floater didn't find it's mark. Looked like it should have. That should at least secure a 2 seed, and gives me another Michigan game to watch tomorrow, Go Blue!


March 14th, 2014 at 3:22 PM ^

Get over it already. They might be struggling in sports at the moment, but Ann Arbor has far more in common with the urban schools of the east than the corn institutes you're all so fond of here. I'm sure most in the band wouldn't mind going out east to play for our fans there instead of a trip to Indiana.


March 15th, 2014 at 2:11 AM ^

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