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In the grand scheme of things they never really could stop us #GoBlue #universityofmichigan

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Things from the past. AC1997 this week decided to do one of those regular “What are the Michigan basketball alums up to?” posts. Only thing to add to it is that Darius Morris hasn’t caught on with anyone this year because he’s hurt, via his Twitter.

AC added at the end  that he’d like someone to do the same for hockey. I give you three guesses who took him up on that. Not Blueline, that’s Adam. Not Center Ice, but where is Center Ice lately—like I see him on twitter and that’s it. C’mon it’s hockey it’s easy.

Things that should stay in the past. Before The Query, MGoBlog was doing fine. You could log in, log out, post things, read things, and even neg things. Then a part of the system once thought dead and buried started getting hits. Super-expensive servers across the nation were suddenly taxed to their limits, unable to deny a request to reconstruct pages that hadn’t been cached since “At least it’s not [the year we went 7-5]” was thought to be some kind of wise perspective.

We have found the culprit: Maize.Blue Wagner has been sifting through the nether regions of MGoBlog, posts with zero previous views because what you see was downloaded from its original blogspot page. Wagner has created a summary of all the things Brian wrote ten years ago this month, plus one thing Jon Chait (!) wrote.

Things from the future? Prior to Ace’s recruiting roundup we were thinking of posting an eagle’s eye view of the class going into the dead period. Then the venerable alum96 wrote it in the diaries. He has some sound opinions on guys who might not remain in the class considering some of the shopping they’ve been doing. I like Michigan’s chances of getting David Long more than alum does and don’t really know where Nordin/grayshirt is coming from (I mean I know the board it’s coming from but not sure where that’s coming from).

Best of the Board


MGoKev found an old story on the origins of “Who’s got it better than us?” You can click to find out, or just believe me that it was the line Jim Harbaugh yelled upon emerging from a vat of electrified spilled chemicals during a lab test to create a superhuman. Yes, Jim Harbaugh is a Marvel character; go ahead and doubt me.


Maryland’s stadium is now “Maryland Stadium” after they finally decided that being a bad president for a long time didn’t make up for being a major segregationist. Coincidentally the student who led the petition to change it was also named Byrd. JLo nailed it re: missed opportunity:



A guy who lives in Columbus wanted to know why we hate Michigan State so bad here.

  1. They are actually about half the state and bunch together in certain places.
  2. The biggest hive of Michigan State fans isn’t the blog with the best content or the recruiting site with the best information; it’s the Red Cedar Message Board, which has more per capita trolls than any place on the internet. That is both a reflection on the makeup of their everything-hating fanbase, and a driver of it.
  3. Their media are unbearable and ubiquitous in town. Until recently they owned all the local sports talk radio and filled those seats with Mike Valenti and Pat Caputo, both of whom will spend more time ripping or trolling Michigan than on content related to Michigan State. And they have Graham Couch.

Basically imagine those Bucks except they hate everything and you most of all.

Etc. Two good gift ideas. Dakota Prukop is surprisingly the name of a potential grad transfer QB, and not a character in the new Star Wars movie, though his tape reminds me a lot of Forcier. A 4-team playoff is not the best model; 6 is. Watch video of the bust. The Dab.

Your Moment of Zen:



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That video is so bittersweet.  I remember, during that timeout, thinking, "Wow, it's going to happen for us.  We're going to win the national championship."  And then Luke Hancock did his own Spike impression.



December 11th, 2015 at 5:45 PM ^

Why favor the #2 team over the #3 team by forcing the #3 team to play an extra game, when the whole point of the playoff is to determine who the best team is? If we already know who the top two teams are (which is what we are saying by giving them byes) why even have a playoff? Just have #1 play #2.


December 11th, 2015 at 7:30 PM ^

As much as we hate the stinking Bucks, we don't have to hear about them on the radio, in the newspapers, at work, at the bars etc, when they are beating us.  And we hear the Sparty fans every day.

Blue Ninja

December 12th, 2015 at 10:43 AM ^

I can sympathize, for 22 years I lived in the cesspool called Ohio because its the home state of my lovely bride who loves the University of Michigan because I do. For all of those 22 years I've been in the thick of it catching flack from the OSU fans that I knew. Then in the past 7 years I began to catch it from my family back home in Michigan of which I am the sole UM fan. I should say I've always caught flack from the MSU fans during basketball, at least since the late 90's, during football they were always amazingly quiet.

But then I smartened up and moved to South Carolina. Now I only catch it from my MSU loving family and an occasional OSU fan on FB. That said I have ran into several of those Buckeye fans here, but away from their pack they're far more gracious. I have yet to run into an MSU fan in this lovely state.

All that said as bitter as football rivalries are up north you should see the South Carolina/Clemson rivalry. Wow do they take it serious. That said I side with Clemson because like Michigan they have history and tradition. USC reminds me of MSU in all the bad ways except they actually have some sweet colors for the unis.


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Wait did he actually ask someone to do a hockey version? I did it because I was working on it already... I am doing even more with the stats I have found and will put it up soon.

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Someone posted that Pruitt to Albama means that Hardman will go to Bama.   When do we anticipate getting a DC and will our new DC bring any big recruits with them?


December 12th, 2015 at 11:39 AM ^

I've been watching him at Montana St. for the past two years. Lean, athletic kinda guy like Kaep, but I'm not sure he has quite the arm that Kaep has. Mostly makes good decisions, he's played mostly spread. His OC at Montana St. was a New Hampshire Chip Kelly guy. I'm not sure he's much of an upgrade over OKorn, but I wouldn't blame him for trying to come to AA and see if he can get a shot. It's his best chance at getting to the NFL. Selfishly I'd like for him to stay in Bozeman, but we just got a new coach so who the hell knows...


December 12th, 2015 at 12:58 PM ^

is on point. Watching the first half of that game was one of the most fun halves of Michigan sports I have ever witnessed. Ranks up there with first half of the 2015 Northwestern football game and the second half of the 2004 MSU football game.